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This vendor has been in the commercial enterprise world since 2015. They have fast gathered an extensive consumer base in the community. Based in Las Vegas, MITRAGAIA (also known as Gaia Ethnobotanical) is an online vendor selling kratom. According to the kratom online community, it is a reasonably licensed dealer of kratom products.

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This selling platform has quickly grabbed the eye of the network and advanced dramatically. As you enter their website, it appears to be professional. Their corporate deal is in Northern Ireland; however, their go-back address is Henderson, Nevada. A corporation needs to be pretty a success to have a global presence.

Product Range

They have one of the enormous product lines inside the kratom enterprise. They sell the common and popular lines leading companies have and a few uncommon ones rare to find. The fact that they provide such a lot of exclusive kratom strains and sorts suggests they have got a satisfying delivery chain.

The assortment on their site is a bit unconventional. Most organizations will first categorize with powder, pill, and extract. Then, within those, the shop is organized through the vein color. So, if you wanted purple Bali tablets, for instance, you would click on drugs, after which on crimson kratom.

Within the Maeng Da categories are all the Maeng Da kratom types they provide. These sorts consist of gold, green, plantation green, plantation purple, plantation white, and yellow.

Below is the choice this vendor has for each powder and pill.

  • Red traces: Asia, Bali, Batak, Borneo, Brunei, Horn, Indo, JongKong, thai, Kali, Kapuas Hulu, Ketapang, Malay, Sunda, Vietnam, Maeng Da
  • Green strains: Super Malay, Vietnam, Thai, Sunda, indo, Malay, Ketapang, Kapuas Hulu, Kali, JongKong, Horn, Dragon, Brunei, Borneo, Bali, Asia, Maeng Da
  • White strains: Bataka, Borneo, Brunei, Dragon, bali, Horn, Indo, JongKong, Vietnam, Thai, Malay, Ketapang, Kapuas Hulu, Kali, Asia, Maeng Da
  • Yellow lines: Malay, Vietnam, Maeng Da
  • Gold strains: Maeng Da, Bali, Elephant
  • Blends: eight-in-one custom combo, white dragon, inexperienced dragon, purple dragon, Ganesh maeng da. The customer also loves this combo


They additionally give extracts of speciosa. You can have a 20x, 50x, and 50x black diamond imparting. The difference between 20x and 50x is obvious, but they provide no distinction between the 50x and 50x black diamond.


The tablet form of mitragyna speciosa is their most special offering, as it is undoubtedly difficult to find companies that provide tablets. Their pills are blends available in fresh green, purple, and white varieties. The distinction is, kratom pills do not incorporate bonding agents or different extraneous ingredients.

Instead of popping the capsules and expecting a prolonged length in your body to absorb them, their powdered pills come up with a similar immediate experience as raw powder might. That’s because they are herbal powder in pressed pill form.

Every pill includes about 300mg of green powdered tea. They also are tons more petite than the capsules your intake. You can pick up ten for $ twenty-five, twenty for $fifty, or thirty for $ seventy-five.


This organization offers numerous sample bundles of each powder and tablet to attract the person desiring to buy in bulk and the brand-new person on the site.


MITRAGAIA Kratom can provide equal pricing throughout all their strains and forms of drugs and powder. This shows they have a dependable supplier who can produce large quantities.

Powders are available in increments of 1 ounce, 250 g, and 1 kg. The price scale is five dollars, thirty dollars, and hundred and twenty dollars, respectively.


They are available in 1 ounce, two hundred grams, and one kilogram. The fee scale is $10.00, $30.00, and $120.00.

Extracts are available in 1g, 1 ounce, 2 ounces, 4 ounces, 8 ounces, and 1 kg. Below are the rates for the sections:

  • 20x – $1.52 to $550.0
  • 50x – $3.00 to $1,500.0
  • 50x black diamond – $3.01 to $1,500.01

Mitragaia (1) (1)


All the offerings are present in 10, 20, and 30 counts. The prices are from $ twenty-five to $ seventy-five.

Underneath are the charges of the diverse bundles:

  • Capsule welcome sampler costs $30.0
  • 1000g tablet sampler costs $120.0
  • 500g powder sampler costs $60.0
  • 750g powder sampler costs $90.0
  • 1000g powder sampler costs $120.0
  • The powder welcome sampler costs $30.0

Coupon Codes

You can be part of their rewards application to earn reductions, which can provide as a lot as 5% financial savings on completed orders.

You get one point for each dollar you spend on this website. It tells you on each product page how many of the factors connected to your buy are worth in a dollar quantity. Additionally, a chance that they put a discount on a few products sometimes.

Refund Policy

You can get a payback from this vendor as much as 30 days from the date of purchase. Their most specific requirement is that the product is in its unique packaging. Refunds can either be issued in coins or in loyalty factors used to purchase products.

