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Kratom King has taken the throne in providing one of the most excellent Mitragyna in powder and capsule form. Whether or not you are already a regular tree leaf powder user or new into this world, you may be confused about which vendor to choose since the market is full of kratom merchants claiming to sell the best products.

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Kratom King, titled “the world’s strongest kratom,” is guaranteed to serve you with high-quality products at a price that will surely put a smile on the patrons’ faces. Before jumping onto, trying this merchant know how they operate, what products get sold, the prices, etc. Keep reading to find out more!

Who Is Kratom King?

Kratom King is the most experienced vendor, having been in the game for a long time since 2005. These products can get found on all-natural herbs shops near you, and in 2018, they established their website. Kratom King is a Reno, Nevada-based company with facilities in West Virginia and Salt Lake City, Utah. This vendor has been a fan favorite for a long time; all credits go to their super-quality items and affordable prices.

What sets King Kratom apart from its competitors is that its products contain four to twenty times the amount of 7-hydroxymitragyne found in the market on average. That is not something you will discover in the items of any other Mitragyna dealer. Kratom King has set their place for supplying superior products earning the trust of both new and old customers resulting in a big circle of loyal fans.

Are Kratom King’s Product Safe To Consume?

Their first objective is to be the Kratom vendor who provides clean and authentic items that do not endanger the health of their customers. To make sure no questionable type of items gets passed on presentation, all the strains, before being packaged, go through 3rd party laboratory testing. Products that fail to meet the qualifying conditions get scrapped on the spot.

The merchant has obtained certification from the American Kratom Association to increase consumer pleasure, demonstrating that Kratom King’s products are safe to use. So, it is clear that all-natural herb goods bought from this merchant will be nothing but clean, safe, and authentic to deplete.

How To Order From This Brand?

They may have a website from where you can easily shop their products by making an account and completing the step of adding the wished items to the cart. However, they also have their products in some shops located in Las Vegas. This company, located near the Maryland Crossing, has a 4-star rating for Nevada’s choice for kratom items, CBD oils, and much more.

Nonetheless, by filling out their contact form on their website, they can correctly lead you to buy their items in the area someone lives. Buy kratom online now!

What Are The Products Available?

Kratom King sources its tree leaves and strains directly from Indonesian kratom farms, ensuring that its consumers consume only high-quality Mitragyna Speciosa products.

King Kratom offers a broad range of unique Mitragyna Speciosa products in powder, capsules, CBD, Extracts, and kratom drinks.


  •  Green Strain: Super green Malay, Classic Thai, Maeng da, and Elephant Indo.
  •  White Strain: White Indo leaf and powder, Sumatra, Maeng da, and Thai super fine.
  •  Red Strain: Thai leaf and powder, Ultra-red Indo, Bali super fine, and Maeng da.


  • Kratom Tea Leaf Capsules.


  • Full Spectrum X, 2021 king’s 10%, and King’s 20%.


  • CBD Gummies and CBD Oil.

Kratom Drinks

  • Kratomade.

The Best Sellers

Among all the good strains, a few stand out regarding customer satisfaction, including Bali/PC leaf and powder, Full Spectrum X Extract, and Super Green Malay leaf and powder.

How Much Will The Products Cost?

When talking about prices, Kratom King is indeed a little pricey. But it all makes sense when you get the taste for their superior quality herbal products. Some people might be hesitant to pay a high price on Mitragyna products due to a lot of doubt, but with this specific vendor, put your doubts aside and trust them.

  1. The powder comes in 1 oz, 4 oz, 250 grams, 500 grams, 1 kg, and 5 kg and will cost from $6.50 to $680.
  2. The capsules can get in 50 grams and a 260-gram sizing costing $25.20 and $126, respectively.
  3. 1 gram, 5 gram, and 1 oz are the available weights for extracts pricing from $8.25, $40, and $200 each.
  4. The CBD oil costs $25.20 and $49, depending on the size of the bottle. While the 20 counts and 30 count gummies are $25 and $30.

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Does Kratom King Have Discounts?

This vendor isn’t just known for their quality Mitragyna Speciosa products but also gets recognized for the different ways they reach out to give out discounts to their patrons. A person can get a 10% coupon code by following their Facebook and Twitter page.

The awareness program is a way to get a 40% off on the products of your first order. All you have to do is tell your friends about the program and visit a website mentioned n their website. Other than that, sign up for their newsletter to get notified whenever a sale happens.

What Are The Payment Options?

Unlike their competitors, Kratom King has a lot of creative payment options. The options included are Zelle payments, Cryptocurrency, eCheck payments, COD payments, and Wire transfers.

On orders over $400, the final option, wire transfer, saves you $50. There are no alternatives for credit/debit cards. Therefore, those who prefer this method may have a con here. With so many online payment options, the issue of security may emerge, but there is no need to fear because their policy protects their clients’ personal information.

The Shipping Policy

Kratom King dispatches its items via FedEx and USPS. We don’t know how much the delivery rate is because shipping costs get revealed during the checkout process.

The best part about their shipping strategy is that you can anticipate your item being delivered within 24 hours or less. If your delivery is late, you will receive a 10% quality enhancement on your next order at the same price.

The Refund Policy

Unlike competitors who do not give you an option of exchanging the package, this brand has that choice open for customers. However, for this to be feasible, the parcel must be in the same condition as when it was received – unopened and sealed and should get done within 30 days.

Do They Make False Medical Claims?

Remove any doubt because you’ll only be tasting 100% authentic and chemical-free all-natural herb products. They have been dealing with this herb since 2005, and that’s a long period for any vendor to exist. If their claims had been wrong, it would be impossible for this company to last this long.

Customer Reviews

You can find dozens of positive reviews on different sites, all of them positive. That shows that Kratom King meets individuals’ thoughtful vendor expectations. According to online evaluations, they are a trustworthy seller, and they have become their favorite since beginning to shop from this business.

Are They Reliable?

For years, King Kratom has built a name for itself in the industry by maintaining a reputation that can readily attract clients. Clients, for years, have been loyal to this brand, and that got possible due to them standing on their word for supplying premium herbal products only. Aside from that, being AKA certified and getting packages lab-tested says it all.

Final Thoughts

Finding a premium kratom vendor that lives up to the hype is hard, but that’s not the case with King Kratom. Over here, you will find top-notch items worth the price, good customer service, and fast delivery. Shopping from this brand will never disappoint you. Don’t stall; go on their website and have a taste for your favorite herb!

Pros And Cons


  • High-quality products
  • Lab-tested
  • AKA Certified
  • Fast delivery
  • Exchange is an option.
  • Good range of products.
  • Different payment options.
  • Satisfied reviews.


  • Higher prices


  1. Does Kratom King have a social media presence?

    Kratom King may get found on social media sites, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

  2. Does Kratom King ship everywhere in the USA?

    Yes, they do take orders from the US but of limited area.However, due to the all-natural botanical being illegal in various states, nations, and towns in the United States, they do not distribute in the USA.

  3. Can I get a sample pack of kratom King?

    There are no sample products mentioned on the website. However, if you would like one, email them for a request.

  4. What is the age requirement for ordering?

    Only people who are 18 or above get the privilege to buy these products.

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