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Ever since Ketum has become a sought-after botanical substance, searching for a reliable vendor has become fundamental for many of us! We all need premium quality kratom at a reasonable price. Moreover, the shop must ship it fast! We try various online shops selling Mitragyna in America in our search for such a vendor.

Kratom Spot

Kratom Spot came up as a worthy choice, and we decided to give it a try so that our readers can cut the chase and get closer to a trustworthy vendor fast. Here’s our experience of shopping from Kratom Spot in detail. Let’s get to know the brand better!

The Company

Kratom Spot is located in Irvine, California, and has been providing potent ketum strains all over the country for many years. The foundation of this brand rests on purity, authenticity and they tell their customers the origin of all the strains available on their shelves.

All the products from Kratom Spot come from the fair-trade certified farms in Southeast Asia. This Kratom is free from chemicals, heavy metals, and other impurities.

The Product Range

Kratom Spot has tailored the product range according to the needs of all Mitragyna Speciosa users. You can find the Kratom powder and Kratom capsule form of the following strains:

The red, white, and green vein variations are always available, and you can decide your purchase according to your mood. We ordered the White Maeng Da and Green Malay, which turned out to be an excellent pick for calming effects.

The Green Malay kratom capsules were refreshing and stimulating, just as all green vein ketum strains should be. Moreover, the aroma and freshness of the strain were a pick-me-up as they added to the experience of higher energy.

The products available at Ketum Spot are processed at state-of-the-art manufacturing units. The fine grinders and processors ensure that the final product will be more than satisfactory. There are no fillers or additives in any product, making Kratom Spot a reliable vendor.

We liked Kratom Spot because the range was vast enough to engage a team of eight members, and the results also suited each of them. You can try the Bentuangie Extract Powder, a specialty at kratom Spot, as it is fermented during the drying process and not traditionally dried. The impact of all the products is robust and long-lasting because of the pure raw materials and ethical processing.

All the Ketum strains available at this shop are tested at third-party laboratories to ensure efficacy and safety. These tests reveal the alkaloid profile, purity of raw materials, and freshness of the substance.

Wholesale Kratom

Kratom Spot sells wholesale, and that means that people show interest in the brand and what to benefit from its high quality! If a vendor sells wholesale Kratom, it implies that customers want to resell the brand and become a part of the business.

Customers will have to contact the shop for their wholesale rates and strains on sale. There are not many vendors who offer wholesale, but Kratom Spot does, and this implies that they have the facility to store more Mitragyna strains and have a regular supply from Southeast Asia. It speaks volumes about the shop.

The Price

You can buy capsules in packs of 20, 50, 75, and 100, and the price range from most minor to most enormous bag is between $14.99 and $129.99. The price for 250 capsules of ultra strain or extracts is $169.99. The more you buy, the better the price! However, the price range for powders was way lower than what we have seen at other shops.

You can buy one, two, four, and eight ounces of ketum powder, and the most enormous bag is the one-pound kratom powder.

The price range for all the regular powders is between $7.99 and $149.99. This price range makes Kratom Spot an attraction for many Mitragyna users! Some of the expensive strains that people often avoid because of the price are within the budget of the majority of customers when they buy from Kratom Spot. Now we are beginning to understand the name of this vendor, as it does become ‘the spot’ that all ketum users

turn to for every purchase.

What Makes Kratom Spot A Good Pick?

Kratom Spot promises fair-trade certified farm produce for raw materials. Moreover, the prices are excellent. But, this is not what makes Kratom Spot a good pick for all customers. Many other factors add to the charms of this shop. Firstly, pure raw materials are a great way to go for all customers, and then the transparent processing at world-class manufacturing units is another plus.

We decided that Kratom Spot is a good pick for all as it offers a full refund and exchanges any kratom product if the customer is not satisfied. No questions asked! This quality makes Spot reliable and trustworthy.

Moreover, suppose they have confidence in their products. They will not mind refunding the item to any customer because they know that customer satisfaction is inevitable, with one strain or another!

You may have wondered why some shops shut you out after receiving the order. This isolation means that the shop is not interested in your feedback or does not care about your experience. However, Kratom Spot follows through and offers to make your experience better in every way!

The Unboxing

As we received our package within two days, we can safely assume that Kratom Spot delivers fast and ensures safe packaging as our Ketum order was wrapped in paper and packaged in a rigid box.

The capsule jar has a cap lock that ensures fresh and safe kratom feed until the stock lasts. Kratom bags have a ziplock, and the air-tight packing keeps the powder fresh and safe from contamination. The opaque containers keep Kratom away from light and heat.

Upon opening the Green Malay capsules, the aroma was inviting and reassuring that the product was new!

Kratom Spot (1)

Customer Reviews

While we never pay heed to the reviews on the vendor website, we always regard the reviews on unbiased public forums. Kratom Spot takes the first Spot here, too, as there are more than hundreds of positive reviews on Trustpilot and Reddit. Moreover, the few bad experiences are late shipping and damaged packages, which were replaced. Kratom Spot can undoubtedly become your favorite after reading the reviews!

The Brands In Competition

Numerous shops compete with Kratom Spot in terms of quality and service. Alternatively, you may try other vendors to see which one suits you most, but we found it a hard choice!

Some of you may want to buy a strain that is not available at Kratom Spot; hence trying another vendor may be necessary for you, but if not, there is no need to turn to any other vendor! Kratom Spot has it all!

Last Thoughts

Kratom Spot is based in California and delivers fresh Kratom all over the country. The quality of Ketum is exceptional as all Mitragyna strains come from fair-trade certified farms in Southeast Asia. The packaging, shipping, and customer service are all great, and all customers should like this shop for all the right reasons.

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