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OPMS offers a minimal range of silver and gold kratom categories. These products are few, but they have vast followership as thousands of regular customers choose this brand.

OPMS Gold Kratom

OPMS Gold Kratom line is a more enhanced and potent range, and you can buy capsules of various strains rich in alkaloids and give results quicker and for longer than other strains. But what makes this brand so unique that people believe it despite the limitation of variety? We tried the various OPMS Gold Kratom capsules to see what’s special!

When a brand offers a limited range, they have to work on the quality of each product to ensure that their customers do not leave. What is keeping all the customers for OPMS? Let’s find out.

The Company

OPMS started business in 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia. The initial years of the shop were all about the brick-and-mortar kratom varieties, and after gaining fame from that, they opened up to a broader customer base and sold kratom capsules. You may find a few other products that we will discuss later. The brand sells items to other vendors such as gas stations, smoke shops, and weed shops.

We all talk about selecting an online shop rather than a smoke shop because of the bad reputation of the latter due to poor storage and sale of subpar brands. However, OPMS is the only brand that sells at local stores but is famous for its quality.

OPMS stands for Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions, but many people call it Organically Purified Mitragyna Speciosa. This is because the kratom used in all OPMS products comes from the all-natural forests in Southeast Asia. The purity and special care of harvesting and drying the Mitragna leaves are evident in the OPMS products.

The Product Range

As we said earlier, OPMS does not have a vast product line, and you can buy from the Silver and Gold Kratom cables. The Gold Kratom range includes capsules of various strains, which contain:

The exact composition of OPMS Gold Kratom capsules is not precise, but we know that these strains are used to prepare the capsules. OPMS Gold is a higher quality and premium product offering from this brand. You can try out the Silver kratom capsules or the OPMS liquid, which has become a reason for the brand’s fame!

The Price Range

The prices by OPMS are pretty competitive, but many of you might not agree if you have bought this brand from a local vendor near you!

Since OPMS sells products to shops like weed shops, and gas station shops, the price of all the consequences may differ if you buy from these places. Since you cannot purchase OPMS items from a particular website, you may explore online shops that sell premium quality kratom from reliable vendors. Seeing the products at these shops is satisfying as it denotes the recognition of OPMS as a quality brand!

OPMS Gold Kratom capsules will cost you between $19.99 and $48.99. These caps come in the count of two, three, and five.

What Is Special About OPMS Gold Kratom?

All Kratom strains are unique and provide different results. Similarly, OPMS Gold Kratom delivers an energizing and stimulating effect. However, the most distinctive feature of the products from this range is that they are extracts of ketum.

The concentration of Gold range from OPMS is supreme as you get to enjoy the results that are not possible with the regular Mitragyna strains available at other online stores or smoke shops.

The 50:1 ratio of alkaloids means that 50grams of ketum was used to make one gram of the OPMS Gold Kratom capsules. The Mitragynine content per capsule is 84mg, which is many times more than any ordinary ketum capsule. The results from this product are quick and long-lasting, which makes it more than sufficient for regular users to take one pill per day.

Kratom enthusiasts know that all premium brands source Mitragyna leaves from Southeast Asia through expert farmers. The processing of these leaves enhances the composition of each strain as specific steps are followed to ensure the efficacy of the final product. These products are laboratory tested for safety and alkaloid content.

OPMS Gold Kratom is an extract range, and the extraction method is precise and measured. The production steps, tests, and GMP-compliant packaging ensures that all OPMS products are superior and worth trying!

Where Can I Buy OPMS Gold Kratom?

You can buy OPMS Gold Kratom at local vendors readily. Apart from these shops, you can buy the brand from various online shops that sell all premium brands for Mitragyna. There are numerous options for people who want to purchase laboratory-tested and authentic ketum. However, OPMS is accessible, and you can go out to a nearby smoke shop to get fresh and potent capsules from this range.

OPMS Gold Kratom (1)

What Makes OPMS A Famous Smoke Shop Brand?

Our readers know that kratom items at online shops are more reliable and trustworthy than local vendors. The bad reputation of local vendors is due to their priority of profits over consumer wellness. Most smoke shops and weed shops sell their stock, even if it is old and stale, to reap profits, while organic substances like kratom have to be fresh and new to make an impact.

The store management of smoke shops will not pay attention to the hygienic and safe storage requirements of Mitragyna.

The prescribed storage method is to keep kratom in air-tight jars in a cool, dark place but do they do that? Local vendors buy wholesale kratom from quality online shops, and the stock comes in big bags. Once they open the bag, every customer’s order is filled from these bags, and they may get contaminated by dust and moisture. When moisture seeps into kratom powder or Kratom capsules, it may cause mould, dangerous for users.

Buying from local vendors comes with a risk, but not for OPMS Gold Kratom! The products from this brand are sealed and packed by the manufacturer after testing each item in third-party laboratories. Once the items are cleared, they are distributed to smoke shops and weed shops. Your local vendor cannot sell these capsules without the original packing, and if they do, we advise consumers not to buy them!

The seal and care of the manufacturer ensure that whenever you buy OPMS Gold Kratom capsules, the results are fantastic-all because of the exquisite care and high standards of production followed by the manufacturer!

Customer Reviews

Customers who try OPMS Gold Kratom have good things about the brand. You may read a few negative reviews on public forums regarding the high price and customer service, but these aspects are not related to the quality of the product.

The local vendors may charge you extra, and if they are selling an old product, you must ensure more care in purchasing. However, the quality of fresh OPMS Gold Kratom is appreciated by all regular customers.

Last Words

OPMS Gold Kratom is a range of capsules made with pure extracts of Mitragyna. You can find this brand at local stores and online shops that sell premium quality kratom. Try the pill to feel the energetic and stimulating impact of this substance.

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