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An Overview

EZ Kratom is a leading vendor providing the best quality all-natural herb products. Many opportunities for Mitragyna merchants have arisen amidst the rapid growth of these herbal items. Kratom users are always on the track for unexplored vendors who supply high-quality goods, and if you’re looking for a top-tier Kratom vendor near you, Ez may be the catch for you.

But before you hop onto their website and start adding stuff to your card, read this article as a guide to everything you need to know about this brand.


Who Is Ez Kratom?

EZ Kratom got developed by two brothers who live in tropical Sunnyland, Florida. It started by seeing the fanatics’ need for high-quality yet reasonably priced herbal products to start the business of Mitragyna product vendors. This company keeps its priority of supplying only fresh and clean products. Those strains that get exported look unnatural and smell peculiar, get thrown, and get never sold to their patrons.

It is hard to find vendors who sell premium-quality tree leaf powder products while maintaining a budgeted price; fortunately for EZ Kratom, their business mission is to give out top-notch quality goods at prices everyone can afford. You’ll find wholesale tea powder and bulk Kratom with excellent effects and taste at an inexpensive rate.

How Do I Order from This Vendor?

It is not hard to buy Kratom online from this brand; the company’s website is easy to use, where you have to register for an account and shop their unique range of products choosing your wanted items. The website has three herbal leaves logos and will provide you with information about the brand, along with its privacy policies.

What Kinds Of Products Are Available?

All of the strains get imported from Southeast Asia, the land of Mitragyna speciosa. Those commodities having a unique odor, mien, or taste are not approved to be displayed to customers, let alone subjected to laboratory testing. You will only find excellent herbal items that will leave one wanting more.

This brand offers a diverse product line, which gives them an advantage in pleasing their clients. The items put forward are versatile and impressive. EZ Kratom sells Kratom in 4 different wholesale forms Powder, Enhanced powders, Capsules, and Extract. These are available in 4 different strain hues, red, white, green, and yellow.

These are the following all-natural herbal products sold by this brand.

Wholesale Kratom Powders:

  •  Green powder: Malaysian, Borneo, Maeng da, 30g Maeng da retail ready, and Riau.
  •  Red powder: Maeng da, Borneo, Bali, and 30g Bali retail ready.
  •  White Powder: Horn and Maeng da.
  •  Yellow Powder: Yellow Maeng da.

Ultra-Enhanced Powders:

  • The identical strains of wholesale powders also get sold in enhanced condition and with an addition of 25x Gold Spectrum Extract.

Wholesale Kratom Extracts:

  • All extracts sold here are enhanced and get dealt in red, green, white, and yellow in Maeng da, Borneo, Horn, Bali, and Malaysian.

Wholesale Kratom Capsules

Are The Products Safe To Consume?

Ez Kratom sells its items with the help of Southeast Asian farmers’ hard work. Although they do not specify lab testing, the brand claims no problematic goods go through lab testing. Therefore, we can presume that the products go through 3rd party lab testing to give clean and safe stuff to their customers.

There is no evidence that this seller has gotten credited by the American Kratom Association; since this information is not available on their website. However, don’t be dismayed; if you read the evaluations on their goods, you’ll find nothing but positive things about the quality, freshness, and effects.

How Much Will The Products Cost?

This merchant aims to be the herbal vendor that pops into the customers’ minds when they think of a label selling A-star quality natural herbal goods at an affordable cost. Every product here can get bought at a price easy on the pockets.

Each different range has different prices depending on how much dosage you buy.

  • The loose powders are available in different weights, which are 250 and 500 grams and as well as, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 5kg, and 10 kg. The prices are $45 and $70 for the grams while the kgs cost $120, $220, $315, $512, and $1000, respectively.
  • The enhanced powders and extracts weigh 75g, 150g, 250g, 500g, and 1kg. The prices for each are $77.60, $139.90, $206.80, $399.90, and $699.90. Meanwhile, the 25x Gold Spectrum extract comes in 25g, 50g, 75g, 100g, and 250g and might be a bit pricey, costing $106, $185, $280, $350, and $699.
  • The capsules come in two sizing 500mg-600mg per capsule and 900-1000mg per capsule. The quantity goes from 100 capsules to 5000, and the price will depend on the option of sizing plus the number bought.
  • Kratom herbal samples can also get bought in a pack of four with a price tag of $39.95. The prices are high, but they save new customers time to try out every product. Sampling packages depend on the individual’s choice.

Shipping Policy

EZ Kratom ships orders via USPS and FedEx, with the former giving free shipping and the latter requiring a delivery fee. Their shipping policy states that COD orders placed before 2 pm Est will get delivered on the same day. However, they do not accept orders on Saturdays and Sundays, and orders placed on Fridays will be on your doorsteps the next business day.

The Payment Policy

This company does not have a lot of payment options which can be difficult for some patrons. There are only three options for payment eChecks, COD payment, and Cashier check payment. Looking at this, people who prefer debit or credit cards might be at a disadvantage here.

Return Guideline

You can return the packages only if the wrong package got sent there is no chance of exchanging the order. Their website mentions that refunds will get given minus the shipping cost, and if you wish to return, the person has to pay for the return shipping cost. If a product has been damaged and dispatched, you can contact their helpline to sort that business out.

Customer Reviews

EZ Kratom has never had any negative talks said about them. This brand has a perfect 5-star rating on Google, with only compliments stated in the reviews. Not only has their product line received positive comments, but the customer service of this brand has been a fan favorite as well. The online feedback is full of happy and satisfied customers.

Discount/ Coupon Codes

To take advantage of discounts or obtain coupon codes, clients must subscribe to their newsletter, which will notify them anytime a sale or discount is around.

Contact EZ Kratom

For any further questions, the staff is available from 9 am-5 pm on weekdays- and 10 am-2 am on Saturday. Right below on this vendors’ website, two contact numbers get given to talk verbally, or you can leave a message on the webpage. Customer support is kind, professional, and helpful, and they strive hard to respond to each client as quickly as possible to remove any lasting concerns.

Final Verdict

EZ Kratom is a leading brand that’s ready to be in your service to relish the devotees with prime-quality all-natural herb items. It is hard to discover a vendor with such a large number of devoted and pleased customers.

All credit goes to their high-quality items. As a result, if you want to consume fresh, original, and meticulously prepared herbal items, EZ Kratom is the perfect place to order from. Go over to their website right now and have a taste of their first-class product line.


Pros And Cons


  • Variety of products
  • Samples available
  • Fast same day shipping
  • Bulk rates
  • Convenient payment options
  • Points get given after purchase.
  • Good customer reviews.


  • No AKA Certification
  • Lab-testing does not get disclosed.
  • Do not accept credit/debit cards.
  • Limited payment choices.


  1. Does EZ Kratom give out samples?

    You can buy a four-pack sample of any strain from their website for just $39.95.

  2. Is EZ Kratom active on social media platforms?

    This vendor can get found on many different social media apps, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

  3. Do they deliver all over the US?

    This vendor can deliver to places only where Mitragyna Speciosa is legal. So, before placing the order, make sure to check if the place you live in has legalized this herb.

  4. Is EZ Kratom brand available for international shipping?

    There is no indication of that. Thus, we may suppose this merchant solely sells in the United States.

  5. Are false medical claims made?

    No false medical claims are getting made. All products are fresh and authentic, and the business owners take great care for only the cleanest product to get revealed to the public.

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