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Some kratom vendors do not share any information on the team behind the brand or even the origin of the business. However, product range and a few other factors help decide if a shop is worth exploring or not.

Mmm Speciosa launched the online shop in 2012, and the growth of this shop has been incredible. However, we do not know enough about the company except that it offers excellent Mitragyna products and the price range is good too.

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The Website

Mmm Speciosa does not have an updated website since it says it is a new vendor, although the launch date is from 2012. Simultaneously, the lab-testing report dates are unique, so it should not bother consumers since the company updates all the information contributing to the Mitragyna experience! A better exploration of the website will help you decide whether you want to give it a try or not.

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What Does Mmm Speciosa Offer?

Mmm Speciosa sells kratom powders only. This may be due to

a vast number of users who prefer kratom powder over liquids and capsules. There are numerous Kratom Strains on display, and they include:

This vendor offers bulk sales as well as retail offers to suit all kinds of customers. If you want to set up a shop, this vendor can support the supply of fresh and potent kratom. On the contrary, if you use ketum, you can find attractive offers that suit individuals.

The quality of all these varieties is superior to other online vendors because Mmm Speciosa sources kratom leaves from their partner farmers in Southeast Asia. These leaves are processed carefully, using state-of-the-art equipment that ensures efficacy and safety of use.

The final products are tested at third-party laboratories, and the results are shared on the website. This step is crucial as it determines the freshness, efficacy, and quality of kratom alkaloids. Customers get an insight into the alkaloid profile along with the clarity that there is no contamination.

Organic substances like Mitragyna can be useless if contaminated by dust, moisture, mold, or any pest. Mmm Speciosa has it all cleared out since they remain active in posting lab test results.

The packaging from this vendor is GMP compliant, which means that you will receive air-tight bags and jars that keep the stock fresh and valuable till the end.

Mmm Speciosa is better than any local vendor near you as these local vendors do not follow the Good Manufacturing Practices. Mmm Speciosa ensures all the right features, which means that the products from this online shop will be better than any local vendor near you!

Price Of Kratom Products

After the safety of use, the cost of kratom remains the essential factor in deciding whether you want to buy from a particular source or not. This vendor may slow updating the website, but they surely know how to keep their customers happy with the correct prices.

You can buy 25grams of kratom at $11.99, and this price goes up to $169.99. The sizes of bags available are 25grams, 250grams, and one kilogram. While we think that the size should be more, the prices are reasonable since you require a small amount of kratom every day, and these prices span over months!

There are many other shops where you can buy kratom at much lesser prices. We have reviewed several online shops that sell one kilogram of kratom at less than $100. However, before you jump to any conclusion, compare the ketum strains, packaging, and shipping. Also, see if the other shops have any hidden charges or not. Sometimes shops show prices without including tax and shipping, and as soon as you checkout, the price jumps to almost double!

Customers can find coupon codes on various third-party websites and enjoy whopping discounts. You can find coupons for discounts ranging from 10% to almost 40%! Now that is an attractive feature!

What We Liked About Mmm Speciosa

The vendor offers cash on delivery, and we felt that this feature is unique and so convenient. Many of us seek convenience in payment, and this shop knows that! The payment methods on Mmm Speciosa are easy, but this one tops all of them as customers don’t need to pay over the Internet and can enjoy the package when they pay for it.

Kratom and all other organic substances impact users when they are in a positive mood or satisfied with how they use that particular product. Kratom is an energizer, and therefore, users who are not feeling very positive require it more. However, even if you feel low but are satisfied with the organic substance in use, the results will be more promising! This cash-on-delivery option certainly adds a positive factor to your ketum purchase!

Shipping And Customer Service

Mmm Speciosa uses USPS and FedEx for all the deliveries. Your shipping payment will be according to the area and the size of the package. You can choose fast shipping options to receive your parcel within one or two days. If you go for regular shipping, the delivery time will be one to three days, depending on the distance.

Does Mmm Speciosa Ship All Over America?

In 2021, a few states do not allow kratom, and if you live there, Mmm Speciosa will not deliver the order. However, most of the states and cities in the US do not have any restrictions for kratom usage. All consumers must know the status of kratom in their area to order according to the laws.

Does AKA Verify MMM Speciosa?

American Kratom Association verifies the shops that sell potent, fresh, and reliable products. However, the process of verification is long and may cause some delays. AKA does not verify mmm Speciosa, and one may think that it means that the shop is not up to par. We found the shop to be one of the best, and many users shared their reviews about it. The verification should not hold you back as the products and services from Mmm Speciosa are excellent.

Can I Order Capsules From This Shop?

Mmm Speciosa sells only kratom powder. If any consumer wishes to use Kratom Capsules, they can buy capsule shells from a reliable pharmacy or drug store and fill them with the potent and robust kratom powder. Ensure that you purchase Non-GMO and allergen-free capsule shells for the best experience.

In A Nutshell

Mmm Speciosa is an online shop for kratom powder, and despite the limited product range, this vendor is famous for its quality. You can buy authentic and safe Kratom Powder from this shop, and it will always be an experience to reminisce.

Our buying experience from this shop was fantastic, and we recommend this vendor to all kratom users!

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