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SoCal Herbal Remedies is undergoing re-branding as First Coast Tea Company, but if you search it on Google, there are hundreds of people still calling it by its older name. We decided to keep up the tradition of loyalty and discuss the vendor by its previous name, which has won thousands of returning customers and millions of transactions resulting in better daily routines.

SoCal Herbal Remedies Kratom

About The Company

SoCal Herbal Remedies opened its virtual doors to ketum users in 2015 to provide the best quality of herbal substance straight from Southeast Asia. The Kratom products and varieties at SoCal Remedies testified to the company’s ambition to serve people. If you search for this brand on the Internet, there is not a single negative review, and that is quite unusual as every vendor has at least some dissatisfied customers!

After an unfortunate lawsuit, the company took a short break, which had nothing to do with the Mitragyna Speciosa products at SoCal Herbal Remedies. Still, the consumer’s tragic accident started up controversy, and many anti-kratom individuals added their bit to it.
The vendor successfully resumed sales and consolidated its commitment to providing potent, organic, and impactful ketum products!

What Does Socal Herbal Remedies Offer?

Nine kratom products are available in Kratom Capsules, Kratom Powder, and tincture form at SoCal Herbal. These strains include:

  • Maeng Da
  • Hulu Kapuas
  • Borneo
  • Indo And Various vein colors of each variant are also available in abundance

SoCal Herbal is a beginner-family vendor as it offers detailed descriptions of all the strains and has a suitable variety for people who want moderate tranquility or energy.

However, this vendor is also for regular users who like to go a step further to experience the burst of energy, with relaxation that can make them forget all about the tense day they spent! The Red Vein kratom capsules and powders can be tried as blends, or you can rely on the potent variants alone for the energizing or calming impact you require.

The products are packaged in vacuum-sealed bags and air-tight jars according to the GstrainMP standards for quality. Individuals will find it helpful as the seal keeps their products safe from contamination while keeping them fresh till the end.

SoCal Herbal Remedies Kratom 1

What Makes SoCal Herbal Remedies Trust Worthy?

We tried SoCal Herbal Remedies for Maeng Da capsules, White Vein capsules, and Red Borneo Kratom. The results were fantastic as each variety was delivered fresh. Other product features that make SoCal Herbal a success and an excellent source are as follows:

  • Authentic Southeast Asian Kratom

The excellent quality of kratom products is due to the raw material from the exact location. The all-natural and organic ketum leaves are free from chemicals and create the best products for all users.

  • Clean And Measured Processing Steps

SoCal ensures that the processing steps keep alkaloids, terpenes, and flavonoids intact so that users can benefit from the items available on the shelf!

These processing steps include grinding, extracting, and capsule manufacture. The capsule shells used at SoCal are non-GMO and vegan to suit a wide variety of customers.

  • Laboratory Tested Items

Third-party laboratories test the products to ensure the best quality of ketum items. These tests confirm the alkaloid profile and eliminate heavy metals or contaminants such as dust or mold.

  • Fresh Stock Every Time

Old and stale ketum products do not exist at SoCal, and we have experienced this ourselves. If they do not have a particular effect, they mark it out of stock instead of selling old or ineffective items that are useless.

  • GMP Compliant Packaging

We mentioned earlier that all products from SoCal Herbal Remedies are fresh and impactful due to the vacuum-sealed packaging.

Pricing And Coupon Codes

The prices of all the Kratom Strains available at SoCal Herbal are reasonable and competitive. Powder varieties cost around $25 to $35 for 250gram of high-quality kratom powder. You can get 100 capsules for $30, which means that even if you use two capsules per day, the $30 cost spreads out evenly over more than two months!

There are several active coupon codes that you can enjoy. You can try the SAMPLE9 code at checkout to get $20 off the total and enjoy a more economical ketum dosage without compromising quality! SoCal Herbal aims to give people an enjoyable and memorable Mitragyna experience, and these coupon codes and occasional discounts prove this aim!

Regular customers should keep visiting the website to see what is in store for them, as the shop keeps coming up with codes and offers price cuts to oblige customers who show their loyalty through regular orders.

Does SoCal Herbal Remedies Deliver Kratom In My Area?

Often newbies don’t understand the status of kratom in their area and ask if kratom is illegal in their city. The reality is that kratom is legal all over the country except for a few states where the local governments follow strict laws regarding natural substances.

Before you order kratom, know the kratom’s legal status in your area and then select the vendor that delivers Mitragyna products within a short period.

SoCal Herbal Remedies has fast shipping and delivers all packages within three business days. No matter where you live if your local government does not prohibit ketum items, you will receive the best quality of kratom within a short period. As you open it, the aroma and taste will tell you that you got the freshest Mitragyna powder or capsules!

Can I Return My Kratom Product If I Want To Try Another Strain?

SoCal Herbal’s products are so potent and impactful that there are hardly ever any requests for exchanges or returns. The shop does not refund any product, but if you want to exchange the items you bought for some reason, you can call them and ask. It is always best to benefit from efficient customer service!

Customer Service

The customer services department of SoCal Herbal is efficient and is always available on the phone, email, and the website. Yes, we know the website used to be off for some time, but you can find SoCal awake and refreshed with the new name!

Customers can reach the shop through email, telephone, or website and ask any product-related questions or track their orders.

What Do Customers Say About SoCal Herbal Remedies?

The customers of SoCal Herbal Remedies always rave about the excellent quality, service, and results. The most appreciated feature of the shop is fast shipping while people never complain about the lack of refund policy. Many people think that it isn’t a problem since they never need to refund or exchange the products they buy from this vendor! Now, that is some serious admiration!

Moreover, customers love the results of all the products, and that is why SoCal herbal Remedies was able to start over again after the lawsuit debacle.

The Bottom Line

SoCal Herbal Remedies opened in 2015 and saw some ups and downs, but this vendor’s customer base did not let it fall. The reason for this success is the excellent quality of products and the comfortable customer service that ensures that your Mitragyna experience is worth the effort and cost!

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