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Kwik Kratom entered the Mitragyna market in 2014 and remained a part of customers’ lives for some years. However, we observed that all online activity halted around 2016. There are hundreds of positive reviews about Kwik Kratom on various websites, and as you probe the vendor’s name, many people share stories of excellent customer service.

However, suddenly, there was no new posting from this vendor, and it demanded some digging in. Our reviewer teams set out to find out what must have happened to Kwik Kratom that it became cold right at the peak of its fame!

Kwik Kratom

2016 And Kwik Kratom

In 2016, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) began seizing ketum products from various vendors as it had reservations about using this herbal substance. However, the DEA could not label kratom as a Schedule 1 drug, but it caused losses for various vendors in the course of seizing. While a few vendors sided with the American Kratom Association, others were left with no other choice but to leave the market.

Kwik Kratom was rebranded to Kwik Botanicals, and since then, it has been selling quality, potent and impactful kratom products but only to members of the website! If you are an outsider, you can access matcha, tea, and yerba mate products. Mitragyna remains an exclusive offer to safeguard the company and ensure the best quality of ketum for consumers.

AKA Verification

As we mentioned earlier, many vendors sided with the AKA while some decided to leave the market. Kwik Kratom or Kwik Botanicals is from the latter group and did not stay long enough for AKA to test and verify all products. However, the lack of verification does not imply that this shop’s quality of ketum products is not up to the mark.

One point to consider is that since Kwik Kratom does not openly sell kratom, the verification from AKA does not apply to this vendor.

We always recommend readers to select shops that have AKA verification; although there are numerous popular stores that one may assume to be verified, they are not. Ethical vendors provide all the same features as verified vendors, so the AKA verification is not the last feature to check, but if a shop has it, there’s nothing better!

Kwik Kratom 1

Range Of Products

Kwik Kratom had a wide variety of products when it was actively doing business. However, if you buy from this shop new and become a member, you can see various products lined up to suit a vast number of customers.

Kwik Kratom sold only Kratom Powder, so users who preferred Kratom Capsules had to buy shells separately and fill them with the wide powder varieties. The green, red and white varieties included:

  1. Borneo, Malay, Thai, Indo, Maeng Da in green vein.
  2. Maeng Da, Malay, Indo, Thai, Bali in red vein, and
  3. Sumatra White vein kratom powder.

The prominent feature about Kwik Kratom was that the shop offered sample packs for beginners to enjoy various Kratom Strains and decide the one they wanted to order again.

Customers could also choose three different types of Mitragyna for the three-strain pack. Moreover, the company curated several strains to suit users who liked to experiment with unique blends and mixes of various kinds of herbal substances.

Finally, the Super Sampler had a small amount of all the six strains available at Kwik Kratom.

Prices At Kwik Kratom

The prices were reasonable at this shop, so there were more and more customers opting for ketum items from this vendor.

All the strains were packed in one, two, four, and eight ounces, while the biggest bag was a pound in weight. The price range was between $7.99 and $86.99, which is lower than many vendors today. The Sampler Pack cost $38.99, which was a reasonable price for six different strains!

Kwik Kratom offered wholesale but did not ask for customers to fill out a form to know the prices. The website mentioned the wholesale prices, and they were more than reasonable! The price range for wholesale kratom was between $135 and $390. These rates made us feel that many other shops might have gone under when Kwik Kratom halted business in 2016.

Coupon Codes And Discounts

There are no active coupon codes available on third-party websites, but the vendor gave discounts and offered codes and offers. The most common coupon was 20% off, which was significant for any shopper! However, since Kwik Kratom gave discounts to the people on their mailing list, we assume that the rebranded shop must also do the same. Since it is a closed community now, there must be various deals and offers to keep them loyal to the brand.

Customer Service

The customer service at Kwik Kratom fits right in with the rest of the features that tell the store’s excellence. If you have any questions or confusion regarding the product, you ask the vendor. If they reply quickly and explain the various things to consider, you remember it, and that shop instantly becomes a favorite! Kwik Kratom has earned the admiration of many customers in the same way! The fast and efficient service helped users reach out and make the most of their ketum experience.

In case of exchanges or returns, Kwik Kratom was careful not to upset a customer. You could get the orders exchanged if they were unopened. In the case of refunds, the reason for the refund was necessary. All you had to do was contact them for a return, and they guaranteed 100% satisfaction, which means that if you were not happy, they would send you the parcel of another product or the same one as per request.

Sadly, Kwik Kratom had to rebrand because it seemed like a perfect kratom vendor for all users from the information we got. The prices, discounts, and services looked just right, and the vendor became famous until the sudden halt.

User Reviews

You can find thousands of positive reviews about Kwik Kratom from before they rebranded. These reviews are enough to understand the company and its belief in offering the best. The shop may have become a new name, and as a new user, you might not get to their secret stash of kratom, but if you do, the company will still be as significant due to the same background!

Many reviews have described Kwik Kratom as ‘efficient with shipping, excellent quality, best red vein kratom ever, and life-changing experience on Reddit, Quora, and other public forums.’ When users are satisfied with an online vendor, they can continue enjoying their dosage or share their experience with others. If a person goes out of their way to say something about a company, it has to be heartfelt!

We consider user reviews an essential tool in determining the shop’s reputation. You might find a few negative reviews regarding the rebranded Kwik Botanicals, but we cannot comment on the kratom sales. The new website is concealed and not open to every visitor.

Bottom Line

Kwik Kratom was an excellent vendor, famous for quality and excellent service. The online shop had to rebrand, and since then, we have had little information about their kratom range. The vendor does not offer kratom to every visitor, but only the website members can access this part of the shop.

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