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Every new day brings a new kratom vendor in the United States, which is the increasing fame of this botanical. As most ketum users like to try out new places, we also set out to discover a new shop that can become the next hot spot for Kratom products!

Urban Ice Organics may be a new name to most of you, but the premium kratom and excellent service put this vendor above many! This shop is among the most-talked-about vendor on public forums, and that is because many ketum enthusiasts are curious to know, and customers of this shop are anxious to tell! Let’s dig a little deeper to see what Urban Ice Organics has in store for you!

Urban Ice Organics

About The Company

Urban Ice Organics originates in Las Vegas, Nevada, and you can order the potent kratom products from anywhere in the country by placing an order online. You can even find the products from this brand at head shops and smoke shops near you.

The company aims to sell the best quality of fresh Mitragyna and prove the premium goodness of all the products. They have a unique quality guarantee.

What Can I Buy From Urban Ice Organics?

The product range at Urban Ice is vast and abundant as you hardly get to see a ‘sold out’ sign on any of the items displayed on the website. This range of products makes the vendor stand out as we all tend to judge quality by the number of items sold on a particular website! It is natural for customers to appreciate a shop that has more to offer than a shop that has a handful of products to display.

Kratom variations in Red Vein kratom, Green Vein Kratom, and White Veins Kratom are available in Kratom Powders, Kratom Capsules, and liquids at Urban Ice Organics, and you will want to try each of them! We tried a few of each form, and the results were not only memorable but compelling!

Urban Ice Organics 1

Kratom Powder

One of the sought-after categories of products is kratom powder. People prefer this method of consumption due to the flexibility of using it in food, drinks, or on its own for a potent and energizing dose! The two main strains available at the shop are

Maeng Da Kratom

Bali Kratom

You can find all vein color variants of these two strains, and they are available. We tried both strains. The aromatic and stimulating Green Maeng Da was a treat, and the White Bali ketum variation was not only quick but left a lasting impact. You can try both these strains in soothing tea, coffee, or refreshing smoothies and edibles.

Some people like to consume ketum powder with water as they feel that it is most impactful! However, we tried these powders in various ways, and each dose was refreshing and invigorating!

Kratom Capsules

Many Mitragyna Speciosa users do not like the bitter, botanical taste of kratom and prefer a tasteless dose. Kratom capsules and tablets are the best way to fulfill your daily dose without having to taste the bitterness of ketum.

Urban Ice Organics offers fourteen types of capsules, each of them being an excellent source of vitality. We tried Malay, Maeng Da, and Bali kratom capsules, and they were not only invigorating but had Non-GMO, vegan, and organic shells to suit all kinds of customers.

Kratom Liquids

Urban Ice Organics offers numerous herbal substances, and the liquid category of the website shows many kratom tinctures and some CBD tinctures as well! The range of products on this website does not leave any visitors as they all feel compelled to buy from the vast array of products!

What Is Special About Urban Ice Organics?

Urban Ice Organics is the only vendor that sells CBD-infused kratom capsules. The combination of two natural stimulants means better results without any delay! With these capsules, you will feel free from tension, while the new and active alkaloids help overcome low moods and motivation. These capsules are a powerhouse of energy, and you must try them!

Moreover, a range of CBD products includes innovative items like gummies, tinctures, tablets, honey sticks, and powder. The product range is not impressive because of the variety but because of the thoughtfulness of the manufacturer for providing care while keeping customer satisfaction in mind!

Is Urban Ice Organics Expensive?

While determining the worth of any kratom vendor, customers pay the most attention to prices. Urban Ice Organics passes this test, too, as they offer reasonable prices and a wide variety with consistent rates. You can select the monthly subscription for $119.99, which gives you ketum goodies worth $200. This unique offer from this vendor is another feather in the cap because you don’t see this kind of service from any other online vendor or head shop.

What’s more, this subscription includes shipping charges, which means you have no other expense but the membership. Pay it once a month and enjoy refreshing kratom products without a break!

Laboratory Testing And Other Features

All kratom products at Urban Ice Organics are impactful because the raw materials are fresh and processed into various forms at state-of-the-art manufacturing units. When you need to check the quality through the manufacturing processes, laboratory testing is a vital aspect! These tests prove the efficacy, freshness, and alkaloid activity of each product.

Apart from these essential features, Urban Ice Organics packs all the items in GMP compliant air-tight jars and bags to keep them safe till the end!

The vendor has confidence over all the products, and that is why they give a quality guarantee. Again, this feature is unique as many shops do not even offer exchange or return on the purchase. The money-back-guarantee keeps customers at ease that if they do not like a particular kratom strain or product, they can return it.

User Reviews And Social Media Presence

Urban Ice Organics has thousands of regular customers who post their experiences on various public forums. The curiosity of newbies and the excitement of regular customers make it easy for all to see that this shop is not just a good choice for the money. Still, it offers superior quality ketum products and services.

You will hear words like ‘terrific, spectacular, exciting, and refreshing’ from customers who post reviews. The kratom variety, product quality, and efficacy are one thing, but the shop’s fast shipping and relaxed exchange and return policy are some features that customers love to praise! However, many customers have mentioned that the laboratory testing results for all the products must be published on the website.

Urban Ice Organics has maintained social media presence and keeps engaging ketum enthusiasts to improve their services while telling the customers that they are most important. This relationship has ensured that visitors become regular customers!

In A Nutshell

Urban Ice Organics is a premium quality online shop for herbal substances like kratom and CBD. You can try out a unique blend of these herbal materials, which is only available at this shop. The pricing and customer service of this shop are excellent and match the quality of kratom.

Users can become regular customers by paying a monthly subscription and enjoying reasonably priced ketum items.

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