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Laughing Lions Herbs is one of the numerous firms that provide kratom products on the market. Despite the fierce rivalry among all-natural herbs sellers, this company has emerged as one of the most established and profitable. It began as a small home-based company, but because of its extraordinary customer service and improved product value, it has grown to become one of the most unsurpassable brands in the Mitragyna community.

The firm sells CBD, Vape, and Kava Root goods in addition to the world-renowned all-natural herb. In addition, they offer wholesale merchandise at much lower pricing than their competitors, giving them an edge.

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They are proud of their long track record of accomplishment, and they pledge to only provide customers with the finest quality of Kratom and herbal products. We will see if the excitement around them is justified in our review.

What Is Laughing Lion Herbs?

Laughing Lion Herbs is a top-rated Mitragyna Speciosa seller. This company was established in 2015 and is situated in Colorado. Matt Frank, CEO, and founder found this business in his 600 square foot garage. The brand grew exponentially over time by making incremental initiatives. In under two years, they created a webpage to distribute their products to individuals everywhere possible, and they were the first supplier to sell one kg for $100.

They are now one of the leading merchants, providing a broad choice of items at a reasonable price after 4-years. In addition, considering Colorado has low humidity, the kratom goods that this vendor packages may get safely preserved, adding to the tremendous value.

It is also one of the few Kratom vendors that guarantee 100% fair trade and supports Indonesian farmers. Laughing Lion’s goal is to deliver high-quality herbal supplements while cultivating a relationship of trust and reverence with its clients.

They treat their clients like family by prioritizing customers before profits. One more intriguing aspect of the organization is its commitment to ecological sustainability. They are committed to becoming carbon-neutral and producing environmentally safe, 100% reusable materials.


What Products Do They Offer?

If you’re looking to buy Kratom online, Laughing Lion Herbs has you covered. They’ve got all of Mitragyna’s well-known and incredibly hard-to-find strains. The Kratom strains get provided in both pure and blended forms to boost their strength and effects. Every single one of their items gets obtained using a method that involves the removal of all stems and veins. Then, it gets filtered through a tiny mesh to achieve the product’s most refined and concentrated condition. The following are the categories in which they sell merchandise:

  • Fresh Kratom
  • Signature Blends
  • Powder
  • Enhanced
  • Capsules
  • WOW

Are The Vendor’s Products Safe To Consume?

GMP-approved procedures get followed by this vendor. The Laughing Lions’ whole set-up gets built of stainless steel that meets GMP standards. Only GMP-certified suppliers are allowed to sell their products. Furthermore, all employees take precautions to ensure that the product is not contaminated.

Kratom gets screened through stainless steel filters to eliminate any dirt. They even sterilize using UV light. All of the FDA’s testing gets performed on the items at third-party laboratories. The corporation has no control over the lab reports. As a result, the product’s quality will be the best. Every sample of every product gets tested thoroughly, and only those batches that are free of germs get permitted for distribution.

How Much Will They Cost You?

75g, 250g, 500g, and 1,000g powders are offered for $15, $55, $100, and $150, respectively. The signature blends range from $17 to $160 for the same quantity as the powder. The vegan capsules are available in three sizes, with two 80ct bottles priced at $30, two 150ct bottles for $45, and two 250ct bottles totaling $65.

In addition, the extract-enhanced powders range from $20 to $58 for a 1oz and 100g container. Fresh Kratom is just $2.49 to $9.95 per gram. WOW, Liquid Shots are priced at $15 each. Lastly, there is Infinity! The price range for Ultra Enhanced items is $5.49 to $629.95.

Does This Brand Offer Any Discounts And Coupons?

When it comes to discounts, Laughing Lion Herbs doesn’t disappoint. A consumer will receive a reward on their first order if they recommend the seller to their acquaintances. In addition, they hold monthly prizes that lucky customers may receive.

Customers can utilize all the discount coupons and bonuses at the checkout stage. Also, as you can see, the vendor almost always has a sale going on. So, in short, purchasing from Laughing Lion Herbs will save you a ton of cash.

