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Some shops and sellers are memorable because of their happy demeanor. Yes, quality and service make you go back and buy from them, but the good feeling you get from a vendor is always an excellent first impression.

Happy Hippo is a comfortable and vibrant kratom vendor with bright packaging and a dynamic website. Let’s see what this vendor has to offer and whether it is worth going back to or not!

Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom

The Company

Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom is not an old vendor as it began operations in 2017. The company started as a small business, with a few ketum enthusiasts selling potent and quality kratom so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of this herbal substance.

Passion and the hope of spreading the goodness of nature made this shop spread its network, and now it is one of the big names in the market.

Let’s see how this business grew and what they offer today. In the initial days, Happy Hippo Herbal operated from one of the owners’ basements. However, now a dedicated facility and a warehouse where they can store the fresh and impactful products.

The website for Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom shows the owner’s passion and declares that they are proud of what the company has become. The owners are involved in the business, and their presence is evident in all the website offers!

The Products From Happy Hippo

The product range from Happy Hippo is diverse, and while we have seen more decorated shop shelves, this range covers most of the stuff that we all usually use! Maeng Da Kratom, Bali Kratom, Kalimantan, Borneo, Indo Kratom, Thai Kratom, Horn, Sunda, Sumatra-you name it and they have it! However, the unusual names of the apparent products on the front are different. For example, Green Hulu is called Harmony Hippo. Some customers might enjoy the words, but many beginners get confused and decide to go for a more direct vendor in describing each product’s details.

The red, green, white, and yellow ketum strains at Happy Hippo cover most of the varieties we have ever wanted to use!

We must mention here that the FDA disapproves of kratom and has not allowed companies to make medical claims or list the health benefits of this substance on the products. Happy Hippo treads into the danger zone by mentioning the effects of the various strains on the packaging. While we know that it is only a tiny detail, the authority might not approve of this!

AKA And Happy Hippo

The AKA accredits happy Hippo Herbals Kratom, which speaks volumes about its operations. There are very few shops in America that have received the accreditation of the American Kratom Association. We know many old vendors still in queue for this verification, and Happy Hippo, which has been in the market for five years, has only gotten it already.

The good thing about this accreditation is that beginners and users who like to select products from a safe vendor (this covers all of us!) find this accreditation as an encouragement to go ahead and order.

As we mentioned earlier, the claims on all products may be questionable by AKA, but as long as the product is approved, you don’t need to worry about the real effects.

AKA upon the quality of all kratom products at the online vendor’s website. The accreditation confirms that Happy Hippo gets its raw materials from Southeast Asia and processes them ethically. Moreover, the packaging follows laboratory tests that are the most crucial step of the manufacturing process. All Happy Hippo kratom products are tested, and their alkaloid profile and efficacy are clear. All users can rely on these products for a wholesome experience every time.

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The Cost Of Products

Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom sells all ketum strains in packs of one and four-ounce. You can also select the half-kilo and kilo increments, which are enough for any individual for months. The most economical strain costs $7 for an ounce, and the kilogram pack can cost you $210. The expensive strains range between $12 and $260. The price tags might be heavier than some kratom vendors, but there are many reasons that Happy Hippo is slightly on the upper end of the price bracket.

Some customers may find the price range too high, and they begin to look for other vendors, but those who stay may be able to enjoy some perks!

There are numerous coupon codes available for Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom. Moreover, you can find a lot of discounts on the various items available on the website. If you sign up for the newsletter, a 10% cut on all the products is a great offer and may change your mind about the high prices. The website coupons allow whopping reductions of 10, 20, and even 30%, which is a big deal!

We suggest that you stick around and keep checking the website for these attractive price cuts and deals. If you are getting AKA-approved products from a vendor that has almost every strain on their shelf, why not try it out and then decide if the price is worth it or not?

Refund Policy

Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom is a company set up by kratom users who were once customers and realize how tormenting it can be to find the correct strain at the best price. They can exchange packages if you are unsure of your purchase. However, the refund policy of the company is not very clear. The website says that store credit is available, but that depends on individual customers and why they want to refund.

The company accepts unopened boxes only if you have already taken a few doses from your Mitragyna pack. There is no need to try and get a refund as that is not allowed!

Customer Service And Reviews

The reviews for Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom on public forums like TrustPilot and Reddit are a mix of bad and good. While most bad reviews are due to the price range, nobody denies the excellent quality and efficacy of all the kratom strains. The good reviews appreciate the product range and excellent customer service. Happy Hippo’s history and the aim of this shop come alive in customer reviews as many people rave about the shop’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

The customer service from Happy Hippo is efficient as you can reach out to them, and they reply on time. You can email or leave a query on the website, and they will follow up on it efficiently.


The same-day shipping from Happy Hippo is a big plus for most of you who feel that they should receive their package within a short time. The package will reach you within two days compared to other vendors wherever you are located. This is a short time.

Last Thoughts

Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom is an AKA-acclaimed vendor providing quality products to customers for five years. There are many reasons why it has become a popular choice, and we have discussed them all.

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