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If you are reading reviews of online shops, we assume you are searching for the right kratom vendor. We know how challenging this search can be, so we try out various online shops for kratom and share our experience with users. The Kratom Syndicate did not require much time to try every product and check the consumerism benchmarks. However, this review will get you closer to selecting the right vendor!

The Kratom Syndicate

The Company

After setting up the quality standards for two years, the Kratom Syndicate opened its virtual doors for all Mitragyna enthusiasts in 2018. The company was conceived in 2016, but the owners only began sales when they were sure they were up to par with competitors and had a unique touch to make them everyone’s first choice.

The company is run by ketum users who understand the problems and limitations customers usually face while shopping for this botanical substance. The passion for quality and efficacy form the foundation for this company, so it is no surprise that this shop offers so many small features that we all wish to see at a kratom shop!

What Makes The Kratom Syndicate Worth A Shot?

The brand follows all SOPs for quality and ensures GMP standards for customer safety. The personal touch of each product shows that the brand cares about us, which is why we decided to order again! After the initial order and remarkable results, our teams of kratom reviewers were ready to try out more products, and they were not an easy choice! A wide variety, coupled with excellent quality and product standards, made The Kratom Syndicate an obvious choice.

The company is located in Oregon, and the department of agriculture for the state recognizes it as a registered vendor.

The Kratom Syndicate has a manufacturing unit that the FDA approves for cleanliness and operational standards.

Apart from the usual features like product range and attractive prices, The Kratom Syndicate ensures safety and efficacy at all levels. This extra effort to keep customers happy and satisfied means the vendor is trustworthy and wants to give you the best Mitragyna experience.

Moreover, The Kratom Syndicate is working to build a better perception of kratom, and while their website is professional-looking, it also offers information on this herbal substance.

AKA Verification

There are very few online shops that enjoy the verification from American Kratom Association. Out of 25 vendors, The Kratom Syndicate is one of the early ones, making it even more reliable.

Since the FDA does not regulate ketum products, the AKA fills in the gap by testing products and consumerism of each Mitragyna vendor. Verifying this association means that all the items at a particular shop are clean, safe, fresh and will give you excellent results.

The Product Range

There are various Kratom Powders, extracts, and Kratom Capsules on sale at The Kratom Syndicate. The pure Kratom Strains and signature blends are the highlights of the range, and thousands of regular customers rely on the freshness of these kratom items. You may not find any gold or yellow vein strains, but the wide variety is still enough to keep you enticed and coming back for more!

We tried the Panther kratom and other red strains, and it is no surprise that each item was aromatic, effective, and robust.

The brand offers:

  • Kapuas, Maeng Da, MitraX, Queen, Super Indo kratom, Sulawesi and Panther strain in red vein.
  • Bali kratom, Jongkong, Super Maeng Da, Super Indo, Kapuas, Malay, Bali and Regular Maeng Da in green vein.
  • White vein kratom varieties include Elephant, Horn, Kapuas, Sulawesi, Hongkong, and others.

Numerous blends have become the identity of The Kratom Syndicate for all users. You can buy red and green vein blends, or if you want a more potent experience with a particular vein color blend.

The ultra-enhanced Mitragyna strains are concentrates and provide a more powerful energy boost that can last for a whole day! We loved the products and the packaging, which kept these items aromatic, safe from contamination, and a treat till the end.

The Prices And Coupon Codes

The Kratom Syndicate offers reasonable prices as you can buy 125grams for $32 only. The packaging is not too large, but they are not insufficient either, and you can buy enough kratom to last for months. The enhanced powders are slightly higher in price than the regular varieties. However, the most expensive concentrate will cost you $114 only.

Solid resin, capsules, and a wide range of powders are all within reach for consumers, and you will find these prices better than many other vendors who claim to sell economical and premium quality kratom.

The Kratom Syndicate offers coupon codes that allow price cuts of 5% and 10%. The seasonal codes are available on the website. If you want more out of your experience at this online shop, keep regularly visiting to find deals and discounts that add to the happiness and mood lift when you try the exquisite products!

Return Policy

The Kratom Syndicate goes an extra step to ask customers why they want to return any ketum item. The unique code on each product can verify whether it left the shop late or delayed by shipping companies. Moreover, this code also confirms if the product was fresh or from an older batch.

When consumers want to return a product, they share this unique code with the shop representatives, and they check if the product was substandard in any way. If the shop finds any fault, they rectify it in unique ways!

One unique feature of this refund policy is that the shop agrees to open jars or bags returns. If you have more than 75% of the content left, The Kratom Syndicate sends a new and fresh product to replace it.


If you are not in a hurry to receive the order on the same day or the next day, you will always feel good about your choice of The Kratom Syndicate. The shop processes order two days after receiving payment, and this means that you will get the parcel within four to five days of ordering.

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What Customers Say About The Kratom Syndicate

The regular customers of this shop have nothing but praises! However, when we tried the shop for the first time, we were highly impressed with the packaging, good shipping times, and most importantly, the products! The freshness of each item was evident in the vacuum-sealed jars and the aroma that filled your senses as soon as you opened the cap!

Customer reviews mainly cover the same praises but are worth a lot as beginners can get a fair idea of what to expect from this vendor.

The Kratom Syndicate has laboratory-tested and GMP-packaged products made at a facility approved for cleanliness and hygiene. The results of all these products are excellent, and you can find many people online who say that they found the best kratom source in The Kratom Syndicate.

Bottom Line

The Kratom Syndicate operates from Oregon and supplies numerous products all over the country. Each item on sale is reasonably priced and will add to your daily routine.

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