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Authentic Kratom is one of the most popular Mitragyna online vendors in America. We see new shop names every other day. Still, if a company manages to maintain a solid customer base, they are providing an unforgettable Mitragyna experience to thousands of people! Authentic Kratom deserves a try, and we share our knowledge of this unique online shop to help you get closer to the most reliable vendor in the country!

Authentic Kratom

The Company

Authentic Kratom operates from California and has been providing quality Kratom to customers all over America since 2013. The head office and the manufacturing unit of this shop are in San Fernando Valley, and you can always visit them to see what goes on inside the processing area.

The website of this shop is user-friendly and gives off a trustworthy vibe. As we logged on to the website, the reminders of packaging quality, 100% purity, and authentic source of Mitragyna strains gave a comforting feeling. The blog on the website is updated, and the overwhelming number of reviews adds to the company’s good reputation.

The various articles on the website show the company’s commitment to educating visitors about ketum and the multiple strains that bring about different effects. The company has successfully maintained its reputation at the top, making it an obvious choice.

The Product Range

The products at Authentic Kratom are extensive and are planned to provide every customer with an engaging experience. You can shop by vein color or strain variation under various categories. The wide range includes:

  • Maeng Da,
  • Bali,
  • Elephant,
  • Riau,
  • Borneo,
  • Kapuas,
  • Aceh,
  • And numerous other strains that add up to more than 40 varieties, each in various vein colors!

You can find these strains in various forms like powder, crushed leaf, Kratom capsules, and extracts. The wide variety of all these strains makes Authentic Kratom the last stop for all ketum users!

We found it hard to select kratom strains as they were exotic, like Aceh, Riau, and Sulawesi, which are not among the common strains available at all online shops. However, the quality of these products is undoubtedly superior to other vendors as we found every strain aromatic and impactful.

The unique addition to the products is gold and yellow kratom variations, which are not just refreshing but taste subtle and add to the consumers’ daily routine.

The Prices

You can buy kratom variants in packs of one, five, and ten ounces. While you think this is a small amount, many customers enjoy these sizes as it gives them the liberty to try various strains. However, the small packaging implies that the vendor does not store large amounts of Mitragyna, which is why more miniature packs are on sale. Authentic Kratom is particular about maintaining fresh stock and the small amounts of kratom varieties testify to this intention.

The prices of all the strains are between $8.39 and $$139.93. The cheaper strains are the ones that are more common and readily available. However, exotic strains like Hulu Kapuas, which have low production and are hard to find, will cost you slightly more, but they are all within the range.

Many customers find the cost more than other shops, but loyal Authentic Kratom customers believe that it is all worth it. However, we found the price to be reasonable as a small amount of ketum powder could suffice, and the results were quite impactful. Moreover, there is no additional charge, and the shipping is free for all orders over $40!

Customer Service

Authentic Kratom enjoys its place at the top for excellent quality and service. In case of any query, you can reach out to the shop management, and they will not disappoint you. However, there is a high chance you will not need to contact them as all the products and shipping details are clear. Moreover, our order reached on time, so we did not have to email or call the shop!

Authentic Kratom has more than 4000 reviews on the website, and most of them are encouraging as the company’s commitment to the customers is based on trust, quality, and consistent service. We believe that website reviews are not the most accurate, and the company has some influence over them. So we started looking towards social media pages and public forums where people might have shared their experiences.

Hundreds of happy customers have talked about the quality of products along with fast shipping and superior customer service. Reddit is a public forum where one might expect to see many threads about an outstanding kratom vendor, but surprisingly, there is little about Authentic Kratom on that website.

Authentic Kratom

Coupon Codes And Discounts

Authentic Kratom does not offer many discounts all year round, but you can find many third-party websites where coupon codes are available. We found a 30% off coupon code, and that was enough to help us order more than we needed!

You may find a few seasonal sales and discounts, but they are not regular, and many customers might have to visit the website more often to find them!

Refund Policy

The refund policy at Authentic Kratom is stricter than other vendors as you can only exchange or return an unopened product and ensure that it reaches the shop within 15 days of purchase! While many kratom vendors offer up to 60 days from purchase for a refund, Authentic Kratom expects you to make up your mind about the product rather quickly!

Fast Shipping

The shipping service selected by Authentic Kratom is USPS Priority Mail, and it allows the package to be delivered within three working days.

Authentic Kratom ships internationally as well, and for that, the charges may vary. However, if you are in America and your state/city does not allow ketum use, you will not be able to order from this shop!

AKA Accreditation

Authentic Kratom is not a full member of the American Kratom Association but is on the list of pending participants. We realize that it takes longer for AKA to accredit a shop, but since its inception was more than eight years ago, Authentic Kratom should have been validated earlier.

The AKA accreditation is not the only way to judge a vendor’s quality and service. Many quality vendors do not have the AKA verification, but they provide excellent products, laboratory-tested and packaged according to AKA-GMP standards. Authentic Kratom also delivers the best kratom quality but does not yet have the AKA accreditation.

What Makes Authentic Kratom An Excellent Pick For You?

Authentic Kratom provides superior quality kratom sourced from Southeast Asia. Moreover, the shop has efficient customer service. There may be a few things that they turn away customers, such as too many reviews on the website and lack of presence on social media. However, when you order from this shop once, you become a regular customer due to the refreshing results. Our reviewers recommend this shop, albeit there can be a few things that feel as if they are exaggerated.

The fact remains that the products are of premium quality, and the shop management does not let the service fail! As a customer, this is all that anyone needs!

Last Thoughts

Authentic Kratom is an excellent pick for new and old users as the variety of products is elaborate. Moreover, the service and quality of all the Kratom products are fantastic! You will like all the strains, even though they seem pricier than other brands. The amount of Kratom you will need is lesser, so price does not remain a big issue.

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