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Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned kratom user, the search for a reliable kratom vendor is ongoing. We review various vendors to reduce your effort and ensure that your ketum experience is memorable.

7Ohm kratom is a vendor delivering high-quality Mitragyna Speciosa from Southeast Asia. The expert farmers cultivate the healthiest ketum leaves and dry them in particular ways to ensure the efficacy of alkaloids. We tried various items from this shop to see which one should be the first product you try!


The Company

7Ohm Kratom has been a renowned vendor operating in America for more than five years. The shop manifests a team’s dream to get potent, impactful, and pure Kratom Strains from their authentic source. The company ensures that every batch of products is new and used within the prescribed time. All old items are disposed of, and you can never get any ketum product older than three months.

The company takes pride in providing the healthiest Mitragyna leaves, processed hygienically and packaged in GMP standard of packing. The air-tight jars and bags are an excellent way to store the items as they remain safe from heat, light, and dust. Our opinion of the company’s aims is high due to every user’s facilities and features by placing an order with this vendor!

The Product Range

The product range at 7Ohm Kratom is not the best, but it is enough for those who rely on the regular strains for stimulation and energy. We ordered a variety of products that were not only refreshing but had an array of effects, including mood improvement and more focus on work.

Here is a list of products that you can order from 7Ohm Kratom.

found many different options for kratom items on their website.

These diverse kratom variants are an excellent pick for all moods. If you want to relax and calm the nerves, there are numerous red vein and white vein kratom strains. Green vein strains are an excellent choice for energy, focus, productivity, and positivity.

Price Range

7Ohm understands that users do not want to spend extra bills on organic substances as there are no guaranteed results. Newbies can become hesitant to order if a shop charges heavily for a kratom product. This is why the price range for all the exotic strains is reasonable and very affordable for all.

The prices are as low as $5 for 20 grams and $95 for one kilogram. There are very few online shops that sell a kilo-bag for less than $100, and 7Ohm is one of the few!

We enjoyed all the ketum variants, and the price was a bonus!

When We Received The Package

We ordered five different varieties of 7Ohm kratom and received them within two days. The cardboard packaging was sturdy and kept the kratom bags safe from the hard handling that is common during inland shipping.

The air-tight bags of kratom were white with the bright green logo of the company. As we opened the powder bags, a fresh aroma filled the room, and we knew that we had gotten our hands on some new stock! All the products were laboratory-tested, and the bag showed the nutritional value of each strain, but we think it could be more explanatory as the information on all the strains was quite similar.

The kratom tea from Maeng Da kratom was soothing and had a moderately bitter flavor. Let’s say we have tried bitter Maeng Da, and this one was much better!

As soon as you consume fresh and potent Mitragyna from this vendor, the results begin to show within a few minutes!

What Could Be Improved?

The website of 7Ohm is not as modern and interactive as other websites, so you may feel that it takes longer to order. Many different vendors keep renovating and revamping their websites. However, despite the website issue, 7Ohm remains a vendor of choice.

Customer Service And More

The shipping from 7Ohm is fast, and even if you are at the farthest end of the country, you will receive your package within three days. This is a big thing because most vendors send out their received orders a day later. However, 7Ohm proved that a two-day delivery is possible!

In case of any queries or confusion, you can email the company, and they will reply. This reply might not be very efficient, but our experience showed that you might not even need to contact the company since the ordering was done and we didn’t have to wait long for the package to arrive.

The exchange and refund policy of the company is more rigid than others as you can only return the item within a week of purchase, and the returns are also time-consuming. It is essential to mention that we have heard this from others since we didn’t need to return any of the products!

The Overall Experience

The overall experience of shopping from 7Ohm was pleasant. However, if the website can be more descriptive in terms of pictures for strains or sharing information about each variety, the shop may get more visitors! Similarly, the check-out process can be more straightforward, but all is forgiven and forgotten once you receive the products! The packaging and fresh ketum products are a treat, and all users can enjoy them entirely due to the safe testing and air-tight containers.

Will We Buy From 7Ohm Kratom Again?

Why yes! 7Ohm is a reasonably-priced shop for all your kratom needs, the products are potent, and the aroma proves efficacy and freshness. All herbal substances have to be fresh for customers to enjoy the results thoroughly. 7Ohm is a good choice, and I think we can tolerate the slow website for fantastic results.

7ohm 1

Are There Any Alternatives For 7Ohm?

7Ohm is among the popular shops, but many other vendors have served consumers for longer, and through experience, their services are better. If you want to be in touch with the shop or know what is in each bag of ketum, many vendors provide complete transparency.

  • Golden Monk
  • Kratom Basket
  • SA Kratom

Since we have to review the vendors, we try all kinds of local and online shops to see which one may be best for you. The three mentioned vendors are excellent kratom sources as they also have partner farmers in Southeast Asia. Moreover, the services and laboratory-tested items are a perfect addition to your daily life and add to your positivity. Other than 7Ohm, these vendors can be an excellent choice for you!

7Ohm In A Nutshell

7Ohm is an online vendor that may improve some shopping-related features, but the products are always excellent and give fast results. The biggest concern for any customer is price and quality, and 7Ohm does both of these well! You can rely on this vendor for fast shipping as well, and if you are a regular user, you probably will not even need to return or exchange your ketum purchase, which some people have found to be troublesome.

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