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There may be hundreds of Mitragyna vendors in America, but only a handful existed a decade ago. Out of these few, the ones that offer the best quality of kratom are even fewer! Phytoextractum is one of the unique online shops with a unique name and services. Before you embark on an exciting journey of kratom consumption, know more about this shop so you can purchase from the best.

Our reviewers ordered several products from Phytoextractum to see whether the shop lives up to its reputation of pioneering kratom sales with premium quality and services. We were pleasantly surprised by the results! Here is a detailed review for all potential Mitragyna users, and we hope you will be adding your experience to this one soon.


The Products We Tried

You can find several kratom strains on the website. We tried out the powder form for Green Malay Kratom and Green Maeng Da Kratom. These varieties are commonly seen, and we try to keep our purchases uniform. However, the results were not the same! The fresh aroma of Green Maeng Da was reassuring that the stimulation would be equally exhilarating. Kratom tea with Green Maeng Da was a treat as users can instantly feel cheerful, awake, and fresh. Your mental and physical energy improves, and you can focus on the day’s work with more enthusiasm.

Green Malay was an aromatic and energizing strain too. The excellence of quality was evident in the results. You can try Phytoextractum for a variety of Mitragyna strains:

  • Gold Elite Tea Capsules,
  • Phyto Reserve Liquid Extract,
  • Red Thai Powder,
  • Bali Kratom Capsules,
  • Green Maeng Da,
  • Maca Root Powder,
  • Garlic or Oregano Capsules.

The range of herbal substances apart from kratom is diverse and unique so you can try those as well! Phytoextractum’s wide range of products may take up a lot of time to read, but the menu online is fantastic and offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for relaxation or high energy, Kratom powders, Kratom capsules, tablets, and extracts at this online shop will keep you in the mood you desire!


What Makes Phytoextractum An Excellent Pick?

Phytoextractum denotes that the shop sells extracts of leaves of various plants. Kratom is a popular herbal substance that can uplift spirits, and people who look for kratom want only the best. Moreover, the constant addition of new products keeps all customers coming back for more. When you want to try something new and log on to the website, creative and fresh products will be waiting for you!

We found the selection of products overwhelming, although we stick with our regulars to truly compare vendors. However, the wide variety of capsules, tablets, teas, powders, and extracts of Mitragyna are only part of the whole range! Alternatively, you can look at the various herbal products sourced from the right source.

From reliable sources, all kratom variations at Phytoextractum are brought in from Southeast Asia. Moreover, the processing of each item is clean and transparent to ensure the best effects. The laboratory testing includes eliminating doubt of heavy metals, chemicals, or harmful contaminants that hamper the results.

The packaging of all the products at Phytoextractum is according to the GMP standards and keeps the products fresh and safe for as long as they last.

Prices And Payments

The prices of all the products at Phytoextractum are competitive and reasonable. You can buy 20grams of kratom extract for $139, which is lesser than many other vendors in the country! The regular strains are available for as low as $10 for 28grams, and as you increase the weight, the price only goes up to $71 for 225grams. This price is for the exotic variety, and for the common strains such as Thai, Maeng Da, and Malay, the prices are even lower.

The payment methods accepted at Phytoextractum are debit and credit cards, and Bitcoin. This vendor has been evolving with time, and the most convenient payments show the company’s commitment to customers. We tried another convenient feature from Phytoextractum for the price, but we shall talk about it later because it deserves extra attention!

Discounts And Coupons

Phytoextractum can become a favorite with just past orders as the convenience of payments and discounts are amazing! You can enjoy the regular buys and price cuts during holiday seasons, and the excellent quality of the products makes it a great purchase! Coupon codes are available on many websites and if you feel lucky, try to log on today and see how many products are discounted for all customers.

The members of Phytoextractum can earn rewards on each purchase and then redeem the points by buying whatever they please. Even better is that you can get a discount on $200 shopping. If you sign up for notifications, we can assure you that they will all be good news about discounts and special deals.

Fast Shipping And Returns

Fast shipping is a signature deal from Phytoextractum, but it is better because it is free. You can enjoy your order within two to three days, and there are no added charges! This kratom vendor has all the features that make it an excellent choice for all ketum users!

If you want to return or exchange a product, the company allows returns within 30 days of purchase. When you log onto the website, you can fill a request or talk to the company via email about the product and what you want to experience. You will be able to enjoy the right strain according to your requirements, and Phytoextractum ensures that it will be within a short period.

What We Liked About Phytoextractum

We loved the shopping experience because you can pay cash on delivery, making it all the more convenient. It is difficult to wait for days when you have already paid for the order, but at Phytoextractum, the experience becomes better due to the comfort of paying for your purchase when you are receiving it!

The Feather In The Cap

We have discussed several times how the American Kratom Association has verified very few online vendors for kratom. Phytoextractum is one of those few. The accreditation from AKA and the Good Manufacturing Practices validate the shop’s services and products. Moreover, the online vendor is a member of the AHPA and has a 100% guarantee of authentic kratom and other herbal substances.

The laboratory testing and air-tight packaging from Phytoextractum ensure that you use safe and fresh products every time. This vendor follows federal law and does not deliver kratom to cities and states that prohibit the organic substance. If you live in a place where ketum is not allowed, you will not be able to order from this shop!


Phytoextractum is an excellent choice for all kratom users as it delivers fresh and potent kratom in proper packaging after laboratory testing. The wide range of products, discounts, coupon codes, and special features of Phytoextractum make it an excellent choice for all.


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