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Within the kratom community, few vendors have been able to gather fame, a large customer base, and excellent reviews from everyone! Coastline Kratom has been around for several years, but it competes against vendors that have been around for decades!

Coastline Kratom and the sister-company Kratom Crazy faced a debacle for a short time last year and closed their doors temporarily. Despite many restrictions and harsh times due to the FDA’s lack of regulation of kratom, Coastline Kratom has been able to maintain operations and cater to customers’ needs.

Although you may not find any information about the company owners, or brand history on the website, you can gather many positive reviews from social media pages and interactive public forums where regular Coastline Kratom customers share their experiences.

Coastline Kratom

The Product Range

Coastline Kratom offers Mitragyna strains in powder form, and there are numerous types of kratom live plants that you can purchase from the website. Since Mitragyna plants require particular climatic conditions such as humidity and high temperatures, live plants are not a favorable item for sale. However, Coastline offers customers the chance to prepare their fresh feed from a home-grown plant!

The kratom powder range includes:

  • Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da,
  • Borneo,
  • Malay,
  • Ultra Enhanced Malay,
  • Horned,
  • Bali, and
  • Ultra Enhanced Borneo.

The ultra-enhanced kratom strains are extracts of particular strains and have a higher alkaloid content. This range of products may be limited for some ketum enthusiasts, but they are more than enough for people who prefer to stick to their choices.

Coastline Kratom

Prices At Coastline Kratom

The 25, 50, 75, and 100gram packages from this vendor are reasonably priced as all the items cost between $12.99 and $39.99. The ultra-enhanced varieties can cost $89.99 at the maximum. Many kratom strains have different prices according to the procurement, demand, and production method. Coastline Kratom prices are as reasonable as the quality of all the Mitragyna strains, and that is why customers love this online shop!

Discounts And Coupon Codes

Since the website’s closing last year, there have been no active coupon codes available on the website or on other websites that offer various deals. The prices are unchanged, and there is no discount offer on any product. However, that does not bother regular customers who are comfortable with the cost.

Shipping, And Returns

First-class mail from USPS shipped all the orders by Coastline Kratom, but since the website has not been updated since last year, we assume that the shipping terms remain the same. Many vendors change shipping companies, but Coastline has stuck with USPS since the beginning. This shipping service ensures that you will receive your orders within three days. Coastline will not ship to cities or states where kratom is prohibited. So before you order, make sure that your municipality allows kratom use!

Coastline Kratom offers returns on all products within 90 days. The guarantee on all products is comforting for customers, even though you might not need to return the products due to their superior quality.

What Makes Coastline Kratom Worth A Try?

The products at Coastline may be less than other vendors, but the quality is always the same. The results of all the products are satisfying, and you will feel an energy boost almost instantly due to the quality.

The fresh and potent kratom leaves come from Southeast Asia and are processed at state-of-the-art manufacturing units. The processes are transparent and hygienic, and customers can always ask the manufacturing steps to ensure that they are getting the best kratom.

Laboratory testing is crucial for all kratom products, and Coastline Kratom complies with this requirement to give customers an excellent experience every time. The packaging from Coastline is adequate as all powders come in air-tight bags to keep the contents safe from contaminants.

Why Is Coastline Better Than Local Vendors?

We never recommend purchasing kratom from local vendors, but when people ask about the inactive customer service of the Coastline Kratom website, they also add that it is better to buy from a local vendor. We beg to differ!

Coastline Kratom provides laboratory-tested, fresh, and safe products in air-tight bags. Every time you order, the products will be fresh and from the latest batch. However, the local vendors also buy from online shops and keep the bags in their stores. Contaminants like dust, moisture, mold, and pests can spoil the open kratom powder, and you may be buying from it too!

Similarly, local vendors will not get more kratom till they have an older batch. If the store you buy from does not have many customers, you may be buying from a more aged batch months after it should have been discarded.

Most importantly, if there is any problem with your kratom purchase, you can contact an online shop and use the return policy. Still, the shopkeeper does not take responsibility for the purchase at local shops!

Customer Reviews About Coastline

Social media pages and customer reviews on public forums are a great way to see if a shop is ethical and whether it is worth a try. Coastline Kratom has raving reviews from regular customers, and despite inactivity on the website, customers feel that the quality of kratom is superior to other vendors.

Before closedown, Coastline was an active company with excellent customer service. Customers could reach the shop management through the website or email, and the customer representatives always answered their queries on time. Even today, you can find thousands of reviews about Coastline and the sister-company Kratom Crazy. Customers who still order from this vendor claim that the quality is the same even though the website is not updated.

You may come across some bad reviews about Coastline as some people reported that the shop did not fulfill their order or that it took too long. Our experience was different, but we cannot disregard any review, so it may be from when the company went through a shutdown. However, there have been many orders after that, all of them have been honored.

Last Words

Coastline Kratom has been through several ups and downs, but the company has managed to keep its operations going. The quality of products from this shop is excellent, and their services are great too.

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