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As we review various kratom vendors, the list is narrowing in on the top online shops in America. Krabot Kratom is one of the most famous shops for Mitragyna. It has thousands of positive reviews, and the number is only growing.

Kratom is a herbal substance still in the grey for many potential users. Everyone wants a reliable vendor that sells quality Mitragyna products. The best vendors are the ones that sell products on a website and do not have a physical store. We will discuss the reason for this later, but the first step is to know Krabot Kratom better. Let’s see what the store is about and how it is a good choice.

Krabot Kratom

The Company

Krabot Kratom is located in Chino, California, and has a network of fresh kratom supplies all over the United States. The company started operations more than six years ago and has grown exponentially! This brand aims to make ketum consumption safe, convenient, and affordable.

The company responsibly offers all varieties of Mitragyna sourced from the all-natural forests of Southeast Asia. The quality is superior due to the selection of leaves and the specific drying process that keeps alkaloids intact and active.

These leaves are processed into the finest Kratom powders and Kratom capsules, using industrial grinders and Non-GMO vegan capsule shells.

The manufacturing teams ensure extracts’ purity and higher potency of alkaloids.

Apart from the products, the company’s commitment to quality is evident in the packaging and services offered to customers.

Product Range

Krabot Kratom lives up to its reputation as the best ketum vendor in various products. You can find powder and capsules of all the kratom varieties and independent strains and blends extracts. The range of ketum variations cover the following Kratom strains:

Maeng Da,

Super Krabot Spec Powder,

Evening Blend, and

Golden Bali kratom

You can find Bali Kratom, Bentuangie, Kali, Sumatra, and all other varieties in our form, but we tinned the in-house blends that customers love!

The 1000mg Capsule

Krabot Kratom created a lot of buzz when it introduced the 1000mg kratom capsule, a powerhouse for ketum users with a high amount of alkaloids that can stimulate and energize each of you for a long time!

While most vendors stick with uniform potencies of 120mg or 150mg, Krabot amplified the kratom experience for its customers.

Why Krabot Kratom Is The Best

Krabot Kratom follows all the rules of production and services laid down by the American Kratom Association. As we mentioned earlier, the production of all products is immaculate, and the raw materials are exquisite. The final products are laboratory tested to ensure that they are safe and potent.

The AKA GMP packaging keeps these powders and capsules free from contamination so you can enjoy each dose just as the previous one. White and red bags with the elephant logo are airtight and have a ziplock to keep the quality constant.

The Price Tag

Krabot Kratom offers a fair market price for all the ketum variations. If you are looking for a pure strain, the price for 50grams will be less than $15, which is quite reasonable. A kilogram of kratom will cost you no more than $150, according to the standard rate of kratom at all online shops.

The cost of kratom may seem high to some customers who do not understand that a kilo of Mitragyna powder can last them more than six months, which means that the cost also spreads out over this time.

Krabot accepts crypto, credit cards, and Zelle. You can pay for your orders online over a secure link, and as soon as the payment goes through, your order is on its way!

Krabot Kratom

Shipping, Returns, And Services

The fast shipping from Krabot Kratom promises to deliver your package within three working days. The shop uses USPS service, and same-day shipping is available for all orders confirmed during the early hours of the day. However, if you live in a locality where ketum is prohibited, there will be no delivery.

The customer service from this vendor is efficient and active as they answer all emails within a day. We experienced a smooth delivery, and the ordering process was also so easy that we did not need to call the shop!

Customers can return or exchange a wrong purchase by logging on to the website and requesting it. If you do not have an account on their website, you will not be able to request a return, so it is better to join the community and enjoy its perks!

However, many beginners and potential ketum users want to know more about a particular strain or item on the shelf and may need to talk to a representative. You can call the shop during business hours, and they will surely attend to your query.

The Krabot Experience Vs. Local Shops

All Mitragyna users are advised to buy kratom from online shops and not local vendors. The reason is that online shops can be called out for unethical sales or old and stale kratom products. Moreover, these shops have a standard to follow, and the AKA may intervene in case of any substandard practice.

The American Kratom Association is a body of kratom advocates that looks over the quality of kratom sold in America. If a vendor does not follow the basic rules of AKA GMP standards, the shop may get bad reviews, and that is why they keep their inventory fresh and their products have to be of good quality. However, local vendors have no such standards to follow. An authority does not govern smoke shops, head shops, and weed shops in America, and they sell all kinds of organic substances.

If you buy kratom from a head shop with kratom, it may be from a premium shop, but the stock may be old or stored unfavorably, so contaminants enter. Additionally, mixing various strains and varieties by head shops or smoke shops is not an expert move! These blends may be a disaster for some users, and there is nobody in the shop to take responsibility for such self-made products.

An online shop is your best bet for all kratom needs, and among these shops, the few that have a variety of new and impactful strains are an obvious choice!

You may find Krabot Kratom at local shops but always check the stock and batch number. If it is an old bag, do not buy it as even the best quality of ketum is ineffective when old and contaminated.

Krabot Kratom does not have the AKA certification for Good Manufacturing Practice yet, but it follows all the rules and standards set by the association. You will never see it fail a lab test or deny customers a fresh and potent dose of kratom!

Last Words

Krabot Kratom is one of the top kratom brands in the United States, and you can buy a wide range of products from it. The services and products are diverse, and the prices are worth it! We have talked about our experience in detail so that readers can decide if it’s worth a try or not.


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