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Earth Kratom is an emerging Kratom vendor with a wide range of products. They are rapidly spreading across the United States. They are a tree leaf powder supplier that offers affordable Southeast Asian herbal powder and capsules online. With not too much information available about the performance of their products on their website, it has something to promise, notably considering the various variants and types readily accessible.

The company specializes in Mitrgyna Speciosa, and its website does not list any other botanical goods. Numerous consumers first become aware of this vendor in nearby headshops, vape shops, and dispensaries. Other than that, this brand’s goods are available for purchase via the internet. Moreover, Wholesale clients are their primary origin of income.

It is generally a wise idea to do your homework before buying Mitragyna; you might be wondering if Earth Kratom is reliable. Here’s our brand review of this brand, which has everything you need to understand to make an informed selection. So, let’s get into it!

What Is Earth Kratom?

This Mitrgyna Speciosa vendor, Earth Kratom, has been in existence since 1999. Before 2017, the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-based family-owned and managed business vastly distributed wholesale all-natural herbs.

Earth Kratom’s brand launch in 2017 marked the company’s debut into the production and retail space of this Southeast Asian herb. The vendor’s parent firm launched a magnanimous advertising effort to promote its latest Ketum endeavor when it first got founded. Earth Kratom earned brand awareness among Mitrgyna customers across the country quickly after the campaign launched, indicating that it was a triumph.

This company has quickly established itself as one of the most popular raw powder and extract vendors in the United States. This South Carolina Company has developed a dedicated fanbase by focusing on purity and safety.

How Good Is Their Website?

Although Earth Kratom has its website, it is not very user-friendly. Most people would say it is designed more for Mitrgyna users or retailers than for newcomers. No weblog or place provides information about the numerous items. When you select a strain, you will only see its general details. They have relevant data on the product, such as its description, price, amount, and variants. There are no other considerations, such as predicted outcomes or prospective advantages.

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What Products Do They Offer?

This distinguished vendor obtains Kratom from reputable local growers. They do not allow middle-person between their farmers and the employees because they are a genuine brand. It is why their supplied content will always be of the highest quality. Kratom powder, Kratom capsules, liquid extracts, Ketum Beyond Extract Liquid (16ml bottle), Bali Kratom Extract Liquid (12ml bottle, 10-pack 12ml), and Kratom Extract Liquid (12ml bottle, 10-pack 12ml) are just a few of the product lines available (12ml).

Let’s talk about the Kratom strains too. The following varieties are available for purchase at Earth Kratom:

What Will This Vendor’s Offerings Cost You?

Unlike other new Mitrgyna suppliers, Earth Kratom provides its products at a cost reasonable to its customers. However, consider that if you browse for this vendor’s items at a retail outlet, the list prices here may change significantly. Compared to some of the providers, the costs are in the mid-to-high range. The usual price for 250g is between $30 and $50.

The following are the costs for Earth Kratom: 30 grams are $12.99, 100 grams are $34.99, and 250 grams are $49.99. A 1-kilogram bundle costs $129.99, a reasonable price for such a large quantity. Unfortunately, their capsules are not inexpensive. One pack of 1-kg Red Bali Capsules costs $199.99, making this vendor $70 higher than the average in the market. Liquid extracts may get bought separately for $19.99 or in bulk for $179.99.

Earth Kratom Wholesale

Vendors in the Mitragyna Speciosa industry are offering wholesalers with their wholesale program. Earth Kratom’s wholesale program’s main characteristics include a support staff that provides continuous coaching when needed, timely shipment, and a high-profit margin. You must complete an application to get considered for this program.

Does Earth Kratom Provide Any Discounts Or Coupons?

Earth Kratom frequently runs special offers and discounts to help you save money on your purchase. However, it’s important to remember that promo codes might expire at any time, so make sure when you buy Ketum online, you know these are still valid.

  • earthkratom15 – 15% off your order
  • earth10 – $10 off your order (no minimum)
  • SOCIAL50 – 50% off your order

Other promo codes for Earth Kratom are hard to come by, and the firm does not provide free delivery. Additionally, you will receive a 25% off voucher when you leave a review.

Earth Kratom also has sales and other discounts on their tea powder regularly. A kilogram of powder, for example, is currently discounted by $20. Unfortunately, earth Kratom does not have a mailing list; if you want to get notified of future discounts or coupons, you will have to contact the firm directly.

What Is Their Payment And Shipping Policy?

Money orders, eChecks, and Amazon Gift Cards are acceptable payment manners. For purchases above $40, eCheck and money order payments offer you more Mitragyna or a gift. Unfortunately, due to Ketum properties, there is no opportunity to purchase with credit cards, as there is with other Ketum retailers in Canada.

UPS offers free shipping. Orders get expedited, and same-day shipment is available within a time frame. The brand offers three different delivery options, so you may choose what works best for you. FedEx, USPS, and UPS are the means they use. Their dedicated crew attempts to deliver all purchases within 24 hours after receiving payment.

What Do The Customers Say About This Brand?

The FDA issued a warning to Earth Kratom’s Bali in 2018 because of a kratom salmonella epidemic. There have not been any documented issues with any of their items since 2018, so it might have been a one-time occurrence. Not that customers are continually dissatisfied with the vendor. There are a lot of loyal clients that value the product’s high quality and reliability.

Nevertheless, plenty of individuals are vocal in their criticisms of the corporation. Many believe the firm is a little disorganized. Others say it is almost always a waste, yet others claim they won’t shop elsewhere.

Is Earth Kratom’s Client Service Good Enough?

There is not much of their customer service to judge to see if they are good enough. Earth Ketum products often get purchased via head shops, vape shops, dispensaries, or other internet vendors. They seldom order through the brand’s official website. For wholesale purchases, the online vendor site looks to be more user-friendly. They do, nevertheless, accept returns on their website. After 1-month of purchase, the item should get returned undamaged. They also take swaps on select strains.

Should You Go For Earth Kratom?

The quantity of items available for purchase in brick-and-mortar stores is the most well-known aspect of Earth Kratom. While it does not have any retail locations, it sells to numerous head shops and convenience stores. If you don’t want to queue for a kratom vendor to arrive at your doorstep, purchasing Earth Kratom physically is a viable option. It can even help you pass the time as you wait for your usual brand to arrive.

Numerous people also praise Earth Kratom for producing high-quality Mitragyna. People are familiar with the corporation because of its powerful goods. Even so, you do not want to go all-in on a purchase. Start with one ounce if you believe you know which strain to go for.

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  • Affordably priced items
  • High-quality products
  • Reasonable delivery time
  • A wide range of strains
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee or return.


  • No proof of any lab-tests


  1. Does Earth Kratom Have a Social Media Presence?

    They have an official Instagram account with 42 posts and 280 followers. However, they aren’t on Twitter or Facebook. Thus their internet visibility is minimal.

  2. Does Earth Kratom Allow Returns and Exchanges?

    If someone is displeased with their purchases, they may contact the customer service staff for a refund or exchange within 30 days of receiving their order. For the refund, the consumer may have to pay the shipping costs. Returns from previous customers never get resold to new consumers.

  3. Is Earth Kratom Products Safe To Consume?

    Earth Kratom does not have any lab testing to prove that its products are safe to consume.

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