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Soul Speciosa is one of the many popular Kratom vendors in the US industry.

Kratom, an organic botanical, has been increasingly popular in recent years. The plant’s tremendous health advantages are answerable for its sudden rise in popularity. Although this herb is indigenous to Southeast Asia, its use has expanded worldwide, particularly in the United States.

When it comes to recognized sellers, how can you tell if one is reliable or not? For starters, Mitragyna Speciosa providers must have certification, and all of their products must get checked for quality in a laboratory. On top of that, a vendor must fulfill a number of other requirements to be considered trustworthy.

With that in mind, we’ll be looking into Soul Speciosa, one of the many vendors in the United States. Have you heard of the name before? Regular Kratom users are likely to have done so. Can you, however, put your faith in the company? Is the seller’s business too legitimate to give up, or are they destined to fall like the dozens of suppliers before them?

The following review attempts to cover all of the facts about Soul Speciosa. How does the brand maintain the safety and enhancement of its tree leaf powder? We shall analyze the vendor’s product line, price, customer reputation, regulations, among other business aspects.

soul speciosa

What Is The Story Behind Soul Speciosa?

Soul Speciosa used to be a well-known West Coast seller specializing in supplying fresh Kratom. Its headquarters were located just outside of Los Angeles, California.

There was a period when visiting digital Mitragyna sites and not hearing about Soul Speciosa was inconceivable.

However, things changed in 2018 when the FDA ordered some suppliers to recall specific merchandise. And like many others, Soul Speciosa had no option but to comply. As a result, they gave in many rounds of tea powder capsules and powders.

Super Indo Kratom, Red Dragon Kratom, and Maeng Da Thai Kratom were among the products they recalled. When a Salmonella outbreak caused concern among Kratom suppliers, the company owners decided to give it a makeover.

Left Coast Kratom was born in Portland, Oregon, once this family-run organization relocated. This business was a better version of the preceding one. Now, they are in charge of the complete production process, from start to finish. The seller is known for their honesty, openness, high-quality standards, alongside ethically importing pure Mitragyna from Indonesia.

The brand works closely with native growers to enhance the alkaloid strength, purity, and balance. Moreover, deep-cleaning techniques are a part of all of their facilities. That is why their products are different from those of their competitors. They joined the sector to provide their customers with high-quality, all-natural herbs.

Is The Website Any Good?

One of the most typical complaints about premium Kratom retailers is that their web pages are difficult to navigate. As a result, visitors may become confused, and the seller may lose the customer. But thankfully, Soul Speciosa has designed a user-friendly website. Therefore, consumers will not have to waste time figuring out how to place their orders.

They may also relax knowing that they can reach the business at any moment. So if anything goes wrong with the purchase, shoppers will receive a phone number and an email account to approach the support staff.

Other than that, the website also tells you how to get discounts and participate in some of their promotions. And last but not least, all of the information you provide is kept safe and secure.

What Products Do They best place to buy anadrol Offer?

Many sellers claim to have some specific strains. But when you try to place an order, they don’t have what they said they had. Instead, they aim to draw you to their webpage and persuade you to choose something else. However, that is not the case with Soul Speciosa.

This company only provides authentic and pure Kratom. And more importantly, the powders and capsules are always available. They also offer beginner strains to help novice users get acquainted with the health benefits of botanicals. Yellow Thai, Green Vein Thai, Horn Maeng Da, White Borneo, and Super Green Malay are among the many strains available. Aside from that, there are some other selections offered as well.

The super-enhanced Maeng Da Thai is their most renowned strain. This variant is quite desirable since many people think it to be one of the most effective strains available. Soul Speciosa has capitalized on its appeal by maintaining a steady supply and delivering it at low costs.

Their online store is well-known due to its numerous visitors and consumers. Due to its user-friendly style, placing an order on the website is a breeze. In addition, all of the products have some description associated with them.

What Is The Product Pricing?

Soul Speciosa takes immense satisfaction in offering its items at low costs. Nevertheless, potential customers should always take the time to assess what different companies offer. It’s also crucial to check pricing from various businesses to determine how close they are.

Buyers may get 28 grams of powder for around $10 and 56 grams for about $17. This brand is not the least expensive, but it is also not the most pricey compared to other strains on the market. In any case, people believe the pricing is affordable for such a high-quality product.

The only problem customers have about their pricing is that the vendor doesn’t sell their products in excess. They also don’t provide kilo or half-kilo quantities. So people must make do with lesser strains rather than enormous proportions. Another alternative is liquid Kratom, which comes in 90 mg bottles.

Are The Products Lab-Tested?

Aspects such as lab testing are something that practically every customer considers. No one can determine a vendor’s standards or the products it sells without lab testing. If you’re wondering if it gives lab reports, you’ll be relieved to learn that it does. As a result, all of the business’s stalks, strains, and products get put to the test.

Moreover, the brand shows concern about the purity of all items and will not allow any neglect. You may look at their lab test results on the website, or you can request them via email. Third-party lab testing can reveal pollutants, toxic metals, and other impurities. And once the product is assuredly clear of all contamination, it is available for purchase.

In addition, as Soul Speciosa conducts pathogen testing, it keeps an eye on the surrounding circumstances. This test entails a blending and mixing technique, sanitation control rules, a screening technique, and much more. The vendor is dissatisfied with one laboratory, so they employ two to obtain additional proof.

On top of that, this company also has accreditation from the AKA. As a result, it follows strict manufacturing processes in compliance with GMP rules and regulations while making herbal supplements.

What Is The Stance On Shipping And Refunds?

Soul Speciosa offers free delivery on all orders, and all packages get delivered on time. Customers receive tracking numbers to know how far their package has traveled. Three to five business days is the estimated delivery time. If there is a problem with the shipment, the company will bear total accountability.

They employ UPS and USPS services, with USPS First Class Mail being the norm for free shipment. However, if somebody wants their purchase in a hurry, they may upgrade to a premium courier service by investing more money. Paying at least $49, for example, qualifies you for Priority Mail.

One may also switch to UPS Next Day Mail if they spend $99 or more. If customers want their order to be delivered the same day, they must place it by 2 p.m. PST. Second-Day Air, Three-Day Select, and UPS Ground are also possible choices.

When it comes to returns, the company is relatively reasonable. Exchanges are possible, as well as a money-back guarantee. However, keep in mind that you must request either within 30 days, and they will only consider sealed items without questioning.

Does The Company Have A Social Media Presence?

Without a platform on digital networking, no marketing or internet business can succeed. And thankfully, this brand has many fans and visits on their social media accounts.

Their popularity is evident by the amount of traffic they receive. Furthermore, the brand’s past customers consistently leave favorable feedback on their services and products.

Soul SpeciosaPros And Cons

Pros And Cons


  • 30-day refund policy
  • Lab-tested products
  • AKA-accredited vendor
  • Wide range of pure tea powder strains
  • Credit cards are acceptable


  • Relatively costly pricing
  • No kilogram options

Final Thoughts

This supplier has come a very long way ever since its makeover. As you can see, Soul Speciosa is currently one of the most trusted brands in the entire market. So if anyone wants to buy Kratom online, this seller should be on top of the list.


  1. What Are The Payment Methods Available at Soul Speciosa?

    Customers may pay through electronic checks, cryptocurrency, and credit/debit cards.

  2. Are There Any Coupon Codes for Soul Speciosa kratom?

    Coupon codes may not always be available, but you can still check for some at third-party websites.

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