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Although discounts and special offers are difficult to come by, the costs are already reasonable. Additionally, on Reddit, Mystic Island Kratom used to have a lot of discounts. You might discover more coupons by contacting Mystic Island Kratoms individually. However, this is not guaranteed. The website has previously provided deals on split kilos of ketum or other big purchases, so they’ll be able or happy to do so again right now.

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Mystic Island Kratom may be the place to go if you want to try out different strains or mixes, buy inexpensive bulk ketum, or have a store where you can switch up your ketum routine without spending a lot of money. Users can get a lot of different services at the store.

You’ll only be out $3 if you order a tiny sample and don’t like it. If you decide you don’t like it straight away, you can return it to the business. Because the particular return policy isn’t disclosed, you’ll want to check about Mystic Island Kratom before purchasing. Nonetheless, based on customer feedback, it is doubtful that you will be dissatisfied with whichever product you choose from Mystic Island Kratoms.

About The Organization

Mystic Island Kratom was formed in Wilmington, North Carolina, by entrepreneurs who wanted to start a business that could take things to the next level.

These intelligent people didn’t only want to get more fantastic quality ketum leaves. They tried to make better ketum “stacks.”

Some Eye-Catching Features Of Mystic Island Kratom

  • They provide a diverse range of m.speciosa items.
  • They attract more people by offering various services and things.
  • They attract customers by providing a variety of things. They claim to deliver satisfactory outcomes.
  • They have an excellent client reputation.
  • They give a kilos package.
  • Shipping is quick and secure.
  • Welcomes Bitcoin as payment

Coupon Deals For Mystic Island Kratom

  • At this moment, it appears that Mystic Island Kratom would not have any current promo codes.
  • Refund Policy

This business does not have a website dedicated to its return policy. Because they don’t mention otherwise, it’s safe to presume that all sales are final.

Shipping Once again, no postage policy is indicated directly. They most certainly ship via the US Postal Service. The item’s weight or location likely determines the shipping cost.

Product Reviews For Mystic Island Kratom

Originals (simple leaf strains), Mystic Creatures (Mermaid Combination as well as other legendary blends), Wet Blends, and Mystic Gems (crystalline powder ultra greens, etc.) are all available from Mystic Island Kratom.

Accreditation By The US Ketum Association

Even though this Vendor seems to follow FDA criteria, it doesn’t appear to have sought accreditation from the American Kratom Association ever. They do not indicate their webpage of having their supplies research facility by a third party. This stated that the explanation they haven’t applied for AKA accreditation is that they don’t have the resources or inclination to submit all batches they offer to 3rd party analysis.

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Reason Not To Follow AKA Accreditation

A possible reason for Mystic Island Kratom’s lack of AKA accreditation seems to be that they sell thousands of mixes that they make themselves.

It’s tough to acquire regular test results from different batches because the greater ketum community doesn’t recognize the mixes.

Combinations are challenging to control and should not be purchased, especially from a firm that does not follow the excellent design and manufacturing guidelines.

Undeliverable Shipment Policies At Mystic Island Kratom

If a package is designated as undeliverable by the delivery company and returned to this Vendor, we will classify it as a full refund product. Your order will be paid back less than $5 with shipping charges and restock fee. We also have the right to refuse any future purchases from clients who give us an address for a parcel that the shipping company returns to us.

What Information Does Mystic Island Kratom Gather From Its Clients?

  • Name of the client
  • Personal contacting information
  • email address
  • Addresses, interests, and hobbies are all examples of demographic data.

Why Does This Vendor Collect Information?

  • This information is required for them to understand business needs better and offer superior service, especially for the reasons mentioned: Preserving internal records.
  • The data may be used to enhance their goods and services.
  • They may send you emails about promoting their newly launched items and sales regularly at the email address you’ve provided.
  • They could use the information to reach you for market analysis reasons now and then. They may communicate with you through email, telephone, fax, or mail. They can also use the data to target the site to what you prefer.

Contact Us Page Of This Vendor

On their site, all the information mentioned below is found.

  • Working Schedule
  • Monday till Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. EST
  • Saturday: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. EST
  • Text : 561-768-7100
  • Contact No: 910-769-3135
  • Email ID:

Kratom Powders Of The Highest Quality

Mystic Island Kratom’s fantastic selection of unique ketum strains starts with specialized mixes, but there are some equally exciting plain leaves teas somewhere between.

