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Virginia Botanicals is an ethnobotanical apothecary based in Wise County, Virginia. Boasting an extensive collection of pure tea leaf powders, this brand has a reputation as one of the most beloved Kratom vendors in the American market. Even though it is a relatively new brand, you may rest assured. After your first purchase, you will soon become a fan.

virgina botanicals

What Are The Best Products By Virginia Botanicals?

Virginia Botanicals has a lot to offer. From Pink Lotus and Unwashed Poppy seeds to rare premium Kratom strains and 30% Kava extract. With more than 55 Mitragyna Speciosa and -related products, this young brand is known for its diverse selection.

Virginia Botanicals has Chocolate Kratom, red, green, yellow, white Kratom strains. Each vein has many variants available, like Borneo, Sumatra, Maeng Da, Yellow Elephant, Super Maeng Da, Red Horned Leaf, Super White MD, Super Green Maeng Da, and the enhanced Extra Plus Kratom. In addition, Virginia Botanicals have top-secret proprietary blends that users love!

Virginia Botanicals offers split kilos, where customers can pick any two strains they want. This option is like a build your blend sort of option that customers appreciate. Apart from the Kratom, it offers Ginseng, Black Cohosh, Slippery Elm Bark, Wild Yam root, Golden Seal Root, and many more.

What Are The Price Ranges For Virginia Botanicals?

The pricing is where Virginia Botanicals wins the hearts of its customers. Famed for their affordable rates, their 1-ounce pouches of Kratom powder start at $4, which is way cheaper than its online contemporaries.

Unlike some other vendors, Virginia Botanicals does not waste your time with multiple mini options. Instead of spending the extra money to meet your quantity requirements, this vendor offers the chance to buy bulk Kratom powder.

From one ounce of powder at $4, you can purchase a half kilo for $45.00, which is a very reasonable deal. The third option is the one-kilo option for consumers who like to bulk up on their favorite Kratom powders. A kilo will cost you just $70 before shipping charges.

The herbs and roots have varying prices. They can be as low as $1.5 fresh and as high as $6 dry.

Shipping And Delivery

Virginia Botanicals offers quick shipping, with Kratom orders delivered within a short period, usually within one to three business days. However, this brand does not operate during holidays or weekends. This policy means if you order on a Friday, your product will not deliver until approximately the middle of the following week.

All orders are delivered within a month, even when shipping internationally. Unlike its contemporaries that take long to deliver your order, Virginia ensures that you receive your tree leaf powder as quickly as possible. As a result, Virginia Botanicals is now a well-loved brand due to the affordable rates and quick shipping.

Shipping rates are $7.50 for every ounce of Kratom purchased. This rate is ideal for customers placing larger orders of a few ounces of Kratom at a time, but if you’re only buying a few grams of Kratom, then it can feel expensive. Therefore, this policy is not desirable for small orders. Another great feature is tracking your order to stay informed about the delivery status.

Return Policy

Virginia Botanicals has a user-friendly and considerate return policy. Even though the brand promises quality products, you can still opt for a refund or exchange if the product is not satisfactory. In addition, if the delivered product is damaged or broken, Virginia Botanicals will readily replace it. The brand even pays for the courier to re-deliver your order, showing their consideration and care yet again.

However, in the case of an exchange or return, you will have to dispatch the product back to the company yourself. Therefore, it is vital to remember that you must ship the product back to the company in the original packaging for returns or exchanges.

Website And Social Media Presence

The social media presence is sadly a bit of a letdown. Virginia Botanicals is virtually inactive online with no mention on platforms like Instagram. The brand has a Facebook page but is not very active. Although there are many brand reviews on Virginia Botanicals, the brand itself seems to lack in this area. However, you can contact them via Facebook, where the brand number and address are available. To buy Kratom online, visit their website!

Customer Service of virgina botanicals (1)

Customer Service

The Virginia Botanicals customer service is professional, responsive, and extremely high quality. It stands out from most other Kratom retailers due to its highly interactive website with live chat for feedback and questions.

There is also a comment section on the online store. This section allows customers to comment on their experiences and interact. Reviews and comments from users are trusted by prospective customers too.

Customer Reviews


  • Very affordable rates
  • Shipping is also cheap and quick
  • The sizes are ideal and thoughtful
  • The selection is diverse and detailed.
  • The employees are responsive and very helpful.
  • The Kratom powder sold by Virginia Botanicals is pure and very potent.


  • The selection may be a bit too wide for new customers, overwhelming them and discouraging purchases.
  • The products are not FDA-approved.
  • The brand has offered limited sizes for new users, confusing them.
  • The brand offers virtually no discounts. Customers must scour other websites for compatible discount codes that almost always fail.

Final Thoughts

This brand is ideal for all long-time Mitragyna Speciosa users because it grants you quick access to its diverse range of Kratom and Kratom-related products. It has amassed a large pool of customers due to its user-friendly Facebook page, along with its professional and helpful customer service.

You can equip yourself with high-quality Kratom veins and purchase other authentic herbs, roots, and health-related products at very affordable rates. Whether you are a one-time user or in the market for a long-term dealer, Virginia Botanicals is sure to give satisfaction!


  1. Is Virginia Botanicals a member of the American Kratom Association?

    Yes. Since Virginia Botanicals follows GMP regulations, it is an accredited member of the American Kratom Association.

  2. Does Virginia Botanicals ship worldwide?

    No. Since Virginia Botanicals is a relatively new Kratom vendor, it does not ship worldwide.
    I want to purchase Kratom for under $10. Should I visit Virginia Botanicals?
    You sure should! The one oz. The size option is available at an incredibly affordable rate of $4. Go ahead and visit the online page

  3. Is Virginia Botanicals a controversial brand?

    No. Virginia Botanicals offers all reliable and authentic Kratom powders. The brand has not received any backlash for being dishonest or controversial. You may rest assured that you are approaching one of the best American Kratom vendors!

  4. Is Virginia Botanicals FDA-approved?

    No. Although Virginia Botanicals does extensively lab-test its products, they are not FDA-approved. However, the products are 100% pure and authentic, as promised by the brand. Still, despite Virginia Botanicals’ position as a member of the American Kratom Association, the brand’s Kratom is yet to be tested by the FDA.

  5. Does Virginia Botanicals offer free shipping?

    No. The shipping charges are $7.50, and the fee is not waived even if you have a large order. However, since some other brands offer fee waivers to customers exceeding a certain weight, Virginia Botanicals should rethink its policy.

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