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Appearance: Earthy green, with a hint of green, white or red due to the vein color.

Flavor: Bitter.

Aroma: Herbal, with a mossy hint.

Origin: Different views on origin. Distinct due to grafting and drying processes.

We all know about kratom and the stimulating effects of this botanical, but there is a lot more to learn! The types of kratom vary because of leaf vein color and the origin of the strain. The name of each strain comes from its location and vein color, like Red Bali or White Indo kratom. However, Maeng Da kratom has a unique place among all other variants, not only because of the name!

Maeng Da kratom is available in green, red, white, yellow, and gold variations, but what is the origin of this strain? Where do we find the Maeng Da kratom trees? We are discussing all that there is to know about this strain so that when you buy it, you know what you are consuming!

The word Maeng Da is from the Thai language, meaning ‘pimp grade.’ You may wonder about this name as it does not imply more energy or stimulation. Maeng Da is a marketing strategy that worked excellently among users and made hundreds of users try it in an endeavor to find out what this strain could do for them!

The origin of Maeng Da is unknown as some vendors say that it is a blend of Thai kratom variants, while others say that it is a grafted species of Mitragyna to enhance the alkaloid action. The grafting of Indo and Thai kratom trees made way for Maeng Da, which is available in red, green, and white vein strains. Each variety of Maeng Da possesses unique properties. Special drying and processing methods are followed to create yellow and gold Maeng Da kratom. All these varieties are different from each other in the alkaloid content and effects.

Why Is Maeng Da Popular?

Maeng Da is by far the most popular strain in the United States. If you use kratom, I can bet that people recommended trying out green Maeng Da products the first time you bought kratom. This popularity is that it is the first strain to be introduced in the American market. People who have been using kratom for years are familiar with Maeng Da the most and may have tried other variants for a change. This variant is a complete kratom experience for many, and they don’t shift to different strains only because they get the energy and stimulation they need from this strain.

As time passed, many Mitragyna variations were introduced, but Maeng Da remains at the top as the most famous and favorite kratom item!

Many people often use the terms kratom and Maeng Da interchangeably because, for them, all Mitragyna items, or Maeng Da kratom specifically, are the same thing.

Maeng Da Kratom

The Various Types Of Maeng Da And Their Effects

There are five main types of Maeng Da kratom available in various forms: capsules, powder, tinctures, and even gummies. Kratom works in our body when alkaloids in the substance interact with receptors in the brain. This activity results in the secretion of hormones and enzymes that regulate and normalize organ function. Kratom is not directly responsible for many effects that users claim, but the results are felt as the body functions improve. The results of all kratom strains are unique due to the various alkaloids and their specific quantity.

Here is a brief description of each strain and the effects they have on individuals:

Green Maeng Da

The most common kratom strain is the green vein Maeng Da, which is mild yet energizing. Users of all ages feel the stimulation of this strain as it has a balanced amount of alkaloids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Beginners and regular users benefit from the favorable impact of this variation that can uplift your moods and improve focus. People who use this variety often report that they feel energetic, confident, and motivated to do better at daily chores and tasks at work or in their personal lives. A daily dose can make you more energetic and driven to succeed. The aroma of this strain is earthier and has a soothing effect.

Red Maeng Da

Red vein variations of Mitragyna are often more robust with a higher alkaloid content. Red Maeng Da is relaxing but regulates power nap and soothes the nerves so that you feel the boost of energy needed to face the daily challenges. The stimulation from this variant is quicker and lasts longer! The appearance of this strain is dark green, with a hint of red or purple. However, many people cannot tell the difference in red and green vein Maeng Da as they are a dark green color at first glance. If you have an eye for color differences, you can identify red vein kratom instantly!

White Maeng Da

The white vein variants are euphoric than other varieties, and their appearance is also a lighter shade of green. The aroma of this variant is dense but close to the smell of red and green Maeng Da. The impact of this strain is relief from unease as the alkaloids soothe the nerves, and the user feels calmer! Many people use white Maeng Da for positivity and a happier day without nervousness and over-thinking!

Yellow Maeng Da

Harvesters and manufacturers create yellow strain by drying healthy, juicy leaves for a particular amount of time while maintaining the efficacy of the alkaloids. The bright yellow color of the dried leaves or powder is also from further processing, including fermentation of the kratom leaves.

Gold Maeng Da

The gold strain is an exotic addition to the Maeng Da strains as it is the result of blending white and green Maeng Da. The manufacturers carefully process both the strains separately and then combine them in a particular proportion to create the potent, exotic Gold Maeng Da.

The Types Of Maeng Da Products Available

Online shops and local vendors sell Maeng Da kratom in various forms. You can find kratom powder, capsules, extracts, tinctures, gummies, and shots at premium quality shops.

All five strains of Maeng Da kratom are available in these forms, and you do not need to worry about availability as almost all shops advertise Maeng Da kratom due to the wide fan-following.

How Does Maeng Da Kratom Grow? What Is The Process Of Production?

Maeng Da kratom plants are grafted from the Indo and Thai Mitragyna variants. The new plants grow in all-natural farms without fertilizers and pesticides.

The kratom plants grow into trees and take nutrition from the moist soil and rainwater. The hot and humid weather contributes to the nutrient content of Maeng Da plants. However, within the exact location, there can be patches of dry soil or lesser-irrigated trees, and the chemical composition of those plants makes the final product impact users differently.

Suppose one tree is heavily irrigated and gets more nutrients from the soil, and another tree gets adequately irrigated but does not get the same nutrients. In that case, the alkaloid content of both trees will be different. This factor made farmers and harvesters realize that plantation sites would help regulate the final product from Maeng Da trees.

We will discuss this type of Maeng Da after understanding how all-natural Maeng Da from forests turns to the final products we buy.

Farmers pick the finest leaves from the forests and dry them in shaded areas after washing. The drying process is intricate as all leaves are first cleaned of dust or insects. These leaves are spread out in shady areas where sunlight cannot directly dry the leaves. Thin cotton sheets cover the leaves so that the dried leaves remain free from dust, insects, or other contaminants.

The farmers transport the dried leaves to manufacturing units, where expert teams supervise each step of production. These teams carefully complete the extractions and grinding to send the products for laboratory testing.

The approved and safe-to-use products are carefully packed in GMP compliant bags and jars to provide every user an experience of energizing and stimulating Maeng Da kratom in their favorite product!

Maeng Da Kratom

What Is Plantation Maeng Da?

Plantation Maeng Da is a unique type of Maeng Da strain that farmers and harvesters grow in controlled environments so that the alkaloid content and properties of each plant are the same as the next one! In natural forests and wild plants, the soil, air, and water make each kratom plant grow with a different alkaloid content. In Plantation sites, expert farmers keep all the environmental conditions constant so that each plant has similar content. The result of this plantation method is that all the kratom leaves provide identical results!


Maeng Da is a popular kratom strain available in red, green, white, yellow, and gold. Users can try this variation as their first choice due to the unique effects of kratom alkaloids. You can try any of the Maeng Da strains from your favorite online shop in various forms and feel the results within a short period.

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