Exchanges are also supplied if the cause is affordable. For misplaced shipments, this agency uses a service known as Route. They come up with their website so you can use it to fill out a claim. But they don’t refund transport charges or coverage charges.

Shipping Policy

This vendor ships via the USPS. The value of shipping depends on the weight of the order and wherein it is going. They offer identical-day delivery for orders placed Monday-Saturday earlier than 2:30 PM EST. This business enterprise handiest ships to the USA and Canada

How Does Mitragaia Evaluate Other Companies?

They weren’t kidding when they said mitragaia Kratom wanted to be the complete speciosa business enterprise online. They did it. Mitragaia has more excellent mitragyna speciosa lines than Galactic Botanicals and Canada Kratom Express.

This is likewise the handiest site in which you could view and download the lab to look at the effects of each strain. But the reviews are dated 2018.

They Can Be Your Wholesale Kratom Supplier

Mitragaia Kratom is a professional in selling bulk amounts of green leaves for folks who wish to start an undertaking or want to stock up on mitragyna. They offer super and price-powerful packs. They also allow you to emerge as an associate by filling out a form and registering yourself on their website.

Can I Try Different Powdered Leaves Strains Earlier Than Making A Bulk Buy?

Yes, from the Ultimate Sampler, this vendor Welcome Sampler to 50x Extracts; you may buy any sampler of your preference to attempt a one-of-a-kind kratom lines test before figuring out which strain satisfactorily fits you.

Their Customer Service

Customer carrier is every other divisive trouble amongst Mitragaia’s customers. Some grievance about in no way is getting free samples and dealing with widespread delivery delays. Meanwhile, others have raved approximately, calling a wide variety of unfastened models and receiving their orders almost instantly.

Gaia gives a speciosa Rewards application that could be useful for regular customers. This vendor also allows exchanges of unopened products for 30 days, making customers happy.

Social Media Presence

They are lively on social media and feature some faithful fans, too. This reality is a plus factor for this seller, and the reviews are helpful for the customers.

Accepting Of Cryptocurrency

This vendor also accepts cryptocurrencies like bitcoins, giving the customers a wide variety of options to pay their green tea bills.

AKA GMP Compliant Products

Mitragaia Kratom is AKA GMP compliant alongside being FDA compliant. All products on their shelves are examined in a third-party lab which ensures the originality and pleasantness of the product being reviewed.

All of the strains are closely tested for any metals of microorganism. Mitragaia has a strict coverage regarding production and regulation of products first-rate to ensure customer pleasure. But still, you should check out some of the reviews before buying.

Mitragaia Kratom Dosage Suggestion

Since kratom isn’t regulated by using the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), it’s tough to recognize the correct dosage. Mitragaia’s merchandise includes a cautioned serving size (typically among one to five grams). However, you could discover this idea isn’t sufficient for you, but the suggestions are to start from low.


It is an extended-standing company, so it has frequent mentions all through the internet. Some critiques are underneath exchange names like Gaia Ethnobotanicals and Mitragaia (its modern name). The evaluations tend to be positive, though some people recommend that this vendor is more high-priced and lower-first rate than a few other brands.

It is evident that Gaia Kratom continuously supplies on its promises. It does no longer promise ideal excellent kratom. However, it does offer natural powder that may or maybe not give you the results you want. As with any new emblem, try out a small amount. At the start. If it does not work, you can attempt different lines or pass them on to every other emblem. But you study some of the opinions yourself to get a proper selection.

Ending Notice

When it comes to kratom companies, it’s tough to find one as excellent as Mitragaia Kratom. It comes as no wonder they have consistently been voted the pleasant. Beyond their willpower to top-first rate kratom, in addition, they offer considered one of the most critical product and strain sorts we’ve strumbled upon. This gives several alternatives for many exclusive people and ensures you continue to come lower back for more.

Furthermore, if you’re new to speciosa, their sampler packs are an excellent way to get began. These affordable options that come with a variety of traces are ideal for getting a concept of what the kratom buzz is all about. Even more so, it gives you the option to strive for memorable lines to peer which one is an excellent fit for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the way to use the Mitragaia Kratom coupon code?

    You may get a coupon via the following steps:
     Cart Page: Located near the bottom of your phone’s browser, it is located simply beneath the “Proceed to Checkout” button. Enter the coupon code you have and then press “Apply Coupon.” You will see a message letting you already know you’ve got carried out the coupon effectively. You may not know the coupon alter the rate until you continue to checkout.

    Checkout Page: Located within the Order Summary segment on the pinnacle of your telephone’s browser. Click the blue “Have a coupon? Click here to go into your code” link, and you may be able to input your coupon code.

  2. What is the shelf-life span of Mitragaia kratom?

    The sticker on their bag is the batch date and no longer the expiration date. You will have two years from the pinnacle date at the little white sticky label on your bag.
    The recommendation is given to keep the speciosa just like coffee. Could you place it in a cool area? An airtight container or the resealable baggage which they deliver.

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