What Are Laughing Lion Herbs’ Shipping And Refund Policies?

Laughing Lion Herbs is one of the sellers that offer consumers same-day shipment. The only delays that can occur are those caused by bad weather or a malfunctioning courier service. If someone doesn’t know it already, the brand lately shifted to a non-free shipping policy. Previously, all deliveries were free of charge. Moreover, FedEx and UPS delivery cost changes have caused a rapid shift in delivery pricing.

All of their products are vacuum-sealed before being sent to clients to ensure maximum safety. Furthermore, Laughing Lion Herbs provides two customer support phone numbers alongside a post office box. Buyers can use these methods to raise issues or file concerns. And thankfully, only a handful of problems are received each month out of thousands of purchases.

The company was previously open to returns and reimbursements, but under the new COVID-19 guideline, they will only accept unopened products. Also, you need to submit the refund request within three days, and the client is liable for the shipping cost.

How Is Their Relationship With Customers?

You’re aware of the exceptionally low pricing and good quality. Now it’s time to learn about consumer reputation. Almost all people are satisfied with their offerings and have a competent outlook. The proprietor is committed to providing only the highest quality products, and it’s evident in the business.

However, mistakes can happen when working with a significant number of establishments and producers. Luckily, Laughing Lion Herbs consistently exceeds all standards while making minimal blunders.

Is Their Customer Service Any Good?

Customers have always come first at Laughing Lion Herbs. They understand the value of loyal consumers and make every effort to provide them with a completely satisfactory experience. The purchasers’ feedback and ratings attest to their outstanding customer service. Customer care at Laughing Lion Herbs is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And that’s why shoppers may contact them with any questions or concerns.

For example, their customer service includes a return policy that has let the business and purchasers form a solid relationship. Unfortunately, the policy has changed to keep up with the current pandemic, and only unopened items can now be refunded. It does, however, provide shop credit so that the buyer is not unhappy.

Do They Have Any Social Media Presence?

The Laughing Lion Herbs website is easy to navigate and contains information about their manufacturing, store locations, and safety procedures. They have hundreds of Instagram followers, yet their Facebook profile is dormant. As a result, only their website receives the most attention.

There are several categories and subcategories within it. They also provide a text message membership plan for loyal consumers who want updates about promotions, deals, and new tree leaf powder.


Should You Go For Laughing Lion Herbs?

In a nutshell, Laughing Lion Herbs is one of the market’s hottest premium Kratom brands. Unlike traditional vendors who exclusively offer tree leaf powder, this company sells other herbal products, such as CBD. In addition, all of their commodities are 100% pure, and they export primarily from Indonesia. So, if you’re a Kratom fanatic, this comparatively economical brand is a must-try.


  • Wide range of products
  • Many different acceptable payment methods
  • Various discounts and coupon codes
  • Lab-tested tea powder supplements
  • Positive customer reputation
  • Reliable customer service


  • Somewhat average refund policies
  • Pricey shipping options


  1. What Are The Available Payment Methods?

    The business is relatively flexible when it comes to payment choices. They accept debit and credit cards, two of the most prevalent methods of paying. You may also use cryptocurrencies like bitcoins to place orders. All in all, they cover a variety of payment options to guarantee that the consumer has no problems and can complete their transaction without difficulty.

  2. What Are Their Best-Selling Products?

    Electrobuzz All-White Kratom Blend, Fresh Kratom Leaf, Fuzzy Blanket Blend, and WOW! are some of their best-selling items. In addition, premium Green and Red Maeng Da, Liquid Kratom Shot, Happy Day Capsules also get included in this list.

  3. Is the Business Making Any False Medical Claims?

    Whenever it comes to distributing Kratom, Laughing Lion Herbs is always upfront. They don’t make any deceptive claims or pitch the product as a cure-all. Instead, if Mitragyna is being used to treat symptoms of an undiagnosed disease, the business advises visiting a doctor first.

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