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Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions, also known as OPMS, has various products in the Kratom Silver and Kratom Gold categories. If you have heard about OPMS, you must have heard about OPMS Silver as well!

OPMS Kratom Silver

The silver variety of kratom is sold as the 1x extract, which means that the regular Mitragyna speciosa varieties must be used to create this range. However reasonable that sounds, the 1x extract kratom from OPMS Kratom Silver range is an enhanced and more potent version of the regular strains. Let’s take a 1x look at the OPMS Silver kratom range and see what it has to offer!

Company Background

OPMS is a local brand that you can get from gas stations or smoke shops near you. This brand has been around since 2005 and has been able to keep its products potent, fresh, and reliable, unlike many other local shop brands.

The company’s commitment towards its consumers is evident as the most potent kratom leaves make each product. The reason customers return for OPMS Silver and Gold Kratom is that they experience a unique and memorable impact each time.

Your first encounter with OPMS may have been at a smoke shop or a gas station outlet near you. While you can buy OPMS products from local vendors, the quality of each item is as good as that delivered by online shops. Head shops and gas stations may have earned a bad reputation due to their storage standards.

Still, OPMS beats all of them as each item is packed and sealed by the company to ensure that each vendor sells a closed bag and every customer receives the quality they pay for, whether at the online shop or the local vendor.

OPMS was famous for its brick-and-mortar kratom sales for almost a decade. The trust that this vendor has is the earning of many years!

Product Range

OPMS does not offer a wide variety of products, but the OPMS Silver Kratom range is famous for reasons other than variety! You can find:

  • OPMS Silver Maeng Da,
  • OPMS Silver Malay Kratom,
  • OPMS Thai Kratom.

These limited products have been providing thousands of users a rich and wholesome experience, due to which the popularity of this brand is on the rise.

The Liquid OPMS Kratom Silver

OPMS has a signature product called the OPMS Silver kratom liquid, which provides a single dose of Mitragyna, and users can feel the effects of this drink for hours after use. The vacuum-sealed small jars are filled with a kratom liquid that provides a one-time dose, but the results are so long-lasting that this product has become the identity of OPMS.

Kratom shots are available from many online vendors, but OPMS shots are open at gas stations and smoke shops near you. So now, whenever you want a single dose of potent Mitragyna, you can head out and buy a fresh jar of this liquid.

The price of this shot is $17.99 from any smoke shop, but if you buy from the website, you will find it at a lesser price. As the concentration of the shot increases, it will cost you more, but it is worth a shot as the results are outstanding.

The Price Of Silver Kratom Range

The retail price of all OPMS Silver products can vary at various shops. Each shop owner can keep a set price that suits them, and OPMS does not suggest it. You may find vendors that charge more than others, but we list the OPMS Silver Kratom range prices as the brand has set them. Whatever the retailer charges are their discretion.

  • Price of Silver Maeng Da: The price of 16 capsules is $6.49, and the cost of 120 pills is $23.99.
  • Price of Silver Malay: The price of 16 capsules is $6.99, and the cost of 120 pills is $24.99.
  • Silver Thai: You can get 16 capsules for $5.99 and 120 pills for $22.99.

These nominal prices show that the brand is not over-priced but quite reasonable. If you do not want to indulge in a search for affordable prices, the option of buying from a website is the best.

However, we tried OPMS Silver Maeng Da from various retailers, and the prices were only a little more. One can say that buying from a local vendor will not hurt your wallet, but for those on a budget, try the website and avail of excellent customer services and reasonable prices!

What Is 1X Silver Kratom?

You might be wondering how 1x is a concentrated form of extract. We thought about it too! The 1x denotes that one gram of kratom was used to make the final product. The raw material and final product ratio are the same, which means that the concentration of OPMS Silver range is not higher than the regular kratom products available at other vendors.

However, the effect of Silver Kratom from OPMS is more potent than the regular strains from other shops.

OPMS Kratom Silver (1) (1)

What Makes Is OPMS Silver Kratom Worth Trying?

This difference in flavor, impact, and durability is that OPMS sources 100% pure and authentic kratom strains from Southeast Asian farmers who have expertise in harvesting the healthiest leaves from mature kratom trees. Moreover, the drying process of these leaves ensures that the alkaloids, terpenes, and flavonoids remain intact.

Whenever you open a bag of OPMS Silver Kratom capsules, the aroma is refreshing because of the freshness of the contents.

The capsule shells used for the Silver range are Non-GMO and vegan, making the products suitable for everyone.

Many retail kratom products are not advisable, but OPMS is different because each item is laboratory-tested for safety and purity. You will be buying the Silver kratom range from various retailers, but the products are tested for safety and are new. These factors make OPMS different from other ketum products available at local vendors.

Customer Reviews

OPMS has maintained its place among the best kratom vendors in America. The fact that you can buy this brand from local vendors in original packing is a big plus! Customers enjoy OPMS Silver Kratom, and despite the limited products of this range, they are famous due to their long-lasting effects.

Customers can buy OPMS from third-party websites and avail of discounts, making these products worth more!

You can check out some reviews on public forums like Reddit and TrustPilot, where customers often appreciate the efficacy of OPMS Silver Kratom. There are a few reviews about the misconception of 1x extract, which means that the average leaves are used to prepare these products. However, apart from the concentration debate, users enjoy the products and recommend beginners to try them.


OPMS Silver kratom range consists of a few products only, but the impact of each of them is impressive, and you may become a regular after trying them. This range is available at local headshops and smoke shops, but the company tests the quality of each product.

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