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Speciosa Mitragyna or kratom grows in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea. The various locations have distinct ketum strains due to the diverse soil and climate properties. Then there is each variant’s red, green, and white variation, which adds to the unique effects. Whichever strain we consider, kratom has energizing and stimulating effects, and that makes it worth a try.

But how can people in America use this distant and elusive herbal substance? Numerous online shops and a network of quality vendors bring this fantastic botanical closer. However, choosing the right one may be a difficult search!

We try various online shops to see which one is best for our readers. If you are also looking for the best Mitragyna supplier, then you just got a step closer because we tried Super Speciosa, and our experience will tell you that it is indeed one of the premium Mitragyna sources in America!

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The Company

The name Super Speciosa sums up the company’s aim of providing potent, robust, and effective Mitragyna variations. Speciosa is kratom, and Super is its quality, which defines all the products on their shelves!

Super Speciosa aims to provide refined Kratom products, and their commitment to purity and customer satisfaction makes them one of the few shops to win a considerable number of customers within a short time.

AKA Qualification

Due to the high standards of consumerism and quality of products, Super Speciosa is one of the first few shops that won the GMP qualification from the American Kratom Association. In the absence of approval from the FDA, the AKA checks and tests various vendors to ensure consumers get the best kratom quality.

What Makes Super Speciosa Super?

This vendor has a partnership with expert Southeast Asia, where all-natural forests of Mitragyna grow tall. The farmers harvest healthy kratom leaves from mature trees and dry them meticulously to ensure that all nutrients remain active.

The manufacturing units for Super Speciosa are equipped with state-of-the-art grinders and extraction equipment that process the ketum leaves without compromising the alkaloids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

The products are then tested at third-party laboratories to ensure efficacy and purity. The GMP-compliant air-tight and vacuum-sealed bags and jars keep the contents safe for you till the last dose.

The Product Range

As you log on to the website, the tabs on the homepage can guide you to various kratom powders, crushed leaf tea bags, capsules, and tablets. Whichever item suits your taste is visible on the website with a brief description of the strain!

The highlights of all the products include:

Super Brew teabags

  • Premium capsules
  • Some CBD products

Consumers can enjoy the tablets and capsules for a tasteless and total dosage every day. Similarly, millions of users already love many robust powder variants like Thai and Red Maeng Da.

The product range at Super Speciosa further proves the shop’s commitment to suiting every user. There are not many online shops or local vendors that sell kratom tea bags or tablets. This vendor is an excellent source of Mitragyna for people who like to experiment with new ways of taking ketum.

The fine powders have a silky texture, which makes them easy to consume. The coarse powder kratom products from other vendors are not very appealing, but Super Speciosa makes it a point to create items that are not only energizing and potent but a treat to consume!

Price Range

The prices of various Kratom Powders, Kratom Capsules, and tea bags at this shop are not as low as numerous online shops, but they are not extremely high either. This moderation of prices makes Super Speciosa a brand for everyone. The powder form of Speciosa can cost consumers between $9.99 and $599. Before you gasp at the prices, we must explain that the higher price range is for the five-kilogram bag.

When you begin using these items, you will understand that the cost is divided into months, and your average price per week drops to a minimal amount. This amount is not a lot for the energy and positive changes that you experience in your daily life.

Coupons, Discounts, And Reward Policy

Super Speciosa offers generous discounts, and you can find coupon codes to get significant price cuts on your purchase. Besides the festive discounts, various deals for beginners add more life to your special occasions and holidays. If you subscribe to the website, you can enjoy a whopping discount of 30% to 50%, which is a rare offer!

If you buy any ketum item from the website, you earn a point that will lead you to numerous discounts. This reward program makes kratom shopping a pleasant experience for users. Your point at every purchase gets accumulated in the account, and you can use them whenever you want. A customer earns five points for every dollar spent (excluding tax and shipping), and your points bank keeps getting full when you buy regularly.

Wholesale At Super Speciosa

If you want to set up your shop and need a supplier for quality and potent kratom products, Super Speciosa is the best option. While their prices are reasonable for retail purchases, the wholesale opportunity for resellers is just perfect. You can reach the shop at the telephone number given on the website to get a price and thereon, your business can soar!

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Customer Service And Shipping

Super Speciosa claims that customer service is essential to them, and they never let any customer feel unheard, and they mean it too! Whenever you post a query, the company replies with full attention and answers your questions to satisfaction. You can email the company representatives or call them on the hotline number from the website. Whichever way you reach out to them, Super Speciosa ensures that you get the answers on time.

Super Speciosa offers expedited shipping through Priority Mail by USPS, which ensures quick delivery. The shop sends out orders by mid-day every day, and you can expect to receive them within two to three working days. However, if you live in a state or city where the law does not permit ketum use, the shop will not deliver the order.

Overseas Presence

Super Speciosa has an office in America and another one in Europe. If you live in Europe and want to explore the Super Speciosa shop from a closer spot, you can visit the office in Portugal, and the team of the retail shop will help you with all kratom-related questions and confusions. Super Speciosa understands the consumers’ will to know more about any substance they are considering for use. They educate customers to pick the kratom variant that is best for them.

Return Policy Of Super Speciosa

A returns and exchange form on the website allows users to fill in a little information regarding the reason for exchange or return. The shop enables returns within 30 days, and customers can try various products before deciding on the Mitragyna strain they wish to use regularly.

The customers have to pay the return shipping, but the product is refunded in full. However, customers must know that refund is possible only if you give a valid reason like product damage or poor quality due to late shipping.

Bottom Line

Super Speciosa can be your preferred Mitragyna shop for all the right reasons. This shop’s products, prices, and consumerism make it an excellent choice for users who like to try new kinds of kratom items.

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