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Savannah, Georgia, is home to many unique sites, but Serenity Botanicals makes it a prominent city on the map for all ketum lovers. A married couple opened the online store, and their primary focus was to provide quality to users who find it hard to get fresh, robust, and pure ketum products.

If you are considering kratom for stimulation, or you have researched about this botanical, Serenity Botanicals must be one of the shops that you searched for quality. We tried out this shop to see what it offers and how can Mitragyna users enjoy the various products, so read on and get to know all about this shop!

Serenity Botanicals started out as an online store in 2015, and a few years ago, the physical shop was set up for all Mitragyna consumers in the city to get fresh, potent, and impactful herbal products.

The Products At The Shop

The Products At The Shop

Serenity sounds like a shop for health enthusiasts as the word explains a tranquil and relaxed state of mind. However, the energy and good spirit of the shop transcend through the virtual space, making it a rich experience for all customers. We ordered a few items from their vast range of kratom powders, liquids extracts, and powder extracts. The shop does not sell capsules, which only shows their focus on the few product types.

You can find Bali, Bentuangie, Thai, Indo, Borneo, Maeng Da, Malay, Vietnam and Kapuas ketum varieties in red, green and white vein variations. Furthermore, you can buy CBD products such as gummies, tinctures, creams, and lotions. Soaps and shower items can be an attractive product line for people who like to incorporate organic substances in their daily routines in every way.

We selected the sampler packs that seemed quite promising as kratom enthusiasts and beginners can choose the various strains according to our choice. The 10-strain kilogram offers ten grams of multiple strains, which can help you decide what you want to consume in a larger quantity again.

The extracts can be an exciting product to try as they offer a more potent result and give your daily routine a more energetic approach. Serenity Botanicals products were impactful and the aroma, freshness, and results of every strain that we tried made it a topper for our team of reviewers.

Is Serenity Botanicals Expensive

Is Serenity Botanicals Expensive?

Serenity Botanicals is reasonable and what makes it unique is that you can buy the 10-gram packs if you are trying to keep the budget in check. The price bracket for all products from 10grams to one kilogram is $2.99 to $125, which is quite reasonable and better than many other online vendors.

The physical shop also has the same prices, which shows that the brand is not interested in making profits but wants all customers to experience the goodness of nature at a reasonable charge. The coupon codes make it easier for customers to afford their favorite strains without disturbing their monthly budgets.

Consumers can get 15% off on purchases by applying one of the active coupon codes. Furthermore, the other coupon code can get you 10% off for being a part of the Reddit community! Now that is a serene deal!

Customer Service

The customer service of Serenity Botanicals is beyond excellent! If you visit the shop, you can see the owner’s presence in the way things are done. If you order online, the shop’s follow-up and confirmations will help you realize the vast difference between this shop’s care and customer service and the services you get from other vendors.

In case of any return or exchange, the shop might ask you why you want to return the product. However, you will get timely refunds and exchanges. If you have around 95% of the product unused, the company returns or exchanges it according to your wishes.

Shipping Charges

Serenity Botanicals will charge shipping, but in a way, we found it comforting because the company ensures well-packaged and safe products for all customers. The fast shipping charge is $3.65 for a 10-ounce pack.

You might find the shipping charges high as the fastest and heaviest package will cost you an additional $24.75. However, that should not be a problem if you apply the coupon codes! The order reaches customers within two days of placing the order, no matter where you are in the country.

What Makes Serenity Unique?

Serenity Botanicals is unique as it has fantastic customer reviews on Reddit and other social media pages. However, the online shop has not received accreditation from the American Kratom Association. Despite the third-party approval, this shop is doing great and has thousands of customers. The setup of the physical shop proves Serenity Botanical’s Mitragyna standards and impact. The best way to judge if the shop is worth your time is the quality of products and customer service.

Serenity resources all ketum strains from Southeast Asia through expert farmers who harvest only the healthiest and most potent kratom leaves. The transparency of all the processes confirms the quality of the final product, and the shop proudly packages everything to ensure a fantastic experience. However, some people find the missing approval a big problem. We cannot recommend users to choose any vendor, but the quality and service that our team of reviewers experienced were extraordinary.

The GMP packaging standards add to the aromatic and fresh experience of Mitragyna. Serenity Botanicals physical shop is an excellent place to find out more about each strain and see if it is suitable for individual consumers. Additionally, the prices of all the products make it an excellent pick if you are in Savannah or even in any other city! You might consider the shipping, but even so, the deal is worth it!

Which Product Is Worth Trying First?

Serenity Botanicals has some unique extracts, and if we had to give our readers any recommendations, it would have to be Red Bali extract, which is relaxing and energizing. The aroma of the dense and fresh powder will be an exciting part of the experience, and the potent and robust alkaloids will ensure that you get the maximum benefits of this herbal substance.

Another product that you might love is the Green Indo kratom powder, which can stimulate the senses and it comes in a vacuum-sealed bag to keep the content fresh till the stock lasts.

Last Words

Serenity Botanicals is an online store and physical shop in Savannah, Georgia. All Mitragyna users can enjoy fresh and potent kratom from this shop. You can try the various powders and extracts. However, it is essential to know that while customer service, discounts, and product lines are all extraordinary, the shop does not ha third-party approval from any laboratory or AKA.

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