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Canopy Botanicals Kratom has a special place in our lives, and as consumers, we feel that it deserves authentic reviews so that more and more users can buy from here. We will discuss this vendor in detail for all those looking for the best online vendor for their botanical needs.

Canopy Botanicals Kratom

The Company

Canopy Botanicals Kratom is located in Wilmington in North Carolina. There are no physical stores, but the virtual presence of this strain makes it accessible. The company aims to provide the best quality of Kratom for consumers so that they get to enjoy the goodness of Kratom. For energy and stimulation, Canopy Botanicals Kratom is one of the best shops!

The Website Search

After reading this review, it may be a problem when looking for this shop online since the shop domain is different. This first hurdle makes a lot of potential users back out, but not anymore! We are sharing the exact web address for your convenience. When you want to buy from Canopy Botanicals, type in canopybotanicals2 instead of just the shop name, and it will open the world of quality for you!

While the website reveals the opening date as 2016, the Canopy Botanicals Kratom website went online in 2019. However, the products from this brand are so popular now that the time period does not matter. Many reviews have highlighted this time-lapse and speculate that it must be due to FDA’s disapproval, but since it is not evident in the products and service, we cannot say that this was the reason that the shop changed its domain.

What Can I Buy From This Shop?

Canopy Botanicals Kratom is a Mitragyna shop and sells other Botanicals Kratom such as handmade soaps with honey, almonds, spearmint, and activated charcoal. You can also find different teas with unique flavors such as Oolong, chamomile, Earl Grey, etc. If you thought that was all, wait till you log on and see the range of sea salts!

However, this vendor is most famous for Kratom, and the variety of this botanical is wide and inviting. You can try any of the following Kratom Strains and enjoy them due to the high-quality raw materials:

  • Red strains: Hulu, Bali kratom, Maeng Da and Borneo.
  • Green strains: Elephant, Hulu, Borneo, Maeng Da, Sumatra, Malay, and Super Jongkong.
  • Blends: Stargazer, Pink Elephant, Wild Green, and Wild White.
  • White strains: Elephant, Hulu, Sumatra and Maeng Da.
  • Gold Bali Kratom.

These choices suit many consumers as the quality, freshness and even the packaging and dosage are all diverse.

Is Canopy Botanicals Kratom Expensive?

Canopy Botanicals Kratom offers kratom variations in packs of 25grams, 125grams, 250grams, and one kilogram. You can buy blends in a minor packing of 250grams, but the prices for all the varieties and combinations are pretty reasonable and comforting too!

We say comforting because when we heard the array of red, green, white, and gold strains along with the variety of blends, we thought this vendor must be expensive. On the contrary, the prices were so reasonable that we ordered more than we had planned.

The price of Mitragyna ranges from $3.80 for 25grams to $79 for a kilogram. It is hard to find such good quality Mitragyna at such a reasonable price. Usually, the best kratom shops offer a kilogram of fresh Mitragyna at the cost of around $100! Canopy Botanicals Kratom is an excellent choice if you want to keep a tab on your spending without compromising on the quality!

Refund Policy

The refund policy at Canopy Botanicals Kratom is not as simple as other places as this shop believes in the idea of one sale but no returns! If a customer wants to return the purchase, the shop does not allow it even if the package is unopened.

Canopy Botanicals Kratom believes that this refund policy ensures each new customer that the product they buy is not returned by anyone else, nor has it left the shelf for another customer! Well, with this point of view, the refund policy does not seem very odd.

Shipping And Customer Service

The shipping from Canopy Botanicals Kratom is fast and efficient. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the shop has asked all customers to expect a delay of almost a week! The shop takes complete responsibility for all the uncertainties that may result from slower shipping processes from the shipping service end. But even so, the vendor responsibly accepts this flaw at their end. We liked and respected this sentiment, which is a rare thing to see these days!

The shipping charges for all the orders vary according to size and destination. You can expect to pay anywhere between $5 and $13.

Will Canopy Botanicals Kratom Delivery Orders To My City?

Canopy Botanicals Kratom does not deliver Mitragyna products to states and cities that prohibit the use of this botanical. If you live in a state where Kratom is banned, do not expect to receive Mitragyna from any local vendor! However, if you live where ketum is allowed, you will ideally receive your order within three days. If the shipping service delays drop-offs due to lesser employees or any other pandemic-related issue, then you will receive your order in a week.

Canopy Botanicals Kratom 1

Verification Of AKA

Canopy Botanicals Kratom has thousands of customers, but the online shop does not have the American Kratom Association’s approval. While AKA verification is a significant award and is considered the safety seal by all vendors, we do not think Canopy Botanicals Kratom is any less than other shops based on this feature.

Sometimes some vendors don’t get verification on time due to the lengthy testing and product trials processes. However, the users are the fundamental determinant of quality because if a shop does not offer quality, many customers will be raving about it!

What Do Users Say About Canopy Botanicals?

The best place to read honest and genuine reviews are social media platforms and public forums where people have no motive to give false reviews or lie about their experiences. If you log on to the Internet, you can check Reddit and Quora for some kratom-related queries that people have answered from their experiences. Searching for a vendor on these websites will give you an insight into what customers have to say about the brand.

Canopy Botanicals Kratom is loved for the diversity of products and reasonable prices. You will find many users share their experiences about the initial strains, dosage, and even about the vendor’s consumerism.

Our research showed that Canopy Botanicals Kratom has a lot of positive reviews regarding the Mitragyna range of variety and the excellent packaging that keeps the products safe from contamination.

In A Nutshell

Canopy Botanicals Kratom offers numerous organic substances, but ketum makes it a popular vendor, and thousands of users choose this shop for their kratom needs. You can decide the strain of choice from the wide variety of red, green, white, and gold kratom variants available at the shop.

Our experience with Canopy Botanicals Kratom was excellent as the products were fresh, and the service was reasonable. Many reviews will tell you that the shipping may take longer than other shops, but we found this vendor efficient in packaging and shipping.

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