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Any botanical legit kratom offer must pass our stringent requirements, including in-house lab testing and quality control. They will not sell it if it is not genuine. They guarantee your pleasure at Legit Kratom! You have 30 days to respond to an item for a replacement or refund if you are displeased with it. Legit does the job, and then some, with affordable price, patented mixes, and a satisfaction assurance that ensures your enjoyment.

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About The Vendor

Legit Kratom, often known as Legit K, is a Mitragyna speciosa supplier situated in picturesque Clearwater, Florida.

Legit Kratom, founded in 2017, has quickly climbed to popularity among many of the ketum industry’s most prominent names.

Reviews Of Legit Kratom Products

A trained team of local Petani (“farmers,” in English) ethically gathers sustainable ketum plant materials from this Pinellas County provider. Skilled Southeast Asian plantation owners grow mature, concentrated Ketum strains for an efficient and easy tea.

Every batch is forwarded to an external third testing laboratory to verify that no toxic metals and biological agents are present. “If it’s not authentic, they won’t sell it,” claims the About Us page of Legit Kratom.

The Legit Kratom Combination is a highly adaptable blend that combines four distinct strains into one.

Online Store Of Legit Kratom

The products available on Legit K’s website are;

This Vendor also sells ketum extracts and packed ketum pills. Ketum isolation pills, Gold Reserve ketum powder, and liquid ketum injections are their quotes.

When you’re not convinced if this Vendor is suitable for you, the company’s website offers free ketum samples.

How Much Should You Expect To Pay?

The powdered ketum leaves from Legit Kratom start at $15 for 50 grams. One hundred grams will set you back $25, 250 grams will set you back $45, and a 12 kilo (500 kilos) would set you back $70.00.

You may buy ketum kilograms if you’re like me and prefer to purchase bulk ketum. Every 1Kg pouch costs $120.00, which is common in the business.

Payment Methods Accepted By Legit Kratom

The payment choices offered by Legit Kratom are relatively diverse. However, they might be broader. COD (Cash On Delivery), cheques, and money orders are now acceptable payment options.

You can’t use a credit card or even a debit card to purchase on the site, and you can’t buy anything with a cryptocurrency. GreenBean Pay, on the other hand, has been introduced to its Payments list. Customers can use this alternate method to pay for internet banking.

Customers Voice About About Legit Kratom

You’ve probably come all over a Legit Kratom seller review if you’ve frequented any online ketum forums. Many people have shared their stories, and the overwhelming majority believe that this brand is precious.

Legit Kratom is frequently acknowledged as a top-tier supplier, with many referring to them as the finest. “First time trying it — can not BELIEVE how great this program works!” one person said.

“This stuff is fantastic!” remarked another person. “I’m delighted I gave them a chance because their greens are quite beneficial.”

Quality Controlled

Their ketum has been thoroughly examined for both identification and biological impurities.

The Best Ketum Products

Legit Kratom now offers a wide selection of items in addition to ketum. However, as the name implies, the brand’s bread and butter remain Ketum powder. Their assortment contains all of the essentials, nicely organized by color or kind.

The company also sells crushed leaves ketum in two different varieties. Borneo and Maeng-Da variants are among them. On the other hand, their Kratom capsules come in every powder they sell.

They also have ketum alternatives in their catalog, which are fascinating. CBD gelcaps, gummies, oil, and flower, as well as Mulungu Powdered Bank, are all included in this category. The firm also sells a variety of scales for people wishing to increase their dosing technique.

A True Coupon Code For Ketum

Legit Kratom is also the ketum retailer which offers a coupon code selection option. You’ll be taken to the company’s subscription login page after clicking through to the discount page. Here’s how they serve their frequent consumers and repeat shoppers with promotional codes, special offers, including news about special discounts.

Free Legit Kratom Samples

Start adding a Free Ketum Sample to your basket and proceed to checkout. This isn’t a free ketum trial or anything like that. Only new clients are eligible for this deal, which is restricted and one per household.

Third-Party Lab Tested

Because they think they sell the finest ketum mainly on the market, we maintain it to the most significant standards, incorporating third-party lab testing. Each batch of Ketum is thoroughly tested for infections and heavy metals. However, we don’t stop there. They also acquire lab testing to validate the plant’s identity and the number of alkaloids it contains. This ensures that our ketum powder is the finest and most dependable market.

