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Some Mitragyna vendors have become household names for kratom enthusiasts. These vendors become famous in a short while, and soon enough, they are among the few with a broad customer base. But are all the things you hear about them true? Do these kratom vendors genuinely offer all that customer’s search?

Kraken Kratom started operations around 2014, and since then, the online shop has become a symbol of quality and ketum perfection. We decided to take a better look at the shop to see whether all that we hear about it is true or not?

Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom: The Company

Kraken Kratom is a family-owned company that operates from Portland, Oregon. Since 2014 they have been selling quality herbal products containing kratom, CBD, and numerous other botanicals. However, the company’s name denotes Mitragyna as the chief product, and there must be a reason for that too!

The brand’s commitment to customer wellbeing, quality, and purity of herbals makes it a unique vendor that focuses on the people who make it famous.

AKA And Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom is the first company to get American Kratom Association’s approval as a quality seller. This approval is because, among the pioneers of ketum in America, this vendor could take its place by offering the best services and all-natural kratom from the Southeast Asian region.

Some Highlights Of The Kraken Standards

Kraken Kratom sources pure and authentic Mitragyna leaves from Southeast Asia. Expert farmers harvest healthy leaves and dry them through specific processes to ensure efficacy and hygiene. Once these leaves reach the manufacturing unit, teams of supervisors and trained technicians work on grinding, extraction, and all other processing steps to bring the best quality of kratom alkaloids.

If you want a sneak peek into the manufacturing process, Kraken Kratom will provide all details of each step to satiate the curious customers who prefer quality with safety!

According to the Good Manufacturing Practices standards, Kraken is synonymous with quality due to the laboratory-tested product offers and the air-tight packaging. The production steps, the authenticity of raw materials, and the laboratory testing are essential, but if the packaging of robust Mitragyna products is not adequate, all of the above fail!

Kraken Kratom takes special care in the services you get from the shop. The website is detailed, and each item is categorized according to the product type and vein color. Website visitors find it easy to locate the product they want to buy. However, if you are unsure about the product, the layout will help you compare various items and make up your mind.

Another feature that makes Kraken Kratom a super hit with customers is that the company shares all the details of the crew and ensures users that they can reach out to anyone! The customer service is fast, and if you wish to talk to a specific crew member, it is possible! Often people think that online shops are impersonal and you cannot contact anyone, but Kraken has changed this belief! If you have any kratom-related queries, you can reach out to the company, and they will satiate your curiosity!

Kraken Kratom made it to the top fast because the services and products matched in excellence. Customers who began their ketum journey with this vendor are still regular customers, which testifies to the company’s commitment and dedication to their customers.

Kraken Kratom 1

The Range Of Products

You see separate tabs of Kava kava, CBD, kratom, and accessories as you log on to the website. Each of these tabs has different categories. You can see products in Kratom Powder, Kratom Capsules, tincture, concentrates, and crushed leaves for kratom. The products are all displayed under each category, and a description sums up the effects of these products.

We liked the concept of introducing each item so that newbies could get an idea of what they want to buy. When you have made up your mind, you can check out and pay for the order over the secure link on the website.

The Kratom Strains available at Kraken Kratom are:

  • Thai

  • Maeng Da

  • Super Indo

  • Bali

These primary and pure Mitragyna products are tested for quality, efficacy, and alkaloid content. If you select concentrates and extracts, other products, including Ulta Enhanced kratom, are in various strain categories.

The other botanical products and accessories are also worth checking out if you want to try something new. Kraken kratom also sells capsule shells, precision weighing scales, and tea accessories that add to your ketum experience!

Users who like to use various Mitragyna strains will like the bag sizes as they can try out with the small bag of 28grams. The biggest load of kratom weighs around 225grams, which is lesser than what other shops sell! Consumers feel free to try new strains since they don’t have to wait for a big bag to finish until they order again.

Affiliate Program And Wholesale

Kraken kratom welcomes sellers and shop owners to buy potent and robust strains and sell them to other users. The affiliate program makes you a part of the Kraken community so that you can earn from the company’s reputation as one of the best!

Wholesale kratom from this vendor is reasonable and makes it easier for ketum lovers to buy at a lesser price without giving up their passion for the best quality of Mitragyna products. All you have to do is fill in a form and give details of your business and get Kraken kratom to fill in your shop needs so that you become famous as a quality vendor too!

Price And Coupon Codes

The price of Kraken Kratom products is not only reasonable. It is too good to be true! You can buy Kraken Kratom in a standard bag size of 28grams at a low price of $8, while the high-priced ketum variation costs $79 for 225grams. This price range is phenomenal as you get supreme quality kratom, which lasts for months.

Coupon codes for discounts and price cuts are available on the website. You can get up to 20% if you register your email in the coupon request form. If you are lucky, you may get even better discounts!

Customer Rewards Program

Kraken Kratom is a pioneer of premium quality Mitragyna products, but it has several other feathers in the cap! Customers can benefit from the rewards program, which allows you to win points according to your loyalty to the brand. The shop gives you points in accordance with rating the products, like the Facebook page, sharing products with others, and signing up on the website.

The more points you earn, the more discounts you can get off your favorite products. Now, this is a charming way of enjoying the refreshing effects of kratom at a lesser price.

Bottom Line

We set out to see if Kraken Kratom was worth the hype, and it turns out that everything you heard about the shop is true! The products, service, and excellent price offers and discounts make this shop worth a try! Ketum consumers will love the items on sale, and if you want to try any other herbal substance, there is no need to go to another shop. Kraken Kratom offers it all!

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