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Many old traditions are better than the modern ways. Just like herbal substances are better than pharmaceutical supplements, a brick-and-mortar is better than grinders and blenders that we use at home! People of age often talk about the excellent results of crushing spices, and foods so how about looking at a vendor who uses the old ways of processing? Here is Wicked Kratom, its products, and services.

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The Company

Wicked Kratom is famous for its honesty and straightforward dealings with customers, and that is why it is recognized. The company operates from North Carolina with a brick-and-mortar shop and an online store. This shop has survived volatile market conditions and the faltering reputation of Kratom because it sells only pure and organic products.

In 2016, the company started business as the Wicked Tea Company. The main product of this shop is tea. Therefore, the name made complete sense.

The owner of this company visited China and brought back the culture of teas to revitalize the body and mind. This idea of spreading herbal goodness turned into a shop, and today, Wicked Kratom offers all kinds of essential oils, gummies, and tinctures.

As more and more people have become loyal to this brand, it is essential to know the reasons. Let’s see what the shop has on the shelves:

The Product Range

The products of Wicked Kratom are as unique as the name! The Wilmington-based company has various kratom powders and Kratom capsules that we found to be more potent and diverse than the usual strains you see in other shops. A few of these products are as follows:

  • Yellow Brick Kratom Powder is an excellent choice for people who want the mild refreshing effect along with the relaxing and energizing impact of Yellow Vietnam. This strain is a mix of Yellow Vietnam and Green Maeng Da ketum.
  • Chocolate Borneo Powder is a subtle yet impactful flavor and will relax the mind while preparing it for the rigorous daily routine ahead.
  • White Damper is a blend of white vein kratom variants, and the aromatic mix will refresh the senses.
  • Green Maeng Da Kratom is energizing and one of the most famous Mitragyna strains.
  • Super Green Malaysian is another green vein variant with a powerful and stimulating impact. The aromatic strain is best for kratom tea and smoothies.

These powder ketum variations can be used as a tea or add them to any food item to benefit from the stimulating effects.

The names of some products are beautiful, but if you are a beginner, they may confuse you, and you may want to shift to another shop with more obvious choices.

These unusual strains are:

  • Buddha Blast,
  • Flying Monkey,
  • Confetti,
  • Red Chocolate,
  • Ruby Slippers,
  • Silver Kratom.

Price Ranges

The prices for Wicked Kratom products are nominal, as you can buy 120 capsules for $115. If you need a smaller packaging, that is possible, and it will cost you as low as $7.95 for ten pills!

The powders from Wicked Kratom cost between $9.95 and $160. The reasonable prices add to this vendor’s qualities as numerous users tend to change their kratom source because the price is not suitable for them.

You cannot say this about Wicked Kratom as the prices are more than reasonable and can refresh the senses for a long time. Whenever you want the invigoration of this herbal substance, Wicked Kratom is one of the best places!

What Makes Wicked Kratom Special?

Wicked Kratom sources fresh and potent ketum leaves from Southeast Asia. You may think that there is nothing special about that since every other shop we explore offers this feature. It is essential to clarify that all our reviews cover the best shops in America, and many others do not sell pure and authentic Mitragyna. We mention the source of raw kratom leaves because it can give potential users an idea about the shops they should explore for their herbal needs!

Wicked Kratom tests all the products in third-party laboratories, and as a result, you always find the freshest and safest products on their website.

One would think that this conventional shop might not comply with the GMP packaging standards, but that is not so. The vacuum-sealed packaging and air-tight jars keep the new strains aromatic and potent till the end.

Customer Service and Return Policy

When we ordered from Wicked Kratom, the package arrived within three days, which was the maximum time given by the vendor. The fast and secure shipping from UPS and USPS will ensure that you get your order without any damages.

The seller does not offer a money-back guarantee, and returns might also be unavailable. The shop takes pride in all its products and therefore does not consider that a customer might want to return them. However, we had to agree with the shop’s point of view as each powder and capsules variety that we ordered was refreshing and delivered excellent results.

The customer service of Wicked Kratom is active, and you can reach out to the shop through email. The customer representative will answer all your queries efficiently.

Wicked Kratom

Is Wicked Kratom Legit?

Wicked Kratom has a wide variety that makes it an excellent source of Mitragyna, but does the American Kratom Association verify it. The vendor may deliver the best quality of Kratom, but AKA does not approve it due to the lack of GMP certification. However, this lack of verification or GMP certification does not imply that Wicked Kratom cares about purity.

The vendor recently improved the milling equipment and quality control, and the results are more refreshing and aromatic ketum products!

Social Media Presence

Another reason we liked Wicked Kratom is that it has an active Facebook page where people share recipes, their experiences, and comment on other people’s queries. You can engage with the community and learn more about the vendor and its products.

Customer Reviews

Wicked Kratom is not one of the mainstream online shops that sell the same products as others. However, one common thing between this vendor and all other famous ketum sellers is that there are thousands of positive reviews online. The usual feedback is that this shop serves some of the best strains, and the quality is superior to other vendors. Moreover, customers rave about the reasonable prices. To some, the stone and mortar might look like a marketing gimmick, but it adds a lot of value! The conventionally ground ketum leaves are more aromatic and fresh than many industrially-processed kratom powders.

Other than all these features, customers love the honesty and straightforward dealings of the shop. The most significant favorable part is that people trust the vendor! A few years ago, a minor mishap at the online shop resulted in the vendor asking customers to return the stock.

Last Thoughts

Wicked Kratom is one of the unique shops with a stone and mortar, which ensures a more conventional touch to the ketum products. Like all other quality online shops, Wicked offers a wide range of items, and the price is excellent.


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