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When a kratom vendor has a name that implies its success, it is natural for us to get curious and know more about it! Major Kratom is our pick of the day for an in-depth review of products, the ease of shopping, and the customer services it offers. We ordered from Major Kratom to see what it is all about, and our experience will guide you to a vendor that is not only good but good enough to forget all the others!

Major Kratom

But First, About The Company

Major Kratom began operations in 2010 as a small vendor with a limited range to offer. However, now the shop has become a ‘major’ name, and thousands of regular customers enjoy their ketum feed from this shop. Major Kratom was nominated as the Best Kratom Connoisseur in 2011, which shows that this shop picked up pace within a year.

After a decade of excellent performance, Major Kratom has become a household name for all ketum enthusiasts.

The Products Major Kratom Is Offering

As we mentioned earlier, Major Kratom started with a handful of products in 2010 and gradually added many ketum strains to its inventory. Today there are more than 30 products on the shelf, and the simplified website displays each of them proudly. You can try any of the ketum powders available at Major Kratom, and there are some herbal products other than Mitragyna as well.

We found the bag sizes reasonable as every beginner feels good about trying out new products. You can buy any Mitragyna variation in 25grams, 125grams, and 250grams. The bag sizes cover a majority of consumer choices.

Major Kratom is a master of blends, and many mixes have become the shop’s identity. We tried Major’s Maeng Da, which was fresh and aromatic, and the results were very refreshing.

Another strain worth writing about is Lush Bang Baru, an ideal replacement for your morning coffee.

Customers rave about the Yellow Matahari, a delicate and enjoyable strain that will relax the nerves while improving energy levels. The various teas from Major Kratom include Spec B, and you will want to buy them all!

The other herbal substances on the shelves include Cat’s Claws, Damiana Root Powder, and Calamus Root Powder.

The Price

The prices at Major Kratom might surprise regular consumers who are used to paying a nominal amount of their kratom feed. Major Kratom’s blends, mixes, and exotic teas come at a higher price, but the reason is also apparent. The various kratom strains that are hard to find alone are mixed to create energizing and stimulating effects.

Many of you will realize that once you use these blends, the daily dosage comes down to a smaller amount than what you need to consume when you buy from other places. The strong impact of Major’s kratom products requires a smaller dosage only. Therefore, the high price gets distributed over months, and you don’t even feel it!

The 25gram pack from Major Kratom costs you around $11.99, while the same amount of ketum powder from any other vendor costs around $8.45. If you are looking for a cheaper price tag, you may have to look for another vendor because Major Kratom does not sell wholesale.

Major Kratom

Coupon Codes And Discounts

Major Kratom has the most exciting discount offer in which you have to share your ketum story! Yes! Customers tell their kratom success stories and win price cuts. So if you have any story to tell about how Mitragyna Speciosa changed your life, a significant cut is coming your way. Moreover, some of the stock from this vendor is sold at a sister company called the Bright Street Tea Company, which sells all the products at a discount. If you want Major Kratom’s premium quality but want to get a deal, you now know what to do!

There are no coupon codes available for Major Kratom, so you should try to write how Kratom helped you because we are sure it did!

Shipping And Customer Support

While discussing price cuts, another relief for all customers is that Major Kratom has free shipping for all orders over $99. The fast shipping from this vendor ensures that you receive your order within three days maximum. Moreover, the customer service is very comfortable.

There are several ways that you can reach out to the vendor. Chat service allows you to discuss a strain, shipping, or anything related to Kratom with a vendor representative. All days of the week, this chat service is available, and the best part is that you get your answer instantly! Email and calls are also open, as you can contact the vendor anytime you require.

The social media presence of this shop makes it a trendy one in the market! You can interact with other customers and ketum community members. Social media pages like Facebook are a great way to know more about new offers, product reviews, and customer satisfaction.


What Are People Saying About Major Kratom?

Thousands of people have become a part of the Major Kratom community over the decade. Of course, these long-term customers share their experiences of various products, and this can be an excellent source of information for beginners who want to use this herbal substance but are confused about it.

Moreover, public forums like Reddit have several conversation threads about Major Kratom. Apart from a few negative reviews about the price, all positive reviews appreciate the Kratom products and the services.

What We Liked Most About Major Kratom

Major Kratom is a hit, and the most significant proof of that is its long-standing reputation and growing business. We liked this vendor because of its diverse product range. You can find some interesting names on this shop whereas all other vendors have the same kind of inventories.

Major Kratom truly takes your ketum experience to the next level. The various white vein blends and the green vein mixes are refreshing and provide a new experience every time. Our team loved every strain because of the fresh and foresty aroma.

The air-tight packaging and laboratory-tested products are safe to use, and the shipping package is sturdy to keep your order safe from any mishandling on the way. Primary Kratom sources ketum from the all-natural forests of Southeast Asia, and each product is processed at state-of-the-art manufacturing units. The final item in your hand is the work of several teams that ensure efficacy and potency till the end!

Last Words

For several reasons, major Kratom has been a prominent name in the kratom market. The products are unique, the prices may seem high, but they are pretty reasonable in the long run. Moreover, the quality of each product is exquisite due to the extra care at every production step. You must try these products to see for yourself!

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