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Moon Kratom is not one of the most shining names in the kratom market, but it has been there for a long time. Let’s see what products and services have made this shop sustain itself for so many years!

Moon Kratom headquarters are in Austin, Texas. The online-only shop started operations in 2014, and since then, it has had a consistently growing customer base. Most online shops have offices in California or Florida, but this Texas-based company has its presence, and that too for many years!

The company is based on the idea of delivering quality kratom to users all over America. Most owners come up with the idea of an online shop after facing a low supply of good quality Mitragyna. Moon Kratom’s foundation rests upon the aspiration of making kratom a famous organic and botanical substance for all! All of us must explore the goodness of nature, and we all should benefit from what nature gives us. This idea makes Moon Kratom an excellent choice for all those who seek quality and care.

Moon Kratom

The Product Range

The products at Moon Kratom are limited compared to other vendors, but we found it enough to put us in a pickle! Here are the strains that you can find on the website:

  • Indo,
  • Bali,
  • Maeng Da,
  • Borneo, and
  • Thai.

The red, green, and White Vein Kratom variants of all these strains are readily available on the Moon Kratom website. However, if you are an ardent user of golden or yellow kratom, you may not feel too good about this shop!

The Kratom Powder and Kratom Capsule forms of all ketum strains add to the variety as some people prefer capsules while others prefer to use powder. You can find a few extracts in powder and liquid form on this website. These extracts are sourced from other vendors like OPMS and HUSH Kratom.

One thing that we liked among the products was the company logo hat! You hardly find any merchandise on any kratom online shop, and Moon Kratom offers one! The Moon logo also looks suitable for all the kratom enthusiasts who want to wear the hat while enjoying their refreshing Mitragyna dosage.

The Prices At Moon Kratom

Recently, Moon Kratom dropped the prices on all the items, and while this is good news, we were forced to think why a company would reduce the costs so suddenly? Is it that the shop is closing? Or is the shop clearing stock for new strains? Whatever it is, the company ensures customers that every product is fresh, and the reduced price is quite inviting too!

Even if Moon Kratom lowered the prices to see which price range suits customers, it all works out to our advantage. The bag sizes from this vendor are unique as you can buy 500grams, one kilo, three kilo, and five-kilo bags. All other online vendors only sell these quantities as a part of their wholesale program.

However, the price range at Moon Kratom is from $25 to $495, and that is more than reasonable! Imagine that these prices, when further reduced, would make Moon Kratom a ringing bell as all customers would be placing orders all day long!

The new range of products is between $17 and $345, a big attraction for people who want quality at the lowest price!

The capsules at Moon Kratom are available in 100, 250, 500grams, and one-kilo packs. The price range for these items was between $50 and $250, but now it is between $25 and $160. You do not get any discounts on the extracts as they are sourced from other ketum vendors. HUSH Kratom extracts are priced between $20 and $204.

The OPMS extracts are priced between $20 and $720. The powder extract at Moon Kratom is available in 25, 50, and 100gram for which the price range is between $40 and $100, but after the new prices, it has come down to between $30 and $90.

The Website Design

Many customers find the Moon Kratom website to be an old-age design. The black background, loud fonts, and the products page are not very enticing, but the product quality covers up for many design drawbacks. We feel that the website needs an upgrade from the dingy background, and the new-age fonts and layout will help attract more customers.

Customer Services

Customer service from any online vendor includes shipping, discounts, returns, and exchanges. Moon Kratom has good service as USPS Priority shipment is the primary mode of all order couriers. You will receive your package from Moon Kratom within three working days, and the cost depends on the weight and destination.

If you open a product and then wish to return it, the vendor will not accept it. However, if you return the unopened package within 30 days, you can get a replacement without any issues. Customers have to pay a $4.50 restocking fee, but that is acceptable since the prices are too low compared to other vendors. Exchanges are possible if you receive the wrong kratom strain or the shipping service damages your package.

Moon Kratom does not have any active coupon codes, but in all fairness, why should it? A wide margin cuts the prices, and customers will not seek further discounts since the constant low cost is the shop’s most significant attraction!

Recently Moon Kratom introduced K Tea, for which they maintain a separate website. Coupon codes for this new item are available, but these codes do not apply to all other ketum products.

User Reviews

The website does not flaunt any reviews from customers, maybe because of the old layout. However, you can find hundreds of positive reviews on various social media pages and websites like TrustPilot. Some reviews are not as shiny as people share their bad experiences of late shipping or mediocre quality. However, the majority of these reviews are pretty positive and encouraging.

Moon Kratom

Moon Kratom And AKA Accreditation

The American Kratom Association does not accredit Moon Kratom. We keep telling our readers that while AKA accreditation is a big deal, it does not mean that their products or service are poor if a vendor does not get them. Moon Kratom is a quality kratom seller.

The few things that distinguish a quality vendor from a substandard one are as follows:

  • Pure and authentic kratom: Moon Kratom gets all the Mitragyna supply from expert Southeast Asia, who harvest the healthiest leaves from mature kratom trees. These farmers dry the leaves in shaded areas with thin cotton sheets covering them to keep them safe from moisture, pests, and dust.
  • Supervised processing: Teams of experts supervise the production process to ensure that all products are made with care without compromising the quality and efficacy of the ketum varieties.
  • Laboratory testing: The products are evaluated by third-party laboratories to ensure safety and results. These lab tests are a crucial step, and much of AKA’s accreditation depends on these tests!
  • Good Manufacturing Practice packaging: The air-tight, opaque bags for kratom powder and the plastic jars with cap-lock are the proper packaging for any herbal substance like kratom. Moon Kratom follows the GMP standards and maintains excellent packaging for all the items in store.

With all these features, Moon Kratom is a safe and reasonable choice for all those who want a good experience but at a lower price.

Last Words

Moon Kratom is a good choice for kratom users as the prices are unbelievably low, and the quality is excellent. Customer service and fast shipping add to the pleasant kratom experience. You may find the website old-fashioned, but that does not reduce kratom’s efficacy and refreshing experience from this vendor!

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