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Kratom Source USA is most probably the most heard kratom vendor out there. Since the legalization of the herb, it has taken the world by storm. The number of people who use Mitragyna is growing, and as a result, more and more merchants who want to sell high-quality tree leaf powder products are entering the market.

Spending money on vendors selling this natural herb is not an easy decision. There are many things to consider, like are the merchant’s products worth buying? We don’t know about any other brand, but Kratom Source USA is a vendor whose items are worth every penny spent. Continue reading to learn more about this fantastic brand!

Introduction To Kratom Source USA

Kratom Source USA was formed in November 2016 and quickly rose to prominence as a top seller. In a short period, this peddler rose to the most prestigious and recommended dealer.

All products are high-quality and made using natural, potent leaves from Malaysia and Indonesia. This brand aims to make its customers happy by vending out products that suit their tastes at an affordable price. They pride themselves in being the vendor that sells authentic Mitragyna items. Even the goal of Kratom Source USA is to take care of the quality of goods put forward.

Kratom Source USA will check every box on your list for a trustworthy vendor. In addition, this firm will supply you with a varied assortment of high-quality items that are well worth your money, making the overall experience double as pleasurable!

kratom source in usa

What Kinds Of Products Are Available?

On the website, you’ll find multiple offshoots. Kratom USA sells herbs in capsules and powder condition; their products might not be in an expansive range but, the grade present on the catalog is good enough to keep you coming back to have more. The goods get manufactured from mature leaves prosperous in alkaloids, boosting effects on the mind and body. Known for Specosia goods, this vendor will never leave you disappointed.

The items get divided into two sections- Hues and Strains. This method makes it simple for clients to find what they are looking for without searching. The strains get proposed in three colors red, gold, white, and green.



  •  Red Strain: Maeng da, Horn, Mali, Sumatra, Indo, and Vietnam.
  •  Gold Strain: Yellow Vietnam.
  •  White Strain: Sumatra, Horn, Maeng da, and Vietnam.
  •  Green Strain: Sumatra, Vietnam, Super Malay, Horn, and Maeng da.

Does Kratom Source USA Lab-Test Products?

This vendor keeps everything honest with their patrons. Kratom Sources’ promise of providing safe and clean products isn’t a false alarm. Detailed information on the process of lab-testing can get found on the webpage. Products go through a comprehensive five-step process where the potency, alkaloids, existence of metals, impurities, and impacts the particular product will have on the patrons gets reviewed. Only items that hold past the safety inspection are delivered.

Is The AKA On Their Side?

This firm did not become a big hit for no reason. The brand’s items are the most unassailable you’ll ever consume. Kratom Source USA underwent extensive lab testing and was authorized by the American Kratom Association. They take the GMP guidelines of safe and clean Mitragyna items seriously and never put a product on their shelves that may be harmful. So, you know that their products as nothing but safe to consume!

How Much Will The Products Cost?

Kratom Source USA is indeed a big brand always recommended by everyone. People might think that being a high-end brand, the prices of the products will be out of their budget; however, that is not correct. Despite being a well-known brand, this merchant is reasonably priced. The kratom enthusiast will not only get premium-quality products, but they’ll get them at an affordable cost.

The loose powder comes in 4 different quantities 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1000g, costing $24.99, $47.99, $74.99, and $100.00, respectively.

Capsules package sizes are 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1000g with prices of $47.99, $97.99, $157.99, and $207.99, each.

The Payment Options

Customer ease is the priority of this vendor. They want everyone who picks them to buy their goods, which is why Kratom Source USA offers a variety of payment alternatives, making it simple for everyone to buy. The accepted options to pay are Visa, Mastercard, Cash on Delivery, Bitcoin, Online Payment, and other choices that can get availed.

What Is The Shipping Policy?

Kratom Source USA does not want its customers to wait long for the package to arrive. So if the orders get placed between Monday- to Friday before 2 PM EST, the policy is that the package will get delivered on the same day. On orders above $79, there is no delivery cost charged.

Since they do not work on weekends, purchases placed on Friday will be delivered the next working day. They do not work on holidays, so the holiday treat might not be possible. If you live in the United States, the package will arrive in three days.

However, this brand does not deliver in all areas of the United States. Delivery is not available in Oceanside, Alabama, San Diego, Arkansas, Tennessee, Indiana, Vermont, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Washington, Sarasota, and many more locations due to the ban of the herb.

What Is The Return Policy?

Sometimes people might get the wrong order and wish to return. If something like this happens, you have 30 days to notify this seller. For the product to be eligible for a return, the order must not have been opened, must be in its original packing, and must get accompanied by the receipt.

Another policy is that you will receive a full refund, minus the cost of delivery.

Discount And Coupon Codes

Every Specosia shoppers’ dream is to have vouchers to buy in bulk. Unfortunately, it is hard to find coupon codes for this vendor on other third-party sites. However, that’s nothing to feel down about because this vendor has frequent sales going on, and if you become a loyal customer, you might get coupon codes. On the plus side, all orders above $79 get delivered shipping cost-free, making it easy for clients to buy in bulk.

How To Buy?

Kratom Souce USA does not have any physical store, nor do they sell their herbal goods through retailers. Therefore, the only option to buy Kratom online is through their website, where all goods can get located quickly and conveniently.

Are The Goods Safe To Consume?

All the items are manufactured with care and affection to guarantee that the consumers like them and that the results are worthwhile. Before being converted into sections of numerous goods, their items are subjected to a stringent inspection to ensure that they fulfill the GMP prerequisites for purity, power, and quality.

You may put your entire trust in this brand since no product damaging to the consumers is permitted to pass. AKA approval is another one of the reasons. The AKA will never certify a brand that sells artificial or toxic all-natural herb goods.

What Do The Customers Say?

Customers will never put up a false front and always tell the truth. On the front page of the webpage, the reviews by customers can get found; all received five-star ratings, with positive feedback from customers. Reddit is a social media site where all the Kratom Source USA come together to paint a positive image of this brand. There is a reason why this brand is on the list of top suppliers; it is all due to good items and client loyalty.

Pros and Cons

Pros And Cons


  • Top-notch quality products
  • Affordable prices
  • Fast Shipping
  • Good customer service
  • Refund allowed
  • Return Allowed
  • AKA Certified
  • Meet GMP Requirements
  • Products get Lab-tested
  • Many Payment Options


  • No variety in products
  • No shipping on holidays
  • Coupon Codes hard to receive

Final Verdict

Kratom Source USA is here to make you happy with its services. So, finding a vendor dealing with high-quality products just got easy with this merchant on your side. The broad quantity and reasonable pricing will keep you attached to Kratom Source USA. So, don’t waste too much time; visit the website now and enjoy the stimulating effects!


  1. Can I buy kratom in bulk from Kratom Source USA?

    Customers can buy in bulk and get charged with no delivery cost.

  2. Does Kratom Source USA sell internationally?

    Their website makes no such claim. As a result, we may presume a no.

  3. Does Kratom Source USA make false medical claims?

    They do not make any medical declarations. Kratom Source USA comments that the products cannot minister or heal any medical disease.

  4. Is Kratom Source USA socially active?

    Yes, they are active on social media. You can locate them on Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

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