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Sunstone Organics is a natural and ethnobotanical products dealer based in Oregon. With more than 400 stores nationwide, this brand is one of the most successful and popular Kratom vendors in the United States. Unlike most of its contemporaries, Sunstone Organics has online stores and brick-and-mortar stores. Established in the college town of Springfield, this brand claims to provide the best quality Kratom, although this claim is debatable. In addition, since Sunstone Kratom is available in ounces and kilos, the product lacks a high variation in vein color.

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What Are The Best Products By Sunstone Organics?

Sunstone Organics has kept things simple with a basic and small product lineup. They have Kratom powders and Kratom capsules available in the following veins, Green, Red, and White. The only variant available in all three veins is the Maeng Da Kratom so, the product choices are not the most extensive. Sunstone Kratom is available in tablets or capsules. Bulk sizes include 1lb and 1kg, while their retail packs are for sale in 25 grams, 50 grams, or 100 grams packets.

Their capsules are also for sale in bulk packs of 1lb or 1kg and retail packs of 20 caps, 60 caps, or 100 caps packets. Not sure what to purchase? Don’t worry! Sunstone Organics offers free sample packets. In addition, you can buy Kratom packs online and use them to decide whether you want to buy more. These sample packs include the four premium Sunstone Kratom strains in packets of 10g each.

Is Sunstone Kratom Expensive?

The pricing is the sad part. Sunstone Kratom is notorious for its high price tags, up to 200% more than certain other brands. Their 1lb Kratom packet sells for $130, while the 1 kg packets sell for $230. Sunstone Organics offers retail prices on some of the smaller sizes. Below is a list to help you get an idea:

  • 20g of powder costs $14.99
  • 50g of powder costs $24.99
  • 100g of powder costs $41.99
  • 20 caps cost $8.99
  • 60 caps cost $19.99
  • 150 caps cost $39.99

Some Sunstone Organics sample packs can sell for as high as $31.99 for the encapsulated Kratom and $23.99 for the powdered versions. These packets are way more expensive when compared to other Kratom brands.

Customer Reviews


Sunstone Organics tends to make customers comfortable with its short product range because some buyers claim to be overwhelmed by the diverse selections offered by other brands. Therefore, Sunstone Organics can help every first-time Kratom user make a good choice by sticking to the basics. Moreover, the sampler pack offer is another plus point.

Some other brands do not offer this choice, leading to fewer customers as most buyers refuse to spend their money on something they are not familiar with. Allowing the buyers to use a small amount of the premium Kratom before actually purchasing it is a good venture that ultimately draws in more customers.


Unfortunately, the short product range serves as a paradox. The rather conspicuous lack of variety has convinced many steady Mitragyna Speciosa users that Sunstone is not as successful as it is said to be. The fact that the range of products is not very large drives them away, as most steady users are used to the generic Kratom strains offered by Sunstone Organics.

Secondly, the steep prices are another factor that negatively affects Sunstone. Since most customers on a budget cannot afford Sunstone Kratom, the majority of the buyers turn away. Very few potential buyers can afford to spend such large sums of money on botanicals.

Moreover, the fact that Sunstone has set prices on the larger sampler packets virtually beats the purpose of having samplers in the first place. Considering how most customers expect samples to be free, many will be discouraged from making further purchases when they encounter this policy.

Lastly, customer service seems to be the Achilles heel of Sunstone Organics. Many customers have complained that the employees are not professional enough, in the sense they do not give quick replies to any buyer in need of help. Despite their hotline, the officials at Sunstone Organics are not as helpful or informative as customers expect.

Does Sunstone Organics Offer Discount Codes And Coupons?

Thankfully enough, they do. Considering how expensive Sunstone Kratom is, many customers seek coupons and discounts. Sunstone offers occasional promotions and sales that are great opportunities to take advantage of if you want to save money.

Moreover, this brand also has a reward policy. After creating your account, you become eligible for earning rewards based on how long you have purchased from Sunstone Organics. This policy may help with reduced prices, custom discounts, and even gift products.

Shipping And Return Policy

Another way of saving money on the shipping cost is to buy your Kratom in bulk. Sunstone Organics offers free shipping on all orders over $100. Otherwise, you must pay a $5.00 shipping fee.

You can also fill out a return form on the website and hope for their response. In the case of damaged or incorrect orders, you are eligible for returns.

How Can I Contact Sunstone Organics?

Sunstone Organics is open to customers reaching out to it. Although replies are not always prompt, Sunstone Organics has a hotline for customers to contact its officials, along with a contact form. For buyers living nearby, the mailing address of the company is present.

The brand also has a phone number to contact the retail stores.

Social Media And Website Presence

Sunstone does not possess a very informative website. Responses are slow, and the information regarding Kratom is scarce. The brand also lacks good social media coverage and relies heavily on retail outlets.

Final Thoughts

Sunstone Organics is not the best Kratom vendor in the American market. Aside from being preposterously expensive, Sunstone does not offer a large variety of all-natural herbal products making the brand look amateurish. Not only this, but Sunstone also needs to improve its customer service because that is an essential part of drawing a steady stream of customers.

In short, the brand needs to bring about some changes first to become one of the leading Kratom vendors in the industry. Right now, Sunstone Organics still has a long way to go.



  1. Is Sunstone Kratom age restricted?

    Yes, it is. Sunstone Organics mentions this on its website. All consumers should be at least 21 or older. This policy is merely a health precaution put forth by the brand, solely for your safety.

  2. Is Sunstone Organics FDA-approved?

    Although Sunstone Organics has claims to have lab-tested all of its Kratom, the website does not mention any evaluation by the FDA. Sunstone Kratom undergoes screenings and scans for heavy metals, chemicals, and harmful substances, but the brand does not mention having any affiliation with the FDA.

  3. Does Sunstone Organics ship all over the United States?

    No. Sunstone Kratom does not ship to the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Vermont, Illinois, or California, due to restrictions.

  4. Does Sunstone Organics ship the same day?

    If the order made is a money order, the products will be shipped the day Sunstones receives the payment. If you are paying by check, the products will ship once the check clears from the bank.

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