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A Ketum vendor review aims to get you closer to the best online shop for all your Mitragyna needs. All herbal substances need to be fresh and free from contamination to be impactful. We are constantly searching for a vendor that delivers the freshest kratom and ensures good service!

Kratom K

Kratom K began operations in 2011 and has corporate offices in Northern Ireland and Portugal. In this decade, it has garnered thousands of customers across borders. The company shows its passion for kratom, and the owners decided to sell fresh and potent Ketum after they visited Borneo to learn more about the Mitragyna plant. Moreover, the company’s commitment to customers and constant product innovation speaks volumes about their dedication and admiration for kratom use.

The raw material for each ketum item on sale comes from the farms and forests in Southeast Asia. The owners personally reach out and order dried leaves from the region. The company has proprietary hand-harvesting processes always to give the customers fresh and impactful Mitragyna. As you log on to their website, you will see that every product caters to a diverse customer base. Refreshing and energizing strains and calming strains make up an excellent array of items.

The owners of Kratom K know all about this herbal substance, and each product is designed to provide a new experience to users. Let’s see what kind of products they have to offer.

The Product Range

Kratom K sells powder and capsule forms of several Kratom strains. You can find a wide variety of kratom in red, green, white color variants. The website’s product page is quite diverse, and it may be hard for beginners to put the finger on what they want to try first! Kratom K offers the following varieties:

  • Borneo,
  • Maeng Da,
  • Bali,
  • Indo,
  • Hulu Kapuas,
  • Vietnam,
  • Sumatra,
  • Horned,
  • Bentuangies.

In short, you can buy all kinds of regular and exotic strains from this shop. You may feel that the range is restricted to red, green, and white kratom, but the number of strains is big-and that means more items to try out!

The kratom powder from kratom K is smooth and very fine, making it easy to use in edibles and consume alone. The capsules are vegan, Non-GMO, and free from allergens. We liked the products because they were fresh, and the laboratory test results showed the balance of alkaloids, terpenes, and flavonoids. If you are a beginner, there are many choices for you at Kratom K, and regular users will find diverse and exotic strains to amplify their kratom experience.


The in-house powder range of Kratom K is available in 56, 114, 228, and 456grams packs. Yes, we found the sizes strange too, but this shows that the brand is honest about the amount they sell! The price range for all the regular ketum products is between $27.95 and $195.95. The top strains are available at Kratom K range between $32.95 and $241.95.

These prices are reasonable as other vendors have similar price ranges. Kratom K ships to many places, and its European origin shows that the company aims to spread to many other countries. The price range is kept with all customers in mind, which is advantageous for those who want an international standard product at a reasonable cost.

You may find cheaper shops but is the quality worth it? Often, vendors lower the prices when they want to end stocks or have an old batch to dispose of. It is better to go for shops that do not have low costs as that can only cover poor kratom quality.

Customer Reviews And Service

We constantly check vendor reviews from public forums such as Reddit. However, you can prevent many social media pages and understand the reputation of any Mitragyna vendor. The reviews on the website are not very reliable, but they are worth something! Kratom K has several reviews on TrustPilot, and they are all positive. This feedback shows the vital customer service and quality of products from kratom K. Moreover, you can follow conversations of Reddit, and they will assure you that Kratom k is reliable. There may be some negative reviews, but they are generally related to late shipping.

The company can improve the customer service for Kratom K as they are always late in replying, and many people complain about not being answered! The website design covers this lack of customer service, which is entirely professional and does not leave any space for complaints or queries to arise.

Refund Policy

The refund policy by Kratom K is good as it offers a full refund for all orders within 30 days of purchase. However, if you feel that an exchange will be good, the shop will not allow it!

Many vendors welcome exchanges but do not offer refunds, while Kratom K will reimburse the paid amount, but sales are not on the charts! Kratom k will not accept any opened packages for exchange.

Free Shipping

The shipping of all orders within the United States is free! Kratom K has warehouses in America, while no corporate offices are here. This may explain the no-exchange policy of the vendor. However, the shipping service will deliver the kratom packs within three days, which is as good as any other shop.

Most of the Ketum suppliers ensure shipping within three working days but only a few offer priority mail services for faster deliveries. Kratom K has standard shipping.

Kratom K (1) (1)

Accreditation Of American Kratom Association

The American Kratom Association looks over the production standards and services offered by the various vendors in America. Accreditation from this association means that the quality of raw materials, laboratory testing, packaging, and even the discounts and shipping policies are all reviewed and accepted.

Approval from AKA takes a long time as many checks and tests lead to this step, and that is why numerous online shops famous for their excellent quality are not accredited.

Kratom K is one of the many vendors that do not have AKA accreditation, but that does not lower its rank among the best online vendors in the country.

The AKA has strict measures to accredit a brand, including disposal of old ketum varieties, laboratory testing, and procuring fresh kratom. Some companies voluntarily do not opt for approval from AKA since they feel that they cannot follow the strict regulations. Kratom K does not ignore any of the rules and provides excellent packaging, laboratory-tested products, and always freshest ketum varieties.

The air-tight packaging for kratom powder and the cap-locked jars for Kratom capsules are suitable for the herbal substance inside! Ketum and all other botanical materials have to be fresh to be impactful. If you consume an old and contaminated ketum product, it will be of no benefit, and Kratom K ensures that you enjoy your Mitragyna experience.


Kratom K is an excellent choice for Mitragyna users who like variety. The online vendor has been around for many years and follows GMP standards to ensure fresh, clean, and safe kratom products every time. You can try any red, green, and white vein varieties at a reasonable price.

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