Bali’s color is red.

This rising strain of red vein ketum in powder is as potent as subtle. That is to say, its effects are slow and quiet at first, but once they occur, you’ll be pleased you’re not driving.

The major constituents responsible for Red Bali‘s stimulating effects, indole alkaloids, are responsible for its unique scent.

For even just three dollars, you may get twenty-five grams of this wonder drug, or you can buy it in bulk.

Malay Super Green

Super Green Malay is a very energizing “fast” strain that hits you hard and stays with you for up to four hours.

Super Green, like Red Bali, costs 2-3 dollars for approximately twenty-five grams and $69 for a kilo. That’s the best price tag for 1,000 grams I’ve ever seen.

Maeng Da White

Because it blends the full-bodied aroma of reds with the firm “quick” qualities of green veins, White Maeng Da is my favourite Maeng Da variety.

Malay Super Green

Super Green Malay is a very energizing “rapid” strain that kicks in soon and lasts for almost four hours. While functioning as an unease-free pick-me-up, this green vein ketum powder delivers a mild sensation of warmth and vibrancy.

This Vendor offers super Green, like Red Bali, which costs 2-3 dollars for approximately twenty-five grams and $69 for a kilo. That’s the cheapest rate for a thousand grams you’ll ever come across.

Top 3 Blends

This retailer’s online store’s best-selling items are these diamonds, and it’s simple to understand why. These are some unusual combinations.

  1. The colour aquamarine

It is a daytime-friendly combination of powdered white and red veins provided by this Vendor. Although the promises made by this Vendor regarding this combo are a little deceptive (I strongly doubt it would save anyone’s marriage or help you stand up for what’s right), I can honestly state that it works wonders for putting a grin on your face.

  1. Mysterious

This seller’s “secret mix,” Mystique, isn’t for the faint of heart. There’s not a lot of mystery here (it’s a combination of reds and whites, probably mingled with gold as well as yellow vein ketum), but there’s a lot of flavours.

  1. Sapphire

Sapphire is what it said on the tin: a new, refreshing combination of greens, whites, yellows, and red.

All Mystic Gems are priced the same as Pioneers. Therefore you’ll always seem to get a beginning bag for three dollars and a kilo for $69.00.

Mystic Island Kratom has swiftly established itself as the cheapest provider of high-quality ketum mixes on the Internet.

With Sapphire and Super Green Malay, this dealer has proven its ability to get high-quality leaves at a reasonable price.

This mysterious brand more than fills the bill if you’re seeking something unique.


Mystic Island Kratom is not particularly honest about their firm on their website. Companies do not provide their headquarters’ location, nor does their about us page give any information about the firm.

Their webpage was registered in 2017, according to a service that checks the age of domains. Therefore it’s safe to presume the firm was created around that time. This impression is strengthened because their social media pages are older.

It makes no difference whether you want a sampling or a kilogram; the pricing is the same in either case. For only 10-gram trials, many merchants charge three times that Mystic Island Kratom costs 25-gram measurements.

Most Mystic Island Kratom products are noted for their low costs. Ketum can be bought for as little as $3 per ounce. The firm is sometimes chastised for not offering discounts or free delivery, but it doesn’t seem essential at these rates.


  1. What strains are commonly provided by Mystic Island Kratom?

    Some most demanding strains are mentioned below:
    Red Strains
    – Maeng Da.
    – Bali.
    Green Strains 
    – Maeng Da.
    – Super Green.
    White Strains
    – Maeng Da.
    – Indo.

  2. What is the price range of Mystic Island Kratom?

    They sell strains as well as blends in different measurements. Price ranges from $3-4 for 25 gm up to $69-71 for 1 Kg. They sell in bulk also, but commonly, their packaging is available from 25 gm, 75 gm, 125 gm, 250 gm, 500gm till 1Kg

  3. Is the Ketum from this Vendor approved by the FDA?

    The FDA has not gone through the Mystic Island Kratom that they sell on their site. According to them, neither of their products has been designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or avoid any sickness. The products shown on this site are for purposes only and therefore should not be ingested in any way.

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