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If you say you are a Mitragyna enthusiast but have not yet heard about Kratom Crazy, then there is a chance you are not even a regular user! Some vendors have the reputation of pioneer, and Kratom Crazy is one of such vendors!

We reviewed the brand to understand the services and products together and apart. Our team’s experience led us to believe that we had to share it with others to guide them about the best options for their Mitragyna dosage.

As You Log On The Website

When we logged on to the website, the first thing to notice was the ‘Money-back guarantee.’ The homepage and category pages are easy to explore and tell you a lot about the thought that backs this shop’s business!

Kratom Crazy

Company Information

Kratom Crazy is run by a small team of Ketum enthusiasts who know the perils of customers. Kratom grows in the all-natural forests of Southeast Asia, and in America, numerous subpar vendors are not selling pure and authentic kratom. The search for an honest and genuine vendor can be long, but Kratom Crazy understood the need to deliver fresh and original Mitragyna!

The company has partner farmers in Southeast Asia who source healthy and mature ketum leaves for consumers in America. The state-of-the-art manufacturing units turn these leaves into different products by following careful and exact procedures.

Laboratory testing of all these products ensures safety and efficacy. Lastly, the packaging from Kratom Crazy is GMP compliant, which automatically means that your kratom feed will remain fresh and good to use until the end.

The Products At Kratom Crazy

Kratom Crazy proves its long-standing business by adding exotic and unique strains to its product range. You can find Bali kratom, Sumatra, Maeng Da, Borneo, Indo kratom, Kali, Raiu, Malay, Ketapang and all other varieties of Mitragyna Speciosa! The red, green, and white vein kratom variations are available in various forms to suit customers. The bags of powder are available in 100grams, 250grams, 500grams, and one kilogram. The capsules for all the Kratom Strains are also available in varying potencies to suit your dosage.

We tried the exotic Ketapang, Raiu, and Borneo Ketum, and all the products were fresh and impactful! Consumers can have a hard time selecting kratom products and might look for recommendations, but the website is helpful as you can read about each strain and decide how it can help you. Many users prefer Kratom Capsules, but the Kratom Powder is more popular due to the number of ways you can use them! Tea, smoothies, edibles, or kratom powder, can be an excellent way to consume the herbal substance.

Price Of Products And Coupon Codes

Kratom Crazy is not a new shop, which means they have spent years fixing prices according to the market. The result is that now they offer low rates without compromising the quality. The price factor is one of the crucial features that can shift customer loyalty and coax people towards or away from a vendor! The cost of Ketum from this vendor is reasonable as you can buy 100grams of kratom for $19.99.

The highlight feature of Kratom Crazy is that you can save up as you beef up the order! If 100grams costs $19.99, a kilogram will cost you $89.99, which is phenomenal.

Kratom Crazy had a discount club that customers enjoyed due to regular price cuts. However, the company discontinued this but kept the prices lower so that many Mitragyna users find it reasonable. The prices at Kratom Crazy are lower than other vendors delivering the same quality.

Bulk Sales

Kratom Crazy allows bulk kratom sales, and you can order up to five kilograms! New shop owners and local vendors are regular clients who require these amounts to sell to their customers. The bulk orders’ cost further drops, making this potent and premium-quality kratom affordable and profitable for these clients’ businesses!

Payment Methods

Kratom Crazy offers convenience at this front too! You can pay for your order through e-check or ACH. Most banks do not want to deal with ketum retailers; therefore, this option is not available. However, we found it easier to pay through e-check since bank cards can be a problem due to declines later. Then the order may get delayed since the online shop management does not receive your payment even though you intended to pay it instantly.

Kratom Crazy 1 1

Shipping And Customer Service

Ketum Crazy is as transparent as any vendor can be! Moreover, the fast shipping from this vendor ensures that all the production steps pay off as the products reach you in a short time. If a vendor provides the efficacy of all items but does not deliver them on time, there is no use because the alkaloids in Ketum become stale. Similarly, if the product is not packed adequately, contamination can waste the stock!

Fast shipping ensures that you enjoy the effects of kratom, and this vendor takes care of it quite well!

The customer service from kratom Crazy is efficient and helpful. You can reach out to the shop, and they will answer all your queries. We did not need to call the customer service, but people say that if you email or call the shop, they always attend to your concerns.

Refunds And Exchanges

Kratom Crazy refunds orders if they were damaged or reached users after a long time due to unforeseen delays. Customers who are unsure about what to buy feel safe while ordering from a shop that allows exchanges if you do not like a particular product.

What Do Users Say?

Kratom Crazy is one of the few shops that have customers from more than five years ago! The relationship with these customers becomes personal, and so many of them order the same things repeatedly, making the shop a part of their lives!

Kratom Crazy is appreciated widely by all customers who like the services, products, and prices. The ethical consumerism of Kratom Crazy makes it a loved brand. If you are a potential user, you may think that reviews are not honest. This is why we always ask people to check the reviews from public forums instead of websites.

Although our experience with Kratom Crazy was great, we recommend the shop. If you doubt the positive reviews on the website or Facebook pages where the vendor might influence, look for public forums. Websites like Reddit and Quora have numerous discussions about Kratom Crazy, where customers candidly discuss the brand.

In A Nutshell

Kratom Crazy is one of the oldest and most extensive online shop networks in America. Since Ketum made its way into our country, people showed interest in the botanical, and many unethical vendors benefited from it and started selling defective ketum products.

Kratom Crazy entered the market, and since then, quality products, a wide variety of strains, and exquisite forms of the herb have become common. You can try this shop for the best quality of Ketum at the most reasonable price. Kratom Crazy does not disappoint at any front, and you will enjoy buying and consuming kratom from here.

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