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Kratom or Speciosa Mitragyna has a long history of use for stimulation and energy. This tree grows in Southeast Asia. People from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea used to chew leaves or use them in traditional medicine because they believed this herbal substance had a lot of benefits.

As kratom or ketum traveled thousands of miles away into the United States, it has become a popular natural source for energy, focus, and motivation. People consume kratom in various ways, like kratom tea. People enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea to wake up and begin their day, and kratom tea helps them with a surge of energy to keep them going all day long!

What Is Kratom Tea?

Kratom TeaKratom tea is a warm beverage made with kratom leaves simmered in water. The color of this tea is brownish, and it has the glistening tinge of the kratom strain that you use. The three main types of kratom are red, green, or white vein kratom, and the color of your tea can tell which kratom variation you used.

The regular tea that you buy from supermarkets or stores is rich in flavonoids, and kratom tea has the edge over them as it contains alkaloids and terpenes that can lift moods and invigorate your mind. There are more than 40 active alkaloids, including Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. These alkaloids refresh the body and mind, and the warmth of the beverage gives a soothing impact as your body gets charged for the energetic and motivated day ahead.

The stimulating impact of alkaloids combined with the method of consumption adds to the day, and users feel awake, fresh, and ready.

What Does Kratom Tea Do For You?

Kratom tea is a warm drink that contains kratom alkaloids infused in water. This fact may mean nothing to readers who have never tried ketum. However, users know that it is the source of good things. In any form, korth or kratom brings about sound effects through the work of alkaloids. Our brain has a network of receptors, and when alkaloids enter the body, they interact with these receptors.

Various glands get stimulated by this action and produce hormones that promote organ function and regulate the body systems. As users experience a healthier body system, they begin to feel better with more energy and the ability to do more!
Physical improvement also has an impact on the mental state of the user. For example, a person generally feels low and unable to focus and drinks kratom tea that helps stimulate the senses.

As his body begins to feel better, he will instantly gain confidence in himself and will be able to focus on his work to produce excellent results! This domino effect of good changes in your mood and energy levels comes from a warm cup of brewed kratom tea!

How To Make Kratom Tea?

Ketum is available in various forms in the market. You can buy powder, capsules, extracts, tinctures shots, and even edibles like gummies. However, you can use kratom powder or extract and add it to water for a soothing cup of warm herbal tea. As the water is heated, it should not boil but simmer for some time. The alkaloids in the kratom powder transfer to the water, giving it a rich translucent brown shade with a tinge of red or green.

Kratom tea is considered a potent and more concentrated version of kratom powder as the alkaloids in the powder enter the warm water and give you the stimulation and energy boost faster. Korth enthusiasts can use this herb in any way that suits them, but kratom tea is a popular item, and as it is easy to make, several consumers like it and prefer it over other methods.

Is It Safe To Drink Kratom Tea?

There is no extended explanation for this. The answer is a straightforward yes! Kratom tea is a safe way to use kratom and delivers the optimum daily dosage in a warm cup of energizing tea that users can consume at any time of the day. As the korth powder heats in water, the alkaloids, flavonoids, and terpenes pull out the solid particles and become available for instant action!

There is not sufficient scientific study on Speciosa Mitragyna. The FDA does not regulate ketum manufacturing and production. FDA does not approve the use of this herbal substance, even though users all over the country rave about the excellent effects. While this lack of regulation does not mean that ketum is unsafe, consumers have many reasons to remain cautious.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Mitragyna Tea

Kratom tea powder or crushed leaves are readily available at hundreds of online kratom stores, but which one should you buy? As there is no check on the ketum products, the American Kratom Association ensures that vendors maintain quality. Whenever you decide to buy kratom tea, pick an AKA-verified vendor that sources korth leaves from all-natural farms in Southeast Asia.

The rigorous processing steps and laboratory-tested products in GMP-compliant packaging are the first indicators of a good quality ketum product!

When you pick a vendor, ensure that they practice the best manufacturing processes and deliver potent, active, and fresh kratom.

If you use fresh and new kratom tea, the results will be more impactful, and the aroma will be enough to tell you that you selected the right product. As the kratom crushed leaves or powder for tea gets stale or loses its efficacy, the aroma and taste of your kratom tea will tell you that it is not going to impact you the way you wanted! We always ask all our readers and consumers to buy kratom powder or leaves from premium quality kratom shops.

How To Store Kratom Tea?

When you buy an excellent product from an authentic source and open the bag to use potent and fresh kratom tea powder or leaves, you must pack the contents well so that when you use it again, it is as fresh as when it arrived. To do this, you need to store the kratom tea in a cold, dark place away from sunlight.

The jar or bag you use to keep the tea powder or leaves must be air-tight so that the contents remain free from moisture that can cause mold in the powder. Moreover, dust and insects can also enter any ordinary jar, making your ketum powder or leaves lose their freshness and alkaloid activity.

Best Kratom Tea Strains For Energy And Stimulation

The different ketum types have unique alkaloid profiles, and each of them has varying effects for individuals. Users often share their experiences and say that green vein strains have a mild and exhilarating impact. The type of korth you use should be according to the results you seek. If you are looking for mild energy and a surge of positivity, the following strains are excellent:

Best Kratom Tea StrainsSome users drink kratom tea in the evening so that they can unwind after a long day. If you are looking for a similar experience, the following are an excellent choice:

  • Red Indo
  • Red Hulu Kapuas
  • Red Kali

How Often Can You Drink Kratom Tea?

The dosage is a crucial factor with all botanical substances as it can accentuate or reduce the impact! The right dosage of kratom alkaloids entering the body will give you the energy stimulation that you want. If you consume more than the optimal dosage, unwanted side effects like nausea and headache will spoil the day.

Every ketum vendor recommends that beginners take a minimal amount of one gram per day as they begin their journey of kratum consumption. The optimum daily dosage for ketum is up to five or six grams. If you make the tea half this amount, you may consume the warm cup of soothing korth twice a day. However, one-time kratom tea will be sufficient if you make tea with the total dose for the day. You can consume the daily dosage all at the same time, or you can divide it into two cups for the morning and evening routines to have an energized and joyous day!


Kratom tea is an excellent way to consume Mitragyna while the warmth and relaxing sensation of the hot beverage freshen up the senses. There are numerous ways to consume korth, but we have discussed tea as it adds the daily satiety that we all enjoy!

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