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You have seen it, heard about the kratom Ban but Kratom has become a sensational organic substance that can invigorate senses and keep you focused on the job! Speciosa Mitragyna or kratom is a Southeast Asian tree, and its leaves have been a part of the traditional cure of the region for many years. People believed that this botanical could alleviate ache and stimulate the senses. However, with scientific research, we know that kratom can energize and stimulate, but no other medical claim is proven!

In the United States, millions of people benefit from this organic substance to revitalize their energy, motivate them, and help them focus on tasks. But is this substance legal? We will take a brief look at the history of the kratom ban in America and then discuss the state-wise legality of this organic substance.

Kratom Background

Mitragyna, ketum, Korth, or kratom products are readily available at online shops in America today. However, when kratom made it to the United States a few years back, it met a lot of doubt and suspicion.

The FDA does not approve the usage of numerous organic substances, and kratom is one of them. This lack of approval is due to limited scientific research on kratom. Since many of the benefits or side effects of kratom are unknown, the FDA has reservations with this botanical.

Over the past decade, the FDA showed concern over kratom consumption. The authority says that kratom impacts the same receptors in the brain as a sedative, exposing users to fixation and dependence. The FDA evaluates all available scientific research to understand this herb better, but the authority does not approve of kratom usage until then.

Here is a brief history of kratom in the U.S.:

  • In September 2014, the FDA requested U.S Marshalto seize more than 25,000 pounds of raw kratom. This stock was worth millions and was owned by a kratom product manufacturer. In California.
  • In 2016, the U.S. Marshalls seized 90,000 jars of kratom products from a manufacturer in Illinois and 100,000 products from a manufacturer in California.
  • In 2018, ready products were recalled due to salmonella contamination reports, which further marred the reputation of this substance for the FDA and DEA.


Federal Law About Kratom

An article in Open Access Journals says that kratom is not federally regulated in the United States but allowed in the United States as federal law permits trade and possession of this substance. However, on the state front, kratom laws are changing rapidly, and numerous states have rules that they strictly follow. However, kratom is legal federally, and if you use or possess this botanical substance, it is not against the law!

Is There A Kratom Ban In America?

The simple answer is, No! Kratom is legally permitted in the country, and federal laws allow you to sell, buy or use this herb. However, all states follow their laws, and some states in the United States do not allow kratom. In such states, possession or trade of this substance is prohibited. Some states have imposed age restrictions, while others still sign petitions or have bills in motion for kratom legality.

States Where Kratom Is Illegal In 2021

The states where buying, selling, or possessing kratom is illegal are:

  • Alabama,
  • Wisconsin,
  • Arkansas,
  • Indiana,
  • Rhode Island,
  • Vermont.

If you use or buy kratom in these states, you are liable to pay a heavy fine and may also have to face imprisonment for some time!

States Where Kratom Is Illegal In 2021

States Where Kratom Is Legal But May Be Regulated

The states where kratom is legal but requires regulation are as follows:

  • Arizona-KCPA was passed.
  • California, except San Diego, the city follows the restriction of kratom.
  • Colorado, except in Denver, where it is considered harmful for humans,
  • Florida is allowed in the state but not is Sarasota County.
  • Allowed in Illinois for individuals over 18 years of age, except in the city of Jerseyville.
  • Georgia, KCPA has been passed.
  • Mississippi, except Union County.
  • New Hampshire, legal for all users above 18.
  • Tennessee allowed for people above 18,
  • Utah, KCPA has been passed.

The status of kratom is legal in all other states of America. If you live in any of the states above, you might need to be cautious, but kratom is legal and allowed for use in all other parts of the country.

Kratom Status In Other Countries

Mitragyna products have not only crossed borders to reach America, but it has become an internationally acclaimed botanical sensation. However, due to unawareness and lack of scientific research, many countries have banned ketum.

Many countries in Europe and Asia ban kratom, but it is allowed in many places to find kratom bars and enjoy the various foods and beverages containing ketum and not take action on the kratom ban.

Before you travel to any country, ensure that it is legal and no kratom ban so that you do not face any legal complications. Another reason for you to remain informed about the legality of kratom is that you can avoid any scam or fraudulent vendor while you are away from home.

Last Words

Kratom is a Southeast Asian tree, and people worldwide know about the energizing and stimulating effects of this botanical. However, different states in the United States have different rules and have not permitted the use of kratom despite the federal legal status of this botanical in the country. You can follow the lists of states mentioned above to understand why and where kratom is prohibited so that you can travel around with knowledge to avoid any legal complications.

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