High-Quality Ketum

Its goal is to offer high-quality Ketom at an affordable price. How do they go about doing that? It’s straightforward. This Vendor works closely with the farmers who grow our legal ketum, ensuring that the origin, authenticity, and freshness of the leaf we buy are always verified. Their genuine ketum is cultivated and harvested sustainably, lab tested, and packed with batch identification to guarantee consumers receive the highest quality ketum.

Ketum Shipping

Legit Kratom makes every effort to dispatch orders as quickly as possible. Still, please remember that estimated delivery timeframes are based on repeat customers and payment options that do not require several working days to clear.

  • Orders ordered before noon EST Monday through Friday are usually sent the same day or the next working day.
  • Online orders on Saturday as well as Sunday are being sent on Monday.
  • We do not send any packages during significant US holidays and will be delivered on the coming working day.
  • Although we make every effort to process orders as quickly as possible, order volume, climate, and other unforeseen events may prohibit us from shipping your goods on the scheduled delivery date.
  • Please expect a longer turnaround time for more oversized orders based on your purchase quantity.
  • All Kratom is shipped by UPS as well as USPS Priority Mail. As soon as your order ships, we’ll provide you with monitoring information through email.
  • They understand how essential your privacy is. Therefore they make every effort to keep things as private as possible. Company name, a list of items you purchased, or anything else relating to what you bought from us will never appear on the box.
  • They do not accept foreign orders via our website at this time.

Legit Kratom (1) (1)

Payment Methods

A summary of modes of payment is provided below, along with their current acceptability status. Notify Legit Kratom whether you have any issues or questions, and then they will update you shortly.

Credit/Debit Card Payments

Legit Kratom accepts credit cards and debit cards. Due to various restrictions or limits associated with Kratom, your shipping address data must match the identity at the moment of purchase. Otherwise, their risk monitoring station will flag the transaction then automatically return it to comply with fraud control requirements.

COD Policy Of Legit Kratom

These offers are available only with the UPS delivery system or shipments. As a result, unless customers select UPS as the shipment, customers will not notice COD throughout checkout. Remember this. You will be charged a $14.50 COD service charge if you choose this option. This supplier pays UPS exactly $14.50 with each COD; therefore, this is what they’ll have to acquire, or they won’t be able to offer COD.


Because of something to do with the integration, the payment system is temporarily unavailable. They’re trying to find a solution and expect it to be operational again soon.

Contact us

  • 2862 Gulf to Bay Blvd
  • Clearwater, FL 33759
  • 727-386-5264
  • Monday – Friday from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern


This Vendor is dedicated to ensuring that our customers are delighted. If you are dissatisfied with the purchases for any reason, you may exchange it and maybe return it and obtain a refund for the money returned to us.

Within 30 days after purchase, returns must be delivered. Shipping and handling are the customer’s responsibility (including a trackable form of delivery).


Legit Kratom has been committed to supplying the most excellent quality Ketum online at affordable costs since 2017, and we promise your pleasure! Their objective and pledge will always be to find premium kratom products from trusted sources, test them for quality and freshness, and provide our consumers with the best possible experience.

Legit Kratom is a reliable provider of high-quality Kratom that guarantees customer happiness. The business wants to let each buyer have a flawless transaction that satisfies all aspects of consumer expectations with their refund guarantee, rapid delivery procedure, including timely customer care replies.

Those are seeking a new, up-and-coming seller with a simple website, absolutely yes, you are thinking correctly about Legit Kratom. The brand’s creators are cautious not to make any promises about their goods, but their extraordinary strains stand for themselves, and they talk loudly.


  1. What is Legit Kratom Returns & Shipping policy?

    Depending on your preferences, each item will be sent to you through Priority Mail and UPS Ground. Packages are delivered in a safe, secure, and discrete manner. Your order will arrive in a plain, discreet envelope with no business or product information.

  2. Does Legit Kratom Vendor provide free samples? 

    Yes, They Do. They provide free Ketum samples along with free delivery too.

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