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Kratom Country is a loyal and dependable Kratom vendor dealing in premium tree leaf powder derivatives. Human beings are naturally curious and fond of pursuing things they do not have. The latest trend arouses our interest and, we start following it without confirming if it’s true or just a hoax.

The use of kratom became a popular part of the healthcare regimen of several people when experts illuminated the benefits of this plant. This led to soaring demand for various Mitragyna Speciosa products encouraging the setup of multiple shops and vendors.

Indeed, the use of premium kratom products has taken the healthcare industry by storm. Fitness geeks and healthcare gurus all swear by the magic of these rare botanicals urging others to sample them as well. This is where Kratom Country has emerged.

Let’s dive into the details!

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What Is Kratom Country?

Although many people are engaged in this lucrative business, not all have authentic products. However, Kratom Country has introduced itself to the world way back in 2009. Since then, it has rapidly become one of the most reliable sources of genuine tree leaf powder products in the international market.

Kratom Country is not interested in expanding the variety of products they sell and maximizing their earnings. Instead, the founders of this brand channel their attention on only kratom, enabling them to maintain the standard of their products and satisfy their buyers.

Kratom Country distinguishes itself by importing the best quality herbs and subjecting them to a stringent 5-step testing process to create a diverse choice of kratom items.

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Product Line-up

Kratom Country concentrates only on all-natural herbal products and refuses to deal in other obscure botanicals that several other merchants chuck into their sales to create an illusion of variety. Hence, unlike other vendors, this label has a limited selection of items but, each product is of excellent standard.

There are three main categories of products. These include Kratom powders, Kratom capsules, and leaves. Depending on the appearance of the veins, there are three divisions of color in each of these as well. These are red, green, and white.


Powdered kratom is very versatile and easy to use. You can mix it into food or dissolve it in a beverage for consumption. At Kratom Country, the powders include Green Kali Maeng Da, Red Premium Thai, and the uncomplicated White Vein powder. Each concoction solely contains kratom and is put through a strict testing system to ensure quality. Experts also perform a thorough lab analysis to determine the content of each product and eliminate any contaminant.

The smallest Bag size available is 1oz and, larger ones include 2oz, 4oz, 8+1oz, 16+2oz, and 32+4oz.


The capsules provide the most convenient form of consumption for tree leaf powder. They come in a predetermined dosage form so, you don’t have to fret over getting an exact measurement for your daily intake. Additionally, you can easily swallow the entire capsule and not have to suffer through the bitter taste of Mitragyna Speciosa.

At Kratom Country, capsules are of two varieties Bali, and Maeng Da, which come in three more types depending on the strain’s color. The capsules come in the exact bag sizes, with one ounce providing around 48 capsules.


Ever since people discovered the benefits of chewing on kratom leaves, locals in Southeast Asia have continued to boost their energy as they work arduously in the sun. You can also experience the original, unfiltered product by purchasing the dried and packaged kratom leaves available at Kratom Country.

Kratom Country Offers Deals And Discounts

  • Variety packs

Kratom Country offers Variety Packs to those interested in sampling various products. These are present for both powders and capsules, providing you with one ounce of each of the most popular items.

  • Exclusive offers

Kratom Country broadcasts new deals regularly to enable you to save and avail of maximum benefit from your Mitragyna Speciosa experience. Every week they put one strain on sale, encouraging you to buy. Often they will offer a hefty discount on your favorite product allowing you to save some money on large orders and bulk packages. They also provide free shipping!

  • Coupon Code

Kratom Country is generous with coupon codes. On their website, you will find a series of vouchers to get a discount on your parcel and shave off the dollars. If you want to benefit from such opportunities, consider subscribing to their newsletter.

Reward Program

The founders of Kratom Country appreciate those who buy from them frequently and express their gratitude by giving points. Therefore, each dollar you spend on Kratom Country gives you 1 point. You can collect these points and achieve a discount or free products in the future.

What Is The Shipping Policy?

Kratom Country provides free shipping every time you order! If you require your product immediately, you can request Priority & FedEx Overnight since these options are also available. If you confirm an order between 9 to 3 from Monday to Friday, the company will dispatch it on the same day. Any order placed after 3, the company will ship on the following day.

Return Policy – Money Back Guarantee

At Kratom Country, the staff wholly focuses on satisfying all customers. Hence, if you decide to return your purchase within 30 days of receiving it, the company guarantees 100 percent money back. You will have to bear the cost of shipping and handling. Also, if your order sustains damage during delivery and arrives broken or if the company makes a mistake and sends you the wrong package, the label promises to provide you with a replacement while covering the delivery cost.

Social Media Presence Of Kratom Country

They have a social media presence. Most people who purchase products from Kratom Country have are thoroughly impressed and have no complaints. This label is like a magnet attracting kratom enthusiasts from all over America. One primary reason is easy accessibility.

  • Website

Kratom Country has a website that is easy to navigate. A comprehensive set of instructions seamlessly guide you through the entire process of ordering. Additionally, the website has a vibrant layout with apparent headings and tons of pictures for delivering a powerful visual impact on the viewers. Once you log into the website, you find yourself riveted and unable to stray.

  • Phone and Mail

Moreover, you can also contact them by phone from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 3 pm PST. You will be pleased to experience the friendly and helpful nature of the staff. You can also email them with a list of all the queries you have concerning your parcel. At Kratom Country, you will get a prompt reply.

If you need to approach the brand regarding something, there is an FAQ page with answers on their website. Here you will find honest answers to the questions that clients commonly ask. If you are still confused and require further aid, you can relay your concern through their Contact Form.

Payment Options Available At Kratom Country

With each passing day, the payment options are becoming restricted for every kratom vendor. Kratom Country also suffers from the same problem. You can send money through e-checks, VISA, or Mastercard. Unfortunately, you can not pay through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Monero, Venmo, or ZCash.

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  • Fast and reliable delivery
  • Free shipping
  • Authentic products
  • Ethical and fair trade
  • Stringent quality control
  • Complete transparency of customer reviews


  • Limited payment options
  • Other botanicals are unavailable

Final Thoughts

The review above must have given you a deep, unfiltered insight into the meticulous work of Kratom Country. For even greater proof, peruse the customer reviews present on the company’s official website. Then, once your interest is peaked, contact this trustworthy online vendor right away to attain authentic kratom at a reasonable discount!


  1. Is the quality of kratom good considering the low prices?

    Kratom Country is responsible for ensuring the safety of all its clients. Hence it follows a thorough 5-step process to test the quality of each product before putting it up for sale. First, experts identify contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, and debris and work to remove them. Once the product is pure and safe for use, the website introduces it to clients.
    Also, each item has a unique batch ID number on the back which you can send to the company and ask for the lab test analysis. Hence, the price does not indicate the standard of the products.

  2. Where does Kratom Country source its products?

    Indonesia, India, and Papua New Guinea are the centers of kratom cultivation. The favorable climate and topography enable the crop to flourish exponentially. Kratom country realizes that the best quality products can come from the place of origin. Hence, it has established cordial relations with farmers in these areas for